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Belt It Out: The 7 Best Belts for Carrying Essentials on the Run

* Lightweight belts to help carry your essential items while running
* Adjustable to wear around your waist or slung over shoulders
* Also great for days out at theme parks, hiking or running errands

Running is all the rage. If you aren’t running, you probably will be soon. And if you are, then you know the struggle of carrying your keys, phone and other items with you when you run.

We’ve uncovered 7 solid running belts, which make carrying your essentials easy, whether you’re simply running around the block, heading to the gym or taking on a full marathon. These convenient carry packs aren’t just useful for running either; they’re great for errands, hiking or a fun day at the theme park with the family.

1. Milide Running Waist Belt

The Milide running waist bag features four individual pockets, each with their own zip. These pockets are ideal for storing your phone, keys and other items that you don’t want to leave behind while running. The belt is made from a tough waterproof material and also sports reflective patches to keep you visible when running in the evening.


2. Bringit Running Hydration Belt

This hydration belt comes with two, BPA-free 10 oz. running bottles so that you always have water within arm’s reach. The bottle holders are located on either side of the main central pocket, which has a single zipped closure and is large enough for smartphones up to and including the iPhone 6s Plus.

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3. Waterfly Hiking Waist Bag

This sturdy waist bag comes with a separate holder built specifically for a water bottle. Alongside this fastenable bottle pouch, you’ll find the central pocket, which is large enough to fit your smartphone, including models up to an iPhone 6 Plus. The main pocket also features a second zipped pocket for additional convenience.  


4. UShake Gear Running Belt

This gear band is a bounce-proof and sweat-proof running belt with three pockets. The central and largest pocket is ideal for your phone, including most larger screen models as well as cards and bills. The two outer pockets, one velcro and one fastened by a metal loop, are great for smaller items like keys, gum and chapstick.


5. Sport2People Running Belt

The Sport2People running belt is a simple way to keep hold of your belongings as you run. The neoprene material is both waterproof and elastic, which makes it great for storing your phone, keys and money while keeping them dry, too. Plus, the material will expand or shrink depending on your needs.


6. Effective Belt Tattoo Running Belt

Easily the most eye catching belt on this list, the stylish Effective Belt running fanny pack features an all-over tattoo design. The belt features a key holder clip and four flat openings that can hold a range of items, including your ID, money and smartphones up to the iPhone 8 Plus. This versatile belt is also available in a variety of sizes to ensure maximum comfort.

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7. The Runtasty Runners Fanny Pack

This stretchy one-size-fits-all belt sports two zipped, expandable storage pockets. The fanny pack is made from durable, waterproof materials to ensure your belongings stay dry as you go. And it’s available in fun, bright colors to give you that bright sunny feeling on your next run.

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