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Slip Into These Socks Before Your Next Run To Avoid Blisters, Sweaty Feet and Fatigue

When it comes to running, sneakers tend to get all the hype. Sinking a lot of money into a pair of running shoes can make or break your commitment to hitting the pavement and going for a jog. But what about socks? Having a great pair of running shoes is important, sure, but don’t forget about what’s in between your feet and those fancy sneakers.

Much more affordable and just as important as running shoes are running socks. A sock that’s been specially designed for the repeated high impact of running often has seams that have been specifically placed so as not to cause painful rubbing. Points of compression help alleviate foot fatigue, and moisture-wicking material helps to pull sweat away from the skin, leaving your feet feeling cool and blister-free.

Shoes are important, but never forget about the middleman. In this case, we mean socks.

1. Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks

While their previous version was made from a luscious and comfortable merino wool, Rockay’s wasn’t quite satisfied, and decided to upgrade their stellar anti-blister running socks. Introducing their newly improved Accelerate socks, made from ECONYL, a 100% recycle nylon yarn. Using recycled ocean waste and landfill fabric, their latest sock is not only thin, comfortable and fast on your feet, it’s also green (even when it comes in gray). The sock still boasts the same breathable feel we loved in their old version, the only difference now is that it also helps the planet. And thanks to an added coating of Polygiene, the socks are more durable than before, resulting in more wears between washes.

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2. Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks

The Balega Blister Resist No Show Socks have a huge following and we can see why. The socks are made from a combination of natural mohair with Drynamix, which fight blisters that can keep you off your feet for days after a run. The mohair regulates temperature and keeps your feet cool in the heat and warm in cold temperatures. As for the Drynamix, its moisture-wicking abilities help ward off blisters and keep your feet firmly in place in your sneakers.

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3. SB SOX Ultralite Compression Running Socks

The SB SOX Ultralite Compression Running Socks are a great value, offering two pairs of socks for an affordable price. Designed for men and women, the socks are available in four sizes so that runners can pick the size that best fits them, cutting down on blisters caused from incorrect sizing. The compression socks also help alleviate foot fatigue by increasing blood circulation in the foot, which also helps with post-run recovery. Made from lightweight and durable fabric, the socks are also anti-microbial and antibacterial to help fight against smelly feet.

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