Sweat It Out During Your Next Spin Class With the spintowel 2.0, the Towel Designed for Exercise Bikes

Best Spin Bike Towel for Peloton
Courtesy of Drip Accessories

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When it comes to getting those cardio minutes in, many of us dread the monotonous options available. The treadmill and elliptical can get a little boring. And the stair master? Forget about it.

Spinning, on the other hand, has recently become one of the hottest cardio workouts. It’s a dance party, mountain climb and race to the finish all wrapped up into one session. By the end, you feel like you’ve conquered a lot more than just cardio.

With brands like Peloton creating at-home alternatives to spin class, the workout is becoming easier to fit into a busy schedule, and it becomes even better with the right tools. To get through a class successfully you’re going to need some great spin shoes, a water bottle for hydration breaks and an absorbent towel.

Your standard gym towel is a great option for whipping around in the air in celebration of a great interval section, but it probably won’t protect your expensive bike from moisture damage over time. Chances are you’re going to want an absorbent, high-quality towel that will stay in place as you jump in and out of the saddle and keep you distraction-free. The spintowel 2.0 from Drip Accessory is a gym towel designed specifically for spinning.

Black spintowel 2.0 from Drip Accessories Courtesy of Drip Accessory
spintowel 2.0 Wiping Towel Courtesy of Drip Accessory

The spintowel 2.0 is the second generation of the spintowel. Drip Accessory makes gym towels to help Peloton, Schwinn and Stages riders preserve their investments in their at-home spin bikes and ride easier. This second iteration of their spin towel is twice as thick and absorbent and uses a highly durable poly-tricot blend material. This towel will absorb sweat and fit snugly on your stationary bike’s handlebars.

The set also comes with a wiping towel to dab your face with as you dominate those rides. The wiping towel easily attaches to the handlebar with an elastic strap so there’s no fear of dropping it mid-class.

Keep your handlebars in tip-top shape and stop sweating all over your bike with the spintowel 2.0. It comes in black, grape, hot pink and poppy red.