Whether You’re a Master of the Waves or Just Learning, These Are the Surfboards to Buy

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Whether you’re looking for a way to work out that doesn’t involve the gym, you’ve always wanted to try surfing, or you already spend your free time catching waves on your board, having a lightweight and durable surfboard is the only thing standing between you and the ocean. Plus, some skill and know-how. Surfing may be the coolest looking sport, but it’s definitely not the easiest to learn.

If you’re new to surfing, starting with a longboard, which is anything measuring 8’ and above, is ideal. The longer the board, the more stability the board offers, which is important when new surfers are still getting their bearings. A longboard also makes it easier to catch waves and lets users focus on their movements. If you’ve already started surfing, then a shorter board is a better fit. Shorter boards make it easier to turn and dive under waves, and they are all-around more agile than longboards.

The length of a board is important, but so is volume. Shortboards tend to have a volume between 22L to 35L, while longboards range between 60L and 100L. The more volume, the more buoyant the board and the easier it is to float and paddle. As surfers progress, they require less volume in order to quickly turn their boards into and out of waves.

From beginners to intermediate and even advanced surfers, these boards will help anyone catch the perfect wave.

1. Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard

An excellent board for a beginner or intermediate surfer is the Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard. The Wavestorm has a volume of 86L and weighs only 11.5 pounds, making it easy to carry from the beach to the waves. The Wavestorm comes with removable bolt fins to add traction and an ankle leash to keep the board safely secured to the surfer when in the water. The Wavestorm has an EPS foam core and an HDPE slick bottom skin to help add speed.

Pros: New surfers will have an easier time getting their footing correct on the Wavestorm thanks to the board’s traction pad.

Cons: The Wavestorm will likely feel cumbersome to more advanced surfers.

Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard Image courtesy of Amazon

2. THURSO SURF Aero 7′ Soft Top Surfboard

For a classic, mid-length funboard, we recommend the THURSO SURF Aero 7′ Soft Top Surfboard. The Aero is a 60L board that measures 7′ long, which is a suitable height for both beginner surfers just getting on their feet, as well as more advanced surfers who need an affordable (but also functional) board for days with mushy waves. The core is high-density EPS which helps keep it afloat, making catching mushy waves or whitewash a total breeze. We also really like that THURSO stands by their board, offering full refunds or replacements if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Pros: We love that even though it’s a longboard, this option from THURSO comes with a traction pad and an adjustable fin box for further customization.

Cons: The Aero has a weight capacity at 210 pounds, which might not be enough for some adults.

Rock It 7' SHORTBUS Soft Top Surfboard Image courtesy of Amazon

3. South Bay Board Co Verve Surfboard

If you’re new to surfing, a great board to help catch your first wave is the South Bay Board Co Verve Surfboard. A performance-focused soft top, the Verve has a 74L volume and comes with three fins for added stability and steering, as well as an ankle leash. The board can hold riders up to 200 pounds and features a rounded rubber bumper that lets users store the board vertically indoors without damaging the tail. Surfers can fully hang ten (hang their toes over the front of the board) thanks to the Verve’s non-slip logo at the top of the board. Ideal for hot climates, the Verve has a heat release valve for extra durability against the heat. The Verve is available in two colors.

Pros: The Verve is maintenance-free and doesn’t need to be waxed for added grip.

Cons: The 8’ size is ideal for beginners but may be too large for advanced surfers.

South Bay Board Co Verve Surfboard Image courtesy of Amazon

4. South Bay Board Co. Razzo Hybrid Surfboard

For a board that can grow with beginners, try the South Bay Board Co. Razzo Hybrid Surfboard. The semi-beginner friendly boards are performance-focused and have a textured wax-free top that is no-maintenance. The Razzo comes with three fins and an ankle leash for added security when in the water. The Razzo has a max board weight of 220 pounds, which is one of the higher capacities of all the boards on our list.

Pros: The Razzo is one of the only hybrid models of surfboards available on Amazon, which means it combines two traditional surfboard styles, giving it a fiberglass bottom deck and a top deck that is foam soft.

Cons: The Razzo has a 35.5L volume, which could make it difficult for new surfers to find their balance.


South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboard Image courtesy of Amazon

5. South Bay Board Co Soft Top Heritage Surfboard and Bag

New surfers will love the South Bay Board Co Soft Top Heritage Surfboard. The longboard has an 86L volume that provides stability and ample space for beginners who are learning how to balance on the water. With a max weight of 230 pounds, the Heritage is an ideal board for adults to use when learning how to surf. The board features three removable fins, an ankle leash, a wax-free textured top for added foot grip, a heat release valve that is great for warm climates and a rounded bumper for safe vertical storage. We also like that the Heritage comes with a pack of 12 surfboard paint pens that gives surfers the ability to customize their board.

Pros: The Heritage is the only board on our list that comes with a travel bag, which makes it easy to transport and safely store during the off-season.

Cons: At 8’8”, the Heritage is the largest board on our list and the least suitable to intermediate and advanced surfers. Because it comes with a travel bag, it’s also the most expensive option on our list.

South Bay Board Co Soft Top Surfboard and Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


Designed for kids or intermediate nitro-small-wave hot dogger surfers who want a shortboard, the THURSO SURF Lancer is perfect for cutting through waves with speed and precision. The small but mighty 5’10” board has a fishtail design for hold and traction with two fins for added control and an ankle leash guard. The Lancer can accommodate riders up to 200 pounds and has a 33.6L volume, with a stiff and durable EPS core providing stability and durability. The heat laminated HDPE slick bottom adds board speed and reduces the risk of delamination.

Pros: At 6 pounds, the Lancer is the lightest board on our list.

Cons: The Lancer isn’t a good fit for adults learning to surf.

THURSO SURF Lancer Image courtesy of Amazon