Get a Grip: The 4 Best Rock Climbing Chalks Under $15

Chalk Bags
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* Up your climbing game with the right type of chalk
* Choose from full balls or cracked options
* These bags are custom-made for climbers

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed climbing pro climber or just saw Free Solo and want to start tackling some new terrain, the first—and often most important—accessory when it comes to climbing is having enough chalk.

The right type of chalk can improve your grip, help prevent callouses and generally make it a little easier for you to hang high. We’ve rounded up our four favorite brands under $15. Check them out below.

1. 321 STRONG Refillable Chalk Ball

With a robust 65 gram of pure chalk, this ball is made from premium, non-toxic and pigment-free chalk. The handy sock bag with drawstring is perfect for everyday climbers and makes it easier to chalk up without having to make too many moves.

321-STRONG-Refillable-Chalk-Ball- Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Black Diamond White Gold Loose Chalk

Pure as white gold, this chalk bag is an industry standard offers a great and easy way to help you get a better grip. Whether you’re climbing indoors or out, it’s a solid chalk bag to have by your side.

Black-Diamond-White-Gold-Loose-Chalk- Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Matawi Yunek Loose Chalk 400 Gram

And if you prefer loose chalk, this 400-gram bag is for you. This hunk of unscented sports chalk is great for climber, gymnasts and basically everyone who’s working with their hands. At the price point, this bag definitely gives you more bang for your buck.

Matawi-Yunek-Loose-Chalk-400-Gram- Image courtesy of Amazon

4. No Moisture Gym Chalk

Made from 100% magnesium carbonate powder, this 560-gram chalk bag comes with its own refillable chalk holder to help keep you covered on the go. With a handy and convenient slide strap, this chalk bag is a great choice for climbers.

No-Moisture-Gym-Chalk- Image courtesy of Amazon

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