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Power Up Your Workouts With One of These 9 Squat Racks

In the world of strength training and fitness, the classic barbell squat is something of a “lifter’s lift” — though zealous, get-jacked-quick weightlifting rookies might favor the bench press or other upper-body, aesthetics-focused exercises, the serious fitness aficionados live at the squat rack.

Thanks to its dynamic full-body benefits and complex technique, there’s a sense of pride that comes from prioritizing your lower body and dedicating time to perfecting the squat. Its place in CrossFit gyms and Olympic lifting competitions gives it an extra ounce of pedigree, too, not to mention the fact that squats are taxing as hell on the body. If you willingly walk into the gym psyched for leg day, you’re built differently, and we commend you for it.

Squats — in addition to necessitating good form — require a great squat rack to securely hold the weight before and after each set. Seriously, you can’t tackle a barbell squat (safely) without one. Think of the squat rack as a little brother to the power rack, which adopts a more versatile, cage-like construction that features pull-up bars, other tools and plenty of room for expansion. SPY’s own Taylor Galla sourced the best products for building your own power rack, but for this article, we’ll primarily stay focused on the simple squat rack and pepper in a few multi-purpose racks as well.

Beyond a good set of adjustable dumbbells and a weight bench, the best squat racks represent a key investment you can make for a serious, fully-functional home gym. The best squat rack for you will hinge on what type of setup you’re trying to build and how much you’re willing to spend. Do you need a temporary, space-saving squat solution to tuck in the corner of the garage? Or are you looking to lay the foundation for a multi-faceted power rack so legit that you never set foot in an Equinox again? These decisions often correlate with price, but luckily, we’ve sourced a handful of the best squat racks for either scenario to ensure that from here on out, leg day is the best day.

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1. Sunny Health & Fitness Zone Squat Rack


With support for up to 805 pounds, the Sunny Health & Fitness Zone Squat Rack is constructed from quality steel to provide top-level support. That support even comes down to delivering intelligent safety features in the form of spotter’s arms at the rack base, including adjustable safety latches to help ensure that you’re not hurting yourself if you push it too far. Other built-in features include an angled and adjustable pull-up bar and plate holders and even resistance band posts.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Rogue Fitness S-1 Monster Squat Stand 2.0


Rogue Fitness produces some of the best gym-ready equipment on the market. Built from powder-coated steel, the S-1 Monster Squat Stand 2.0 is perfect for the home gym builder who wants one fantastic piece of equipment to eventually expand on. Rogue allows you to customize the specs on this squat rack and tack on additional compatible products like a barbell or bench, in addition to a number of handy attachments for other specific exercises. As always, the immense quality of Rogue’s products correlates with price. This is the type of squat rack you buy for the long haul.

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Courtesy of Rogue Fitness

3. Rep Fitness SR-4000 Squat Rack


Rep Fitness is another brand manufacturing high-quality equipment that’d be ready for any professional gym. Available in 96- or 103-inch heights, the SR-400 features a built-in pull-up bar and compatibility with many of Rep’s other attachments, like its spotter arms which are great for working out solo. The 73-inch base comes with pre-drilled feet for secure floor mounting to ensure things always remain stable, even during your most intense personal record on the squat.

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Courtesy of Rep Fitness

4. Fitness Reality Squat Rack


The Fitness Reality squat rack tops out at 800 pounds, providing plenty of weight for you to play around with. A full cage style, you can upgrade the entire setup to include lat pull-down functionally as well. The twin support braces provide a solid and stable foundation, while the rest of the rack offers plenty of interior room for your full workout. All that’s missing is you and your hustle.

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5. Titan Fitness T-3 Series Folding Power Rack


It’s tough to imagine a squat rack that’s both spatially efficient and strong enough to withstand a heavy leg day. Titan Fitness defies the odds with this awesome folding squat rack that is great for working out in a garage or space where real estate is limited. Using a pin and hinge system, the rack easily folds when you’re done working out, avoiding the bulky eyesore that often comes with home gym gear. Titan Fitness includes j-hooks for racking your barbell, along with a pull-up bar to work your upper body between squats. Priced under $400, this is a great option for your home gym.

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Courtesy of Titan Fitness

6. HulkFit Power Cage Squat Rack


If you’ve been to the gym before, you’re probably used to seeing a squat rack in the form of more of a cage-like setup. This squat rack from HulkFit brings that gym-ready rack into your home for a pretty affordable price. While you’ll have to make sure your space is big enough to include it, the squat rack comprises a bunch of other features, including rubberized feet to protect your floors, a multi-grip pull-up bar, steel safety bars with adjustable j-hooks and much more. Oh, and it’s in a striking yellow color that makes it decidedly fun to use.

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7. CAP Power Rack Squat Rack


Listen, sometimes we know buying decisions come down to not only the features of a given product but the colors too. Fortunately, the CAP Power Rack Squat Rack has a few different options to fit your individual style and preference. But color means nothing if it doesn’t function properly, which, luckily, it does. The gauged steel tubing allows you to rack weights safely and efficiently, while the base provides a supportive structure. The only thing that might be a drawback for some here is that the rack only goes up to 500 pounds of storage, but it makes a great entry-level rack for those who are looking to hone their skills at home.

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8. BangTong&Li Squat Rack


Those who are just starting their squat journey should consider this mid-tier BangTong&Li squat rack, as it holds up to 500 pounds, making it great to get as a starting set. The enhanced frame helps to provide extra stability and support and won’t rust either. The H-shaped structure at the base helps to provide more stability so the rack won’t move as your using it and won’t tip over. Plus, there’s even room at the base for extra plates.

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9. Weider Gym Platinum Squat Rack


While some pricer squat racks require expensive add-ons for storage, this option from Weider Gym includes built-in rods long enough to stack a handful of weight plates. It only features a 310-pound weight capacity, which likely won’t be enough for the competitive squatters out there, but for only $150, this squat rack sports some of the best value on our list. Weider Gym also offers a 90-day warranty on parts and labor, in case anything goes wrong in your first few months.

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