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Get a Full Body Workout With a Set of Resistance Bands With Handles

Everyone knows the benefits of exercising. It releases endorphins that decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. A regular exercise routine can reduce the risk of heart disease, help manage weight, lead to better sleep, boost self-confidence, and in some cases, provide a supportive community. But even with the list of pros that come with exercise, finding the time, energy and motivation to focus on your physical health can still be difficult. That’s why exercise routines and equipment that are affordable, easy to use and portable can help eliminate some of the excuses against working out. For this, we recommend resistance bands with handles.

One of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment, a set of resistance bands with handles can provide a full-body workout regardless of your physical fitness level, ability and location. Users can customize the amount of weight they want to use and many sets come with instructions and guides on how to get the best workout with their bands. Resistance bands are easy on joints, which makes them a great recovery tool, and they help to build bone strength, tone muscles, aid in stretching, and can travel just about anywhere.

If you’re ready to get fit, check out our four favorite sets of resistance bands with handles below.

1. Tribe Resistance Bands Set

Whether you’re looking for a set of resistance bands to use for stretching, post-injury recovery or for a daily workout, the Tribe Resistance Bands Set is a great option. The 12-piece set comes with five color-coded bands, two cushioned handles, one door anchor, two ankle straps, a waterproof carrying bag and an advanced exercised e-book download. The bands are made from 100% natural latex and are soft and odor-free while remaining strong enough to resist cracking. The handles and straps are made with ballistic nylon and the handles include a fiber-reinforced, unbreakable polymer. Each band comes with two stainless-steel carabiners to attach to the handles and can be grouped together for a total weight of 105 pounds.

Pros: The Tribe is the only set with bands that start at 5 pounds, making this the best option for those looking for lighter weights for stretching and recovery after an injury.

Cons: The Tribe’s door attachment is not easy to affix to a door and the clasps on the end of each band are small and difficult to attach to the handles.

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2. The FitLife Exercise Resistance Bands

The FitLife Exercise Resistance Bands have everything customers need for an overall body workout, including five anti-snap bands, skidproof and sweatproof handles, soft and adjustable ankle straps and a large door anchor. The color-coded premium latex, non-irritant and odor-free bands have their corresponding weight clearly marked, making it easy for users to see which band they want to use. The bands are durable thanks to cross-stitch weaving on the nylon ends and attaching the bands to the handles and ankle straps is easy with the oversized carabiner and D buckles. Take the set with you anywhere using the waterproof travel pouch. Each FitLife set also comes with an instruction book for exercise ideas.

Pros: The 52-inch bands are the longest on our list and best suited for taller users.

Cons: The weight of the FitLife bands ranges from 10 pounds to 40 pounds and can be combined for a total of 110 pounds, which is a smaller range and less overall weight than the Coobons and Whatafit sets.

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3. COOBONS Resistance Bands Set

Pack an entire gym into a convenient carrying case with the COOBONS Resistance Bands Set. The comprehensive set includes five clearly labeled color-coded resistance bands ranging from 10 pounds to 50 pounds. Made from 100% natural latex, the bands each have a sturdy carabiner on the end which makes it easy to attach them to the two padded handles, a door anchor and ankle straps with nylon pads included in the set. The stackable weights can be combined for a total of 150 pounds of resistance and all the pieces of the set, including an exercise guide, fit easily into the zippered duffle bag included in the COOBONS package.

Pros: COOBONS include the same items found in the other sets on our list, as well as a figure-eight exercise cord, two short tube bands, a guard band and five resistance level loop bands.

Cons: The COOBONS is the largest on our list and also comes with the highest price tag.

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