6 Essential Gadgets for Running and Cycling at Night

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* Beat the heat with outdoor fitness after dark
* Safety gear, bike lighting and more
* Options for midnight riders and pre-dawn marathon maniacs

For those of us looking to stay fit through outdoor activities, summer can be a real challenge. The season’s stifling heat can make a run, bike ride or climbing trip seem less like “fitness” and more like “the punishment of Sisyphus.” Which is why it often makes sense to take a cue from the fox and coyote and run in the nighttime. Plus, it’s healthier for those who are concerned about damage from the sun. If you love twilight bike rides or midnight marathons, here are six essential gadgets to light your way and help you stay safe on the roads.

1. Reflective Armband

A reflective armband geared toward runners, this is a crucial piece of visibility gear if your run takes you out on the roads after dark.

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2. Running Vest

This running vest by Rocky Peak offers the added utility of a pocket that can fit a small wallet, keys or other essentials so you can keep your arms in motion as you hit the pavement.

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3. Zoomable Headlamp

Great for hiking, cross-country running and caving, this super-bright hands-free LED headlamp is powered by long-lasting rechargeable batteries. It even includes a car USB charger, so it’s also a great essential for camping trips.

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4. Road ID Alert Bracelet

This medical alert bracelet can be a lifesaver in case of emergency, especially for those with allergies and other conditions, giving first responders potentially life-saving information.

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5. Knuckle Lights

These hand-worn LED knuckle lights may seem like a mix between fitness gear and something you’d wear to a rave, but they’re actually useful since they’re much easier and more convenient (and probably less dorky looking) than a bulky headlamp. They also give more dynamic illumination, which is helpful for trails and cross country running.

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6. Night Trek Shoe Lights

These shoe lights not only turn any pair of sneakers into Light-Up Sneakers, but they also give night runners help reading the terrain ahead. Great for hiking, track and field and cross-country, these can help you avoid those nasty ankle-rolling missteps.

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