Stay Safe on Your Night Runs With the Best Running Lights

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There are the days when going for a run just feels right. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. And the temperature is ideal for enjoying everything good in the world. There are also days when running conditions aren’t so favorable. Winter brings cold temperatures, longer nights and a significant drop in motivation. But, if you’re going to achieve your time or make your desired weight, it’s important you persevere, even if that means running at night. If you’re going for a run at night, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got some dependable running lights to keep you company. 

From comfortable running shoes to running lights to a shirt that minimizes chafing, these handy items can be the difference between getting stuck on those humps and staying focused on your long-term goal. Another major factor, especially in the months of the year with shorter days, is ensuring you stay safe in the dark. If you’re running on roads or constantly running across crosswalks, it’s of paramount importance that people can see you. After all, a running injury is bad enough, but a vehicle-related injury could be a lot worse.  

To keep you visible at night, we’ve put together the best running lights for your late evening runs. From bright lights to high visibility reflective armbands, there’s an option for every kind of runner. Plus, many of the options can double up as handy flashlights, pet illuminators or just as backups for power outages.

But before you scroll down to check out our comprehensive list, it’s worth taking a few seconds to ask yourself the following questions.

Are You Looking for Illumination for You, for Safety or Both?

Different running lights are created for different tasks. Some, like headlamps and knuckle lights, are mainly built to light your way, which means making you visible is just a handy byproduct. However, reflective vests, bracelets and straps are made with safety in mind and aim to keep you visible to other pedestrians and motorists, which is great if you’re running in a badly lit or traffic-filled environment.

Where Do You Want to Wear Your Running Light?

There are options you can wear on almost every part of your body. From your head to your feet, there’s a running light that fits the bill. This choice will mostly come down to personal preference taking into account security and comfort, as some people don’t like running with things on their heads while others may prefer it.

How Long Do You Run for?

If you’re looking to run or workout for hours and hours, you will need to make sure your running light is capable of keeping up with you. There are options that can last for several hours from a single charge. Alternatively, choose an option with replaceable rather than rechargeable batteries, so you can change them out mid-session. For short under-one-hour workouts, rechargeable options are ideal as they prevent the need to regularly buy new batteries. 

Do You Run in Adverse Weather Conditions (Rain, Snow, etc.)?

If inclement weather is no obstacle for you, make sure it’s no obstacle for your running light, either. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere in the cold and wet without a light. There are a number of running lights made for taking on adverse weather conditions that won’t let you down when things get cold and wet. 

So, make sure you stay safe and seen when you’re out putting miles on the road, and prevent nightfall from becoming an excuse for not reaching your goals with our list of the best running lights.


1. Apace Vision LED Safety Running Lights


With over 1,500 five-star reviews from Amazon users, the Apace Vision LED Safety Light is a reliable and effective option for your running needs. The pack includes two individual lights, which can be attached to your shoes, waist or running top using the built-in clips or included velcro strap. You can also choose between three different lighting modes when you turn it on, and you’ll also have the choice of five different colors when you order your light. And there’s no need to worry about running in the rain at night as these lights are weather-resistant, too.

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2. Illumiseen LED Reflective Belt


For a more 360-degree answer to staying visible at night, try this Illumiseen LED Reflective Belt. It’s available in three different color options and has an adjustable belt buckle that ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The belt requires no external batteries and charges via the included USB cord. From a full single charge, the belt can provide up to 20 hours of light, which it claims makes you up to 10 times more visible when compared with other reflective options.

best running lights illumiseen led reflective belt Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight


At only 3.2 ounces, the Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight provides a comfortable yet effective way to illuminate your running path. The top-mounted on/off button is easily found and allows you to work through the four lighting modes, which include a red light option, too. The light is mounted on an adjustable body, meaning it’s easy to manipulate the light to point exactly where you need it. In addition, the flashlight is available in a range of different colors, so it’s possible to assign every family member their own headlamp by color.

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4. BSEEN LED Flashing Reflective Armband


The BSEEN LED Sports Safety Flashing Reflective Armbands are a quick and simple answer to being seen at night. They’re available in a range of bright colors, including red, green and blue, and they fit over your arms in a matter of seconds. The adjustable bands mean they can fit on any size arm and will remain secure during physical activity. Furthermore, the included batteries have a lifespan of up to 70 hours and are a great option for those looking to illuminate their pets on walks, too.

LED running wristbands, great running light Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Knuckle Lights Original


Another well-reviewed Knuckle Lights product that helps runners to be safe and seen when they’re out on night-time runs is the Knuckle Lights Original. This set comes with two running lights which provide extra-wide beams without producing that annoying “bounce” effect you’ll find in many other running lights. The soft silicone straps easily adjust to sit comfortably in your hands or over gloves, while the ergonomically-shaped front sits snugly against your knuckles. In addition, these waterproof lights come in four different colors. Each one requires two AAA batteries to function. The batteries are included in the pack.

ergonomic running lights, best running lights, running lights Courtesy of Amazon



6. RODH Running Jogging Chest Led Running Light


If you prefer the idea of a chest-mounted light, the RODH Running Jogging Chest Led Running Lights is the answer. The chest strap is easy to fit and gives you an Ironman-esque appearance with a centrally located light to illuminate your way. In addition, this running light includes a secondary, rear-mounted, red triangle, so people behind you can see you, too. The elastic chest strap is easily adjusted, and the foam padding around the light ensures it sits comfortably during even the longest runs. There’s also a rechargeable battery inside, which can be charged using the included USB charging cable.

running chest lamp Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Esonstyle LED Light Up Band Slap Bracelets


These Esonstyle LED Light Up Band Slap Bracelets are a great way to boost how visible you are during your nighttime run. While they won’t particularly illuminate the path in front of you, their bright, LED-lit color will help ensure any other runners, cyclists or motor vehicle drivers will see you. The internal LEDs allow for a number of different lighting modes, including full illumination and flashing. Additionally, the pack includes six automatic-wrap bracelets which are all different colors, making this a great choice for families and friends who are happy to share.

best running lights esonstyle band Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Noxgear Tracer360 Illuminated Vest


With over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Noxgear Tracer360 Illuminated & Reflective Vest is a well-reviewed and well-loved lighting option. The advanced chest-mounted vest lets you pick from several colors for your light using the built-in LEDs and also includes numerous multicolor, flashing modes, too. The lightweight vest incorporates reflective bands to make sure you’re unmissable, and it’s also adjustable to ensure a secure fit throughout your runs.

light up running vest Image courtesy of Amazon


9. JLANG USB Rechargeable LED Head Lamp


As the JLANG USB Rechargeable LED Head Lamp is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries, you can get up to six hours of bright light from a single charge. The design sports a single lamp which can be controlled using the side-mounted button. This button also makes it easy to rotate between the four different lighting modes. In addition, the lamp can be tilted up to 90 degrees for a greater range of lighting angles. It’s IPX4-rated, meaning it can withstand mild rain and water splashes, making this a great choice for hikers, hunters, fishermen and other outdoor adventurers.

running lights jlang led Image courtesy of Amazon


10. HOKOILN Outdoor Night Running Lights


This pack of HOKOILN Outdoor Night Running Lights includes two lights which can provide up to 150 lumens of bright light during runs, walks, hikes and general nighttime activity. They sport a reliable clip which means they can be attached to clothing, loops and even held comfortably without worry. You’ll also find four different lighting modes to choose from, and, when the battery runs low, they’re super easy to charge as they include a built-in USB port without the need for a charging cable in between.

best running lights hokoiln outdoor night Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Nathan HyperBrite Mini LED Strobe


The Nathan HyperBrite Mini LED Strobes easily attaches to belts, waistbands and pockets to help ensure you’re visible when you’re out and about. The two-piece set includes one red LED for your back and one white LED for your front. You’ll also find hinged clips on the lights which can easily be attached to collars to keep your pets visible at night, too. In addition, each light offers two lighting modes and is IPX4 weather-proof, so rain and light splashes aren’t a problem.

running lights nathan clips Image courtesy of REI


12. HOKOILN Outdoor Night Running Lights


With their IPX4 waterproof rating, 200 lumens of bright white light and easy USB charging capability, it’s little wonder these HOKOILN Outdoor Night Running Lights are so popular with Amazon users. Over 85% have awarded these lights a five-star review, and they often note that the strong magnetic clips allow you to attach these lights to your belt, shirt, hat, pocket and dog collar without having to worry about them falling off. Furthermore, the pack comes with two individual lights which offer three different lighting modes.

best running lights hokoiln outdoor night running lights Image courtesy of Amazon


13. LED Slap Armband Lights Glow Band


The LED Slap Armband Lights Glow Band is a quick and simple way to make yourself visible in an instant. Simply fit the adjustable band to your arm and choose between the four available lighting modes. The slap-style band makes it easy to fit the light securely and comfortably. It’s also possible to separate the light from the nylon and clean the band if it gets dirty. In addition to running, these bands are a great way to help identify friends and family at concerts, camping and parties, so you always know where they are.

running lights led slap band Image courtesy of Walmart


14. Lighting EVER LE CREE LED Flashlight


This Lighting EVER LE CREE LED Flashlight is a versatile running light option. Its compact size and powerful beam make it ideal for running at night, while these handy attributes also make it a reliable choice as an independent household lighting option, too, whether that’s for emergencies or walking the dog. The flashlight is powered by three AAA batteries, and at its maximum, its beam can reach up to 492 feet. Furthermore, as it’s IPX4 rated, it’s more than capable of dealing with any unexpected downpours or spashling during your nighttime run.

best running lights le cree flashlight Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Peralng Sensor LED Headlamp for Running


If you’re looking for a head-mounted, budget-friendly way to light the path ahead of you, then the Peralng Rechargeable Flashlight Sensor LED Headlamp could be the choice for you. The best headlamps for running stay securely on your head to light your way during those long night runs. This LED headlamp boasts a battery that can be recharged using the included USB cable for up to 24 hours of light from a single charge. The adjustable headband makes it a versatile headlamp that can be used by the whole family. The light is also IPX4 rated and offers five different lighting modes, including high, low and strobe.

running lights usb headlamp Image courtesy of Walmart


16. Light & Motion Vis Pro Adventure 600


The LIGHT & MOTION Vis Pro Adventure 600 is a great way for runners to see and be seen. This 600-lumen light provides 360 degrees of visibility as you run and includes an integrated battery pack which is easily recharged after every use. The non-slip head strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit during workouts, while the built-in amber sidelights ensure cars and other runners can see you, too. This high-quality headlamp is waterproof to one meter, making it capable for use in all conditions and great for a range of activities, including running, kayaking, hiking, skiing and more. But for the truly adventurous, it’s hard to find a better running light.

running lights light motion Image courtesy of Competitive Cyclist


17. EverBrite Five-Pack LED Headlamp


If you’re running with a group of friends or family at night and want several light sources rather than just the one, consider this EverBrite Five-Pack LED Headlamp. Each light included in the pack sports an ultra-light and compact design with a 90-degree rotatable head which offers four different lighting modes from the eight LED lighting system. The headlamps are powered by three AAA batteries. However, as the batteries are supplied, you’ll be ready to go as soon as it arrives.

best running lights everbrite 5 pack headlamp Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Fixinus LED Reflective Safety Vest


If your sole goal is to be seen, there are few better options on the list than the Fixinus LED Reflective Safety Vest with Storage Pouch. This comprehensive vest includes a belt element along with two over-the-shoulder straps, all of which are made from reflective materials. For added visibility, the shoulder straps each feature seven LEDs that light up to add to your visibility. For comfort and security, all three are adjustable and secure together using the steady, quick-access clip. Additionally, the vest also comes with a handy storage bag that has a drawstring closure and is made from a high visibility yellow material.

best running lights fixinus led reflective safety vest Image courtesy of Amazon

19. Bright Eyes Firefly LED Safety Lights for Running


If you’re an eco-friendly runner and don’t want your nighttime illumination to use up disposable batteries, it’s a good idea to choose a light with a rechargeable battery built in. This Bright Eyes Firefly LED Safety Light has just that and delivers 200 lumens of light as you go. It can be charged via USB and is made from a heat-resistant silicone. The light also includes a handy, magnetic clip for attaching it to clothing and other materials, and the bright Cree LEDs provide three different lighting options.

clip on running lights Image courtesy of Amazon


20. AVANTO Chest Running Lights


The AVANTO Chest Running Light offers handsfree, powerful lighting for runs, walks and general activity at night. The chest-mounted light, which is adjustable, provides a strong front-facing beam for you to see what’s ahead, while the red backlighting and reflective elements ensure motorists and other pedestrians can see you from other angles. The light is also IPX5 rated, meaning you don’t have to worry about the occasional and unexpected downpour. It’s also powered by a USB rechargeable battery which can deliver up to five hours of light from a single, full charge.

best running lights avanto chest running light Image courtesy of Amazon


21. Light & Motion Vis 360 Running Light Headstrap


The Light & Motion Vis 360 Running Light Headstrap helps to ensure you’re visible from all directions, not just the front and back. In addition to the large, back-facing red light, you’ll find two side-mounted amber lights on the main forward-facing lamp, ensuring you’ll be more visible to cars, pedestrians and other runners. The head strap is also highly adjustable and stretchy to ensure you enjoy a comfortable and secure experience every time you place it on your head.

running lights light motion Image courtesy of Backcountry


22. AVANTO Clip On Running Light


Whether you want to clip it to your belt, pocket, shoes or even your pet’s collar, the AVANTO Clip On Running Light is a simple way to solve the problem of running at night. The light is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it a great option for every adventure. In addition, this running light is waterproof, weighs only two ounces and is super bright, as the central light is made up of nine individual LEDs.

waistband running light Image courtesy of Amazon


23. Nathan Neutron Fire Runner Headlamp


The Nathan Neutron Fire Runner Headlamp has been designed specifically with runners in mind. The lightweight device boasts a 115-lumen lamp which provides plenty of light to illuminate the road in front of you. There’s also additional side strobes mounted either side of the main LED to deliver red, green or blue light depending on your preference. Furthermore, you’ll find that the bounce-free design effectively keeps your headlamp in place as you go, even when you’re traveling at a fast pace.

running lights nathan neutron Image courtesy of JackRabbit


24. Amphipod Versa-Light Max USB Safety Running Light


By incorporating a mix of LED lights into a single device, the Amphipod Versa-Light Max USB Safety Light lets you choose between red and white as well as multiple lighting modes. The compact light includes a rechargeable battery and offers between 4.5 and nine hours of constant light per charge, depending on the lighting mode used. The water-resistant safety light also includes a built-in clip with teeth to secure it in place, making this a great option for pet collars and clothing as it’s not easily shaken off.

running lights amphipod Image courtesy of REI


25. Hiverst Night Running Shoes Running Lights


If you know you’re going to be running at night and never want to step outside without your lights, give mounting them on your shoes a try. These Hiverst Night Running Shoes Running Lights are easily fitted, lightweight and made for use in any weather. Plus, the way the lights have been designed means you’ll get 360 degrees of visibility, even during pitch black stretches of road or dirt. You’ll find the lights offer several lighting modes, including an SOS option. They’re also rechargeable and provide up to 12 hours of lighting from a single charge.

clip on running shoe lights Image courtesy of Amazon


26. Knuckle Lights Colors Super Bright Lights


Just because it’s nighttime and no one can see you doesn’t mean style goes out of the window. That’s especially true with these Knuckle Lights Colors Super Bright Lights which do come in plain black but are also available in three other bright and vividly colored options. The lights, which come in a pair, deliver extra-wide beams that offer up to 25 feet of visibility and sport easy-reach buttons for switching the light on or off and choosing between the three power settings. Additionally, these knuckle-worn lights are 100% waterproof, making them ideal for all weather conditions.

best running lights knuckle lights Image courtesy of Amazon


27. Knuckle Lights LED Light for Running


The Knuckle Lights Advanced Rechargeable LED Light for Running provides 280 lumens of light as you go and also comes with a dock for recharging your devices when they aren’t in use. The ergonomic design makes running with the lights comfortable, and their waterproof design means you never have to worry about the weather. The wide beams emitted by the lights as you run provide a comfortable running experience even on the darkest runs.

knuckle handle running lights Image courtesy of Amazon


28. Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights


After enduring what’s perhaps best described as a feeding frenzy on ABC’s Shark Tank, it was pretty clear that the Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights were the real deal. These in-shoe lights feature clips that fit into your shoe’s laces for a secure and handsfree hold to deliver up to 150 lumens of 360-degree light for your feet. They are built tough and waterproof, meaning you can train in all conditions, while the battery life allows for up to five hours use on the low setting or around two and a half hours on the highest intensity. These lights are a great, hands-free way to light your way and make yourself seen at the same time.

best running lights night runner 270 shoe lights Image courtesy of Amazon


29. Petzl Actik Core Headlamp


The Petzl Actik Core Headlamp offers two different ways to power the device. You can use the Core USB-rechargeable battery, or, alternatively, you can use three AAA batteries if you prefer. The lightweight headlamp also lets you choose between two beam patterns and several brightness levels to ensure you get the lighting you want for your daily run. The headlamp is IXP4 rated, meaning it can take the occasional splash of water. In addition, you can use it in conjunction with mounting accessories to attach it to a cycling helmet.

running lights pretzl headlamp Image courtesy of REI


30. West Biking Night Running Lights


With 500 lumens blasting out from this wearable device, you can be sure to see and be seen on your next night run. But what we love most about this running light, and what we feel sets it apart from the rest, is that you can adjust the beam direction 45 degrees up or down. So what, right? Well, if you want to use it as a way to let drivers know you’re there, you can keep the beam facing forward. But, if you want to help illuminate your path, and avoid any twisted ankles, you can point this sucker down to show you the way. For a relatively affordable and easy-to-wear running light, it’s tough to top this one from West Biking.

West Biking Night Running Lights Amazon


31. KNOG Quokka Run LED Headlamp


Us runners are weird about wearing things. That’s why we wear practically nothing while we run. It’s not a way to flex (though, sometimes it is a way to flex our toned bodies). But rather, it’s because, after 12 miles, the littlest things can become annoying. If you’re hyper-aware of things on your body while running, you should give this lightweight headband a try. This running light is powerful enough to let drivers and other runners know you’re there, but not so bulky that it will bother you as you crush that easy 10. Plus, it’s rechargeable and water-resistant. Bring on the sweat. Bring on the night.

 KNOG Quokka Run LED Headlamp Amazon


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