Press Perfect: 7 Ways To Get More Effective Push-Ups

How To Get More Effective Push-Ups
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* Push-ups are great for toning your upper body
* These 7 products will help perfect your form
* Push-ups will also work your core

Getting started with a new fitness routine is always the hardest part. But once you make the initial first move, it makes the next step and the one after that so much easier. The same could be said for push-ups. Daunting as they may seem at first, once you’ve built up enough strength to do one, the next few reps get easier and easier. Here are 7 fitness accessories will assist you on your journey.

1. 321 Strong Push-Up Bars

321 Strong’s set of push-up bars are guaranteed not to break, can be broken down for travel and come with foam grips for added comfort.

Tip 1: Your hands shouldn’t be any wider than your shoulders.

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321 Strong Push-Up Bars



2. JUFIT Push-Up Bars

These S-shaped bars from JUFIT feature non-slip grips for more control over your motions.

Tip 2: At the top of your push-up, your hands should be directly under your shoulders.

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3. Elite Push-Up

When using push-up aids that rotate or swivel like this Elite model, you’ll want to make sure your palms face each other at the top of your push-up and face backwards when you’ve hit the bottom.

Tip 3: Keep your back flat.

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Elite Push-Up



4. PushX3

If you’ve got a handle on push-ups and you’re looking to spice things up, then you’ll want to check out PushX3’s freely rotating handles. PushX3 will help isolate and engage muscles that might otherwise rely on stronger muscles to get the job done.

Tip 4: Remember to keep your elbows tucked in.

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5. Perfect Pushup

Similar to the Elite model, the Perfect Pushup are a set of handles that rotate, but these can handle up to 400lbs and have slightly cushier handles.

Tip 5: Keep your core tight and glutes engaged.

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Perfect Pushup



6. Power Press Pushup

The Power Press Pushup claims that its color-coded, puzzle-like board will specifically isolate the muscles you’re looking to beef up giving you a more challenging pushup.

Tip 6: Your chest should be parallel to your hands at the bottom of your push-up.

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Power Press Pushup



7. Suples Spartan Bar

The Spartan Bar was invented for wrestlers by an Olympic wrestler and is laser-focused on strengthening your core.

Tip 7: Never give up. Never surrender.

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Suples Spartan Bar