Stay Safe on Your Night Runs With the 10 Best Running Lights

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There are the days when going for a run just feels right. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. And the temperature is ideal for enjoying everything good in the world. There are also days when running conditions aren’t so favorable. Winter brings cold temperatures, longer nights and a significant drop in motivation. But, if you’re going to achieve your time or make your desired weight, it’s important you persevere.

A big factor in keeping motivation high is ensuring you have the right equipment. From comfortable running shoes to a shirt which minimizes chafing, these handy items can be the difference between getting stuck on those humps and staying focused on your long-term goal. Another major factor, especially in the months of the year with shorter days, is ensuring you stay safe. If you’re running on roads or constantly running across crosswalks, it’s of paramount importance that people can see you. After all, a running injury is bad enough, but a vehicle-related injury could be a lot worse.  

To keep you visible at night, we’ve put together 10 of the best lighting options for your late evening runs. From bright lights to reflective flashing armbands, there’s an option for every kind of runner. Plus, many of the options can double up as handy flashlights, pet illuminators or just as back ups for power outages.

Make sure you stay safe and seen when you’re out putting miles on the road and prevent nightfall from becoming an excuse for not reaching your goals.

1. Apace Vision LED Safety Lights


With over 1,500 five-star reviews from Amazon users, the Apace Vision LED Safety Light is a reliable and effective option for your running needs. The pack includes two individual lights, which can be attached to your shoes, waist or running top using the built-in clips or included velcro strap. You can also choose between three different lighting modes when you turn it on, and you’ll also have the choice of five different colors when you order your light. There’s also no need to worry about running in the rain at night as these lights are weather resistant, too.

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2. BSEEN LED Flashing Reflective Armband


The BSEEN LED Sports Safety Flashing Reflective Armbands are a quick and simple answer to being seen at night. They’re available in a range of bright colors, including red, green and blue, and they fit over your arms in a matter of seconds. The adjustable bands mean they can fit on any size arm and will remain secure during physical activity. Furthermore, the included batteries have a lifespan of up to 70 hours and are a great option for those looking to illuminate their pets on walks, too.

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3. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight


At only 3.2 ounces, the Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight provides a comfortable yet effective way to illuminate your running path. The top-mounted on/off button is easily found and allows you to work through the four lighting modes, which include a red light option, too. The light is mounted on an adjustable body, meaning it’s easy to manipulate the light to point exactly where you need it. In addition, the flashlight is available in a range of different colors, so it’s possible to assign every family member their own headlamp by color.

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4. AVANTO Clip On Running Light


Whether you want to clip it to your belt, pocket, shoes or even your pet’s collar, the AVANTO Clip On Running Light is a simple way to solve the problem of nightfall. The light is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it a great option for every adventure. In addition, this running light is waterproof, weighs only two ounces and is super bright, as the central light is made up of nine individual LEDs.

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5. RODH Running Jogging Chest Led Running Light


If you prefer the idea of a chest-mounted light, the RODH Running Jogging Chest Led Running Lights is the answer. The chest strap is easy to fit and gives you an Ironman-esque appearance with a centrally located light to illuminate your way. In addition, this running light includes a secondary, rear-mounted, red triangle, so people behind you can see you, too. The elastic chest strap is easily adjusted, and the foam padding around the light ensures it sits comfortably during even the longest runs. There’s also a rechargeable battery inside, which can be charged using the included USB charging cable.

running chest lamp


6. Bright Eyes Firefly LED Safety Light


If you’re an eco-friendly runner and don’t want your nighttime illumination to use up disposable batteries, it’s a good idea to choose a light with a rechargeable battery built-in. This Bright Eyes Firefly LED Safety Light has just that and delivers 200 lumens of light as you go. It can be charged via USB and is made from a heat-resistant silicone. The light also includes a handy, magnetic clip for attaching it to clothing and other materials, and the bright Cree LEDs provide three different lighting options.

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7. Cobiz Brightest High LED Work Headlight


The Cobiz Brightest High LED Work Headlight boasts 6000 lumens of lighting power and comes with a secure head mount. The headlight comes with a handy storage case and charging cable. The headlight itself features an adjustable band, 90-degree adjustable body and two smaller, secondary lights for a range of lighting options, which make this device a versatile option for any nighttime task. The high-quality light has over 1,000 five-star reviews from users, and the fact it’s waterproof means you never need to worry about rain or sweat ruining this running accessory.

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8. Hiverst Night Running Gear Running Shoes Light


If you know you’re going to be running at night and never want to step outside without your lights, give mounting them on your shoes a try. These Hiverst Night Running Gear Running Shoes Lights are easily fitted, lightweight and made for use in any weather. Plus, the way the lights have been designed means you’ll get 360 degrees of visibility, even during pitch black stretches of road or dirt. You’ll find the lights offer several lighting modes, including an SOS option. They’re also rechargeable and provide up to 12 hours of lighting from a single charge.

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9. Noxgear Tracer360 Illuminated Vest


With over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Noxgear Tracer360 – Revolutionary Illuminated & Reflective Vest is a well-reviewed and well-loved lighting option. The advanced chest-mounted vest lets you pick from several colors for your light using the built in LEDs and also includes numerous multicolor, flashing modes, too. The lightweight vest incorporates reflective bands to make sure you’re unmissable, and it’s also adjustable to ensure a secure fit throughout your runs.

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10. Knuckle Lights LED Light for Running


The Knuckle Lights Advanced Rechargeable LED Light for Running provides 280 lumens of light as you go and also comes with a dock for recharging your devices when they aren’t in use. The ergonomic design makes running with the lights comfortable, and their waterproof design means you never have to worry about the weather. The wide beams emitted by the lights as you run provide a comfortable running experience even on the darkest runs.

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