The Best Running Headbands to Keep the Sweat Out of Your Eyes

best running headbands
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There’s nothing worse than hair and sweat trickling into your vision and causing discomfort during a workout. Headbands are a great solution because they keep everything in place and out of your face while being stylish.

Hats are an excellent option as well but don’t allow as much heat to escape on a hot day. So if it’s summer or winter, a headband is a good choice for protecting your eyes from sweat and from keeping hair out of your face.

To keep you on track during your workouts, we’ve listed the best running headbands for all types of weather and all sorts of runners. Keep that wild mane in place with our options below.


1. Mission Gaiter

Although used traditionally as a neck gaiter or face cover, this moisture-wicking and sweat-proof material can also be easily pushed above your hairline to be an efficient headband for running. And since it doubles as a face covering, you can pull it back down over your face when you see a crowd. The material is a lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester that will keep the sweat from your face and the hair out of your eyes.

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2. Under Armor Headbands

These headbands come in a thin style or a mini style for those looking to keep those thin wispy hairs out of their face. If you have a thick mane or just want to stay in shape with itch-free eyes, Under Armor is a great choice. A polyester blend of materials, this moisture-wicking headband will be sure to set you free on a hot summer run.

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3. Nike Dri-Fit Head Tie

Nike’s Dri-Fit material has been by far the best model for outdoor clothing and making it into a headband has been equally successful. The Dri-Fit material keeps you cool, sweat-free, and dry as you run. It ties in the back for extra adjustment and can be moved into position along the hairline. A great headband for running, the material can’t be beat and you’ll be happy you chose it when the heat is bringing a river of sweat down your face.

Nike Dri-Fit Tie band Courtesy of Amazon


4. Lululemon Metal Vent Headband

A luxurious piece of technology has found its way into Lululemon’s headband material. Made with Silverscent technology, it will keep your headband odor-free. The seamless knit constructs a snug fit along your head to keep sweat and your hair away from your eyes. The sweat-wicking fabric works like a charm and you’ll be logging endless miles in no time. The unisex color options makes it a great buy for anyone.

Lululemon Headband Courtesy of Lululemon


5. Carhartt Headband

Carhartt is known for its comfortable clothing and beanies and their winter-style running headband is just as brilliant. Made from an insulating acrylic material, this headband will keep you warm as well as dry and sweat-free while you’re running. Made in a neutral black color, Carhartt definitely delivers when it comes to a running headband.

Carthartt Headband Amazon


6. Halo Headband

Halo has made an excellent headband that will keep the sweat from your face as well as your hair. Snug and dry, Halo’s headbands are made for high-intensity training and performance. No matter how much you sweat, this headband will surely keep your eyes clear as your work hard to reach your PR.

Halo Headband Courtesy of Amazon


7. RiptGear Headband

A comfortable option that comes in a vast array of colors, RiptGear makes a durable yet affordable headbands for running. Made from microfiber, this headband will keep you sweat-free and dry on your run.

RiptGear Headband Courtesy of Amazon


8. Blom Headbands

A thicker, wider headband, Blom has made an ultra running headband that can also be used for yoga or other activities. Coming in many different colors and ethically made in Bali, these headbands will function well and keep your face sweat-free during any type of workout.

Blom Headband Courtesy of Amazon