These 5 Shaker Bottles Will Help You Fulfill Your Daily Supplement Needs

Best Shaker Bottles for Supplements, Protein
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* The best shaker bottles on Amazon
* Make supplement shakes on-the-go
* Great for hitting the gym, hiking or running errands

Shaker bottles have become an all-day essential for everyone from normal supplement lovers to hardcore fitness geeks.

Even if you’re committed to a great supplement routine, remembering to take them throughout the day can be difficult. Plus, if you’re gone all day at work or school, forgetting to grab your supplements in the morning can happen all too often. That’s where shaker bottles come in.

Shaker bottles allow you to quickly whip up a supplement or protein powder shake or smoothie on-the-go thanks to a built-in mixer. These mixers come in a few variations (including spokes in the lid or a whisk in the bottle) and break down powders in water to create a shake or smoothie. Just drop in your favorite powder supplement, add water and shake.

Even if you only take a few supplements, we highly recommend picking up a shaker bottle. Below are some of the best shaker bottles you can buy right now on Amazon.

1. BlenderBottle Classic Shaker Bottle

With over 8,300 reviews and 4.4 stars on Amazon, this BlenderBottle is the highest-rated option on your list. Coincidentally, it’s also the most affordable at just $10. It utilizes a simple stainless steel blenderball which quickly breaks down powders. Just drop the ball in the bottle, and remove it when you get home for easy cleaning.

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2. Hydra Cup

The cleverly designed Hydra Cup features two sides, allowing you to mix a preworkout and a post workout shake on your way to the gym. Alternatively, you can also utilize the two-compartment design for storage and a liquid… or a cocktail and a chaser on your cheat day.

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3. Rubbermaid Shaker Cups

This shaker cup from Rubbermaid also utilizes a loose shaker ball with paddles for breaking up supplements, smoothies and powders. As with most Rubbermaid products, the bottle features a durable build that will survive a few drops while working out or running.

Shaker Bottle Rubbermaid Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Cyclone Cup Shaker Bottle

Cyclone’s shaker bottle uses a slightly different mechanism. Instead of a ball in the cup, it has a tapered cone in the lid. It still works in the same way (drop in a supplement powder, add water and shake), but the attached cone can be easier to keep track of than a loose shaker.

Shaker Bottle Cone Two-Pack Image courtesy of Amazon


5. PROMiXX Electric Shaker Bottle

If you’re serious about protein and supplement shakes, this high-end electric shaker bottle is a great investment. It quickly blends shakes and smoothies with a lightweight, motor-operated mixer built into the bottom.

Shaker Bottle Electric Blender Image courtesy of Amazon