Forget the Gym Membership — Get a Full-Body Workout Using Nothing but Resistance Bands

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Looking for a way to burn off a few extra calories from anywhere? Consider a set of resistance bands.

Resistance bands used to be a therapy tool, but have become a mainstream workout essential because they’re effective, easy to transport and easy to store They work by providing resistance like a free weight or a workout machine but eliminate most of the harmful joint stress.

The best thing about resistance bands is their incredible versatility, as they offer dozens of rigorous workouts. Some of our favorites include curls with the band under your feet, rows and squats. We also recommend picking up a pair of specialized pull-up resistance bands to assist your pull-up game or finally get started.

Resistance bands are also doubly versatile because increasing the intensity doesn’t require buying heavier weights. And unlike most gym equipment, resistance bands are very affordable, making them a worthwhile purchase even if you don’t use them that often. Below are eight of the best resistance bands picks from Amazon.


1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands


These highly-rated resistance loop exercise bands from Fit Simplify are high-quality, made of 100% natural latex and come in five different resistance levels.

These bands can be seamlessly integrated into any workout including yoga, pilates and strength training and come with their own carrying case for easy transport.

They’re easy on skin and completely free of TPE or thermoplastic elastomers which can cause irritation. Use them to strengthen muscles and tendons as well as rehabilitate after an injury.

This kit also comes with a 41-page instruction manual to show you how to use them and the most effective exercises available.

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2. Limm Resistance Bands


These budget-friendly resistance bands will save you major bucks when compared to other expensive strength training equipment.

They’re affordable and made with 100% natural latex that’s TPE free, odor free, durable and will maintain their flat shape even with extensive use.

They range in resistance from four pounds all the way to 40 pounds, and won’t pinch your skin, snap or leave marks on your clothes.

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3. TheraBand Resistance Band Set


If you’re new to resistance bands, check out this beginner set from TheraBand. It comes with low-resistance bands that are perfect for learning new workouts, physical therapy or light pilates. They’re also reasonably priced at just $13, so if you want to upgrade quickly (or realize that resistance band training isn’t for you) you won’t be out for much of a loss.

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4. Draper’s Strength Heavy Duty Pull Up Assist


Some resistance bands are offered in ultra heavyweight to help with pull-ups. They’re ideal if you’ve been struggling to learn pull-ups, but even if you can bust out 15+, these will still up your game and allow for more sets. Just remember: the heavier the resistance, the easier the pull-up. So if you can’t get your chin above the bar, select the big orange band.

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5. TAIMASI 19PCS Resistance Bands Set


Want a complete resistance band home gym? Go for this 19-piece set from Taimasi. It comes with five stackable bands, five loop bands, a door anchor, handles and two ankle straps. Plus, Taimasi has thrown in some nifty gym essentials as well, including a phone armband, a workout towel and an extensive guide to using resistance bands. Shockingly, all this clocks in at a reasonable $26.

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6. Aylio Premium Exercise Bands


Flat resistance bands are slightly more difficult to get used to than bands with handles or loops, but the payoff is worth it. Flat bands force you to activate more grip strength during workouts, building a nice set of forearms in addition to whatever else you’re training. We recommend this high-quality set from Aylio because they have a wide range of tension from three to 35 pounds and more durability than lower-priced options.

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7. SKL Resistance Bands Set


Almost all resistance bands are latex-based or pure latex, which is a problem if you’re allergic. If that’s the case, don’t lose hope: we found this non-latex set from SKL. The four included bands are made of odor-free thermoplastic elastomer that provides the same stretchiness without any latex.

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8. Te-Rich Resistance Bands


Not a plastic fan in general? You can still use fabric resistance bands to get the same result without all the snapping, twisting and rubber rubbing.

These fabric workout bands function similarly and are made using the highest quality cotton and latex for great results without the worry of snapping or pinching. They’re fabric on the outside and have a latex grip on the inside that sticks to your clothing, making it easy to get the results you want without the bands sliding or rolling up.

They come in three different resistance levels and you can choose between different colors sets depending on your workout mood.

Te-Rich Resistance Bands Courtesy of Amazon


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