The Best Smart Scales to Assist a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

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Lockdown led to many of us piling on a few extra pounds. Being confined to the couch, bed, kitchen table or backyard (if you were lucky) kept us separated from our usual level of freedom, and inhibited our ability to get those steps in. However, while walking from place to place became a thing of the past, working out at home became a booming business. Things like taking Zoom classes, building a home gym and ordering workout equipment reached their incredible heights. Tracking progress on one of the best smart scales became an all-important accompaniment, too.

We live in a digital age where even the least endowed smart scale still gave the ability to not just check your weight but also let you accurately track your BMI and other key body measurements. Because of this, it’s never been easier to keep up with all your fitness gains (or losses).

What To Consider Before Buying a Smart Scale

Before you fully commit to choosing your smart scale, there are a number of considerations worth thinking about to ensure you pick the best smart scale for your individual needs. Some key questions to ask yourself include:

  • Will it be on show all the time? Depending on how much space you have in your bathroom or home gym, your smart scale might be left out all the time and therefore need to look the part. Alternatively, if you’re stretched for floor space, you might need a scale that you can easily and safely store away.
  • How important is accuracy? All of the devices on the list are more than likely accurate enough for the average user. But, if you happen to be a professional athlete, medical professional or someone who just really cares about accuracy, specifically in the form of readings closer than 0.2 pounds or water/fat percentages taken from across your whole body rather than your lower half, consider a device with a more advanced weighing system or a built-in electrode handlebar.
  • Do you need it to be portable? If you’re only planning on using your new smart scale from the comfort of your own home, a heavier, more durable scale might be well-suited to your fitness routine. However, if you’re looking to take it from location to location, a lightweight and travel-friendly scale might be a better choice for you.
  • How strong does it need to be? Heavier users may find they need to check the weight capacity of smart scales prior to purchase. If your aim is weight loss, be sure your new scale can withstand your weight before you’ve started to shred.
  • Do you need it to measure any particular metric? Things like body weight, heart rate, BMI, body fat and muscle mass are all pretty standard readings on an average smart scale. However, there are some measurements that aren’t found on every device. So if you’re after a specific, less commonly found measurement, make sure you check the device you pick is capable of reading it.

How We Chose the Best Smart Scales

The best smart scales record your weight accurately and help you to easily track your progress. As the smartphone apps which accompany smart scales have different layouts and user experiences, it’s important to ensure yours comes with an interface suited to your individual style and preferences. The accuracy of the measurements recorded is also paramount to ensure you can stay on track with your goals. Because of this, we prioritized smart scales with easy-to-use apps and interfaces. The devices on the list are also popular with users and have been extensively tried and tested.

Furthermore, if you haven’t already made the switch to digital, now’s the time to do so. The best smart scales offer users an impressive range of features and act as a great way to increase and maintain your motivation with precise tracking. We’ve rounded up the best smart scales to help you achieve your fitness goals. So grab your healthy snacks and your can-do attitude while we lay out the best smart scales to buy right now.


1. Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Digital Scale


One of the best features of the Fitbit Aria Air Bluetooth Digital Scale is its ability to synchronize directly to your Fitbit. While the scale is a great standalone tool for tracking your weight, BMI and other body measurements, it really turns into your own personal trainer when you use it together with a Fitbit. The two work together to keep you on track to meet your fitness dreams thanks to daily reminders and short-term goals personalized to your measurements.

Fitbit Scale Courtesy of Amazon


2. Etekcity Apex Smart WiFi Body Fat Scale


For a more interactive experience, give this Etekcity Apex Smart WiFi Body Fat Scale a try. Not only does it allow you to track your overall progress, view 14 body measurements and control it using your voice and a linked voice-controlled smart home device, it will also deliver fun, interactive messages to keep your motivation high. The versatile scale also includes both a pregnancy and a baby mode to ensure it covers all the body weighing needs of everyone in your household. Furthermore, the scale comes in three different models and five different colors, in addition to being backed by over 90,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users.

best smart scales etekcity apex Courtesy of Amazon


3. Etekcity Digital Weight Scale


This Etekcity Digital Weight Scale is the most budget-friendly model on our list. However, it’s still lightyears ahead of a traditional scale in terms of being able to accurately detect your body measurements and transmit data to your phone. Considering this smart scale can precisely gauge 13 different body measurements, including BMI, body fat and bone mass, but has a price tag of under $25, this is one scale that’s an incredible value.

best smart scale etekcity Courtesy of Amazon


4. RENPHO Body Fat Scale


The RENPHO Body Fat Scale is one of the most popular items on Amazon. And, that’s because it’s an incredibly efficient smart scale that’s priced right. It can record 13 body measurements using the RENPHO smart app, which integrates with both Fitbit and Google Fit. Furthermore, this smart scale can take and record your measurements with an accuracy of 0.2 pounds and a maximum weight of 396 pounds.

best smart scale renpho body Courtesy of Amazon


5. FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


Unlike other smart scales, this FITINDEX model features an endless number of users, which means all your friends and family can sync this scale with their smartphones, too. This scale is able to take 13 different body measurements, including BMI, muscle mass and body fat. It also features ultra-sensitive electrodes which help improve the accuracy of the digital readings.

Fitindex scale Courtesy of Amazon


6. REDOVER Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


The REDOVER Bluetooth Body Fat Scale’s tempered glass construction gives the device a stylish appearance and long-term durability. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows it to connect with a range of health apps including Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit. This popular scale is also capable of providing an unlimited number of users with 13 key body measurements. Handily, the step-on technology displays your measurements on the 3.3-inch LED display in seconds for convenience and easy reading. Furthermore, the auto-off technology switches the device off within a matter of seconds to conserve and maximize battery life.

best smart scales redover bluetooth Courtesy of Amazon


7. Arboleaf Digital Scale


The Arboleaf Digital Scale boasts both a stylish appearance and accurate measurements. Its glass base features a large digital display to clearly show each reading as you step on it. This smart scale is able to show 10 different body measurements, including body type, visceral fat and muscle mass. Although there aren’t as many measurements as some alternatives, this smart scale does beat out its competitors in terms of accuracy and style.

Arboleaf Scale Courtesy of Amazon


8. REDOVER Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


It’s difficult to find American companies producing smart scales, but the REDOVER Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is one of the best smart scales on the market that’s made in the USA. This scale can take 13 different measurements, including body fat, body water and BMR. Plus, it’s made from sturdy, tempered glass and boasts a bright 3.3-inch digital display. And, as an added bonus, the app is incredibly easy to set up thanks to an integrated QR code.

redover bluetooth body fat smart scale Courtesy of Amazon


9. WYZE Smart Scale


Where most smart scales stop at BMI and other weight-based measurements, the WYZE Smart Scale can also record your heart rate to tell you how intense your last workout was or whether your standing heart rate is healthy. It also offers 12 other body measurements, so you can see the whole picture of your fitness journey. WYZE can integrate with Apple Health, Fitbit or Google Fit, and the scale can recognize up to eight individuals.

best smart scale wyze Courtesy of Amazon


10. Loftilla Smart Weight Scale


More than just an ordinary digital scale, this Loftilla model actually measures 14 different body metrics. As well as body weight, body fat and BMI capabilities, this scale is also able to gauge your visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, skeletal muscle and fat-free body weight. Plus, it can store data for up to eight users at one time and will detect who is on the scale each time based on the previously stored information. Now that’s a smart scale!

Loftilla Scale Courtesy of Amazon


11. iHealth Nexus Smart BMI Scale


The iHealth Nexus Smart BMI Scale may only offer users 12 data points, but it does have one of the highest weight capacities available in smart scales. People up to 400 pounds can confidently step on this scale. The scale uses two sensitive, G-shaped sensors to accurately record body weight, body fat, bone mass and more. Up to eight users can record data in the scale. Furthermore, we love the weight color scheme of this scale, which matches most modern bathrooms.

best smart scale ihealth nexus Courtesy of Amazon


12. eufy by Anker Smart Scale


The reason we love the eufy by Anker Smart Scale is that it can integrate with nearly every existing fitness app, meaning you can easily track your stats in the way you like most. In addition, this smart scale can provide 12 different measurements with impressive accuracy thanks to two G-shaped sensors and a layer of ITO glass. Furthermore, up to 20 users can store data using the scale, meaning all your friends and family can get involved in a healthier lifestyle.

eufy by anker smart scale Courtesy of Amazon


13. posture Body Fat Scale


Unlike many of its competitors, this posture Body Fat Scale allows users to view several of the 15 body measurements it can take at the same time. This handy function is mostly thanks to the scale’s larger-than-average display. It’s also capable of accommodating an unlimited number of users and can be connected to a range of fitness apps through the accompanying FITDAYS app. These include Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health and Fitbit. For greater usability and durability, the scale features a large 11.8 by 11.8-inch platform which is made from six-millimeter thick tempered glass.

best smart scales posture Courtesy of Amazon


14. Beurer BF70 Body Fat Scale


If assessing your body fat percentage is your top priority, this Beurer BF70 Body Fat Scale could be the right choice for you. And, not only does it allow you to analyze your body fat, you can look at your body weight, body water, muscle percentage, bone mass, calorie requirement and several other key measurements, too. For user-friendliness, the scale includes Quickstart technology for near-instantaneous switching on while the automatic switch-off helps to conserve battery life. The built-in Bluetooth technology lets the scale automatically sync with your phone when connected and its 400-pound weight capacity and 0.2-pound weight increments ensure accurate readings for a wide range of users. In addition, the scale’s eight memory spaces make it ideal for small to medium-sized households.

best smart scales beurer body fat Courtesy of Amazon


15. Greater Good Bluetooth Connected Smart Scale


If you have your smartphone text size set to large, then it’s likely the Greater Good Bluetooth Connected Smart Scale is the fitness-tracking friend for you. It has an extra-large, backlit digital screen, which makes the measurements clear to read directly from the scale. Plus, it can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth to store all your records for future reference.

greater goods bluetooth connected bathroom scale Courtesy of Amazon


16. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale


The Yunmai Premium Smart Scale is FDA-listed, which means it’s considered reliable as a medical piece of equipment. It’s an extremely popular choice amongst smart scale users and has a user-friendly interface, making it a great introductory choice for anyone new to smart scales. It can deliver 10 precise body measurements and syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit. As an added bonus, this smart scale has a sleek appearance, so if you’re looking for a reliable product that functions as well as it looks, this is the smart scale for you.

smart scale Courtesy of Amazon


17. INEVIFIT EROS Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart


As the INEVIFIT EROS Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart comes with batteries, is user friendly, boasts a large 3.6-inch luminous LED display and sports an elegant design, it’s a great all-in-one option to suit a range of different types of users. This eye-catching scale features a large tempered glass platform and offers an unlimited number of users, who can weigh up to 400 pounds, detailed results about their visceral fat, metabolic age, body weight and muscle mass. It’s also easy to assess these key measurements when they are crossed with your age, height, gender and activity level in the accompanying Eros Scale app which comes with the device.

best smart scales inevifit eros Courtesy of Amazon


18. Withings Body+ Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale


The Withings Body+ Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale gives you a full body composition analysis. It also includes a weight trend screen which shows an indication of your progress each time you step on the scale. Plus, this smart scale can deliver instant feedback and automatically synchronize data to your Health Mat app via WiFi. Finally, for what it’s worth, this scale looks super stylish and won’t be an eyesore in your bathroom, no matter what type of decor style you have.

smart scale Courtesy of Amazon


19. Withings Body Composition Smart Scale


The Withings Body Composition Smart Scale is like the Mercedes of scales. Not only does it take highly precise weight measurements on any surface, but it can also measure body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and water percentage. Plus, it can relay information as both a singular number or as a plus or minus reading and chart versus your previous measurements. As an added bonus, this scale has a pregnancy mode as well as the ability to take accurate baby measurements after birth, making this a great choice for expecting mothers.

withings body cardio premium smart scale Courtesy of Amazon


20. QardioBase2 WiFi Smart Scale


The QardioBase2 is the motivational gym buddy you’ve always dreamed of. This smart scale can auto recognize up to eight users. All you need to do is step on the scale to get a friendly greeting. The scale also allows you to set and track your goals while providing you motivational reminders along the way. In addition, this scale requires an initial charge via USB, but it won’t need any additional power for at least 12 months. And, it boasts an impressive pregnancy mode, allowing expecting mothers to set their due date and track progress through the entire nine months.

qardiobase2 smart scale Courtesy of Amazon


21. InBody H20N Smart Full Body Composition Analyzer Scale


By including an electrode handlebar in the design, this InBody H20N Smart Full Body Composition Analyzer Scale allows users to take measurements across their whole body. Compared to most devices, which only use the lower half of your body for calculating measurements, this delivers more accurate, body-wide results which ensure there’s as little guesstimation involved as possible. This impressive piece of kit has also received awards from a number of popular health websites and comes in either beige or midnight black.

best smart scales inbody h20n Courtesy of Amazon


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