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Daily Deal: Sleep Better With This Sound Machine That’s Discounted 30% Today

* If you have trouble sleeping, try this machine
* Non-looping sounds, adaptive volume, fade-out timer, and more
* Great for reading and working too

It’s estimated that 30% of all Americans are sleep deprived. Here’s something that might help.

This Sound+Sleep gadget is a purpose built high fidelity sound machine, and it blows away any app. The device is a best-seller, even though it normally clocks in at $112. But today, you can snag the highly-rated machine for almost 30% off, brining the price down to $83. That’s a small price to pay for better sleep and a more peaceful-sounding home.

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There’s a few key features that separate the Sound+Sleep from the sleep noise apps you might have already tried. Firstly, the sounds on the device are non-repeating, meaning you can listen all night and hear a real 8 hours of nature sounds. Secondly, the gadget features Adaptive Sound, which responds to outside noise and automatically adjusts the volume.

Thirdly, the Sound+Sleep gently fades out at the end of your timer, which most white noise apps don’t do. This gradual reduction of noise keeps you asleep, because abruptly taking away a noise you’re sleeping actually wakes you up. And lastly, the device features pink and brown noise frequencies, as well as white noise. Read more about the difference here.

Besides a good night’s sleep, the Sound+Sleep machine is also great for relaxing while you read or work. Its speakers are built to mask outside noises – not just overpower them – and you can choose from 64 rich, immersive sounds.

The Sound+Sleep has some great reviews to back it up too, with almost 4,000 reviews and 4 stars on Amazon. Almost all users say it immediately helped them fall asleep faster and stay asleep better.