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best squat racks
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Did you know that squatting is one of the best weighted exercises you can do? Since the exercise requires you to use not only muscles in your legs but also in your upper body, it’s a great full-body workout that can really boost your athletism or help build stronger muscles. While dumbbell squats are fun and easy to do, you can certainly take things up a notch by doing a barbell squat. But for that, you’ll need a squat rack.

Unlike some gym equipment, the price to get your squat rack isn’t as expensive as you might think. Many of the squat racks on this list provide far more versatility than just squats, with additional features for pull-ups, resistance band training, and even bench pressing, making investing in one all the more compelling. Regardless of which you choose, make sure it’s one of the 10 we’ve highlighted for you below.


1. Reliancer Power Tower Dip Station Squat Rack

With a capacity of up to 800 pounds, this reinforced steel frame squat rack from Reliancer provides not only a great squat rack but plenty of other functionality, too. The detachable bench allows for bench presses and several other seated activities, while the rack provides cushioned support for your squat bar when it’s not in use. The adjustable height makes it easier to scale and adjust it to your individual needs.

Reliancer Power Tower Dip Station Squat Rack, best squat racks Amazon

Reliancer Power Tower Dip Station Squat Rack



2. Ollierro Multi-Function Squat Rack

Ollierro’s sturdy and durable, multi-function squat rack is an excellent approach for those new to squatting. The adjustable height allows you to customize it to your needs better. Additional holders allow for the inclusion of a bench for seated activities, although you need to get a bench separately. And finally, there’s even a spot at the bottom to include additional weights for when you need to add or remove extra weight.

Ollierro Multi-Function Squat Rack Amazon

Ollieroo Multi-Function Squat Rack

$139.99 $149.99 7% OFF


3. Fitness Reality Squat Rack

The Fitness Reality squat rack tops out at 800 pounds, providing plenty of weight for you to play around with. A full cage style, you can upgrade the entire setup to include lat pull-down functionally as well. The twin support braces provide a solid and stable foundation, while the rest of the rack offers plenty of interior room for your full workout. All that’s missing is you and your hustle.

Fitness Reality Squat Rack Amazon

Fitness Reality Squat Rack



4. Sunny Health & Fitness Zone Squat Rack

With support for up to 805 pounds, the Sunny Health & Fitness Zone Squat Rack is constructed from quality steel to provide top-level support. That support even comes down to delivering intelligent safety features in the form of spotter’s arms at the rack base, including adjustable safety latches to help ensure that you’re not hurting yourself if you push it too far. Other built-in features include an angled and adjustable pull-up bar and plate holders and even resistance band posts.

Sunny Health & Fitness Zone Squat Rack Amazon

Sunny Health & Fitness Zone Squat Rack



5. HulkFit Power Cage Squat Rack

If you’ve been to the gym before, you’re probably used to seeing a squat rack in the form of more of a cage-like setup. This squat rack from HulkFit brings that gym-ready rack into your home for a pretty affordable price. While you’ll have to make sure your space is big enough to include it, the squat rack comprises a bunch of other features, including rubberized feet to protect your floors, a multi-grip pull-up bar, steel safety bars with adjustable j-hooks and much more. Oh, and it’s in a striking yellow color that makes it decidedly fun to use.

HulkFit Power Cage Squat Rack Amazon

HulkFit Power Cage Squat Rack

$299.00 $385.99 23% OFF


6. UBOWAY Squat Rack

For those who are brand new to squatting and don’t want to set aside a considerable amount of money to invest in a pro-grade rack, this UBOWAY Squat Rack is a fantastic beginner option. With a weight capacity of up to 550 pounds, this will help first-time squatters get a good feel for their capacity while they work to build and create power. This rack doesn’t have a lot of the other features that many of the other racks have, but that helps to drive down the price and really allows you to focus on nailing your squat form.

UBOWAY Squat Rack Amazon

UBOWAY Squat Rack



7. papable Power Rack Squat Rack

If you’re already pretty familiar with squatting in the gym and are looking for a home version that won’t cost you too much, the Power Rack Squat Rack is an excellent mid-level option to consider. The hefty steel construction of the frame itself ensures you won’t have to worry about it falling apart on you while racking weights. Twenty-six different adjustable points allow you to place the steel j-hooks for your individual needs. At the same time, the u-shaped bottom provides a sturdy, safe and secure base so you can squat without worrying about it falling over.

papable Power Rack Squat Rack Amazon

papable Power Rack Squat Rack



8. CAP Power Rack Squat Rack

Listen, sometimes we know buying decisions come down to not only the features of a given product but the colors too. Fortunately, the CAP Power Rack Squat Rack has a few different options to fit your individual style and preference. But color means nothing if it doesn’t function properly, which, luckily, it does. The gauged steel tubing allows you to rack weights safely and efficiently, while the base provides a supportive structure. The only thing that might be a drawback for some here is that the rack only goes up to 500 pounds of storage, but it makes a great entry-level rack for those who are looking to hone their skills at home.

CAP Power Rack Squat Rack Amazon

CAP Power Rack Squat Rack

$140.51 $176.28 20% OFF


9. BangTong&Li Squat Rack

Those who are just starting their squat journey should consider this mid-tier BangTong&Li squat rack, as it holds up to 500 pounds, making it great to get as a starting set. The enhanced frame helps to provide extra stability and support and won’t rust either. The H-shaped structure at the base helps to provide more stability so the rack won’t move as your using it and won’t tip over. Plus, there’s even room at the base for extra plates.

BangTong&Li Squat Rack Amazon

BangTong&Li Squat Rack

$149.99 $189.99 21% OFF


10. ER KANG Olympic Squat Rack

Another cage-style squat rack, ER KANG’s Olympic rack, can hold up to 1,000 pounds with 12 adjustable height levels. A solid steel protection rod helps to ensure the rack is secure at all times. But the best feature is all the included add-ons like a space for a dips handle, a pulley system, and even a landmine for t-bar rows.

ER KANG Olympic Squat Rack Amazon

ER KANG Olympic Squat Rack



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