Doing Swell: The Coolest S’well Bottles You Can Buy Right Now

The Best S'well Water Bottles to
Image courtesy of S'well

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* Staying hydrated is something so many people struggle with
* Carrying around an eye catching bottle will inspire you to drink more water
* S’well’s bottles keep your water cold for up to 24 hours

Daily hydration and drinking the proper amount of water throughout the day is something so many people struggle with. Whether it’s not having a sustainable water bottle that keeps your water cold or choosing caffeinated drinks over water as your morning beverage, water is easily put on the back burner. The simple solution? A multifunction bottle that keeps cold beverages chilled and warm beverages hot — all day long.

S’well Bottles have increasingly become more popular for their fresh and eye catching designs that set them apart from similar brands. These bottles aren’t just for water either, as they promise to keep cold beverages chilled for 24 hours and hot beverages warm for 12. If you’re looking for a new bottle that can truly do it all, think about investing in an elevated water bottle by swell. Here are our current favorites to shop now.

1. S’well Metallic Ombré Bottle

This super sleek bottle is designed with an eye-catching reflective silver hue that goes from light to dark. This Metallic Ombre Bottle is professional looking and is nice enough to bring into the office and meetings, while also being stylish for a day out on the town or simply a trip to the gym. Not only does it look nice, but it also get the job done well, ensuring your drink will be cold or hot all day long.

s'well bottle urban outfitters Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


2. S’well Sundance Bottle

An aspect of S’well bottles that distinguish them from other water bottle companies is how innovative their designs are. They range from a rainbow of solid colors, to, well, beautiful mountain ranges like this Sundance Bottle . This bottle is ideal for your adventurous friend or someone who has been missing the mountains recently.

s'well bottle mountains amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


3. S’well Monaco Blue Bottle

This bold Monaco Blue Bottle offers the ultimate pop of color. With it’s distinctive blue body and matching cap, it is the complete package for any avid colorist.

s'well bottle blue amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


4. S’well Artemis Bottle

S’well recently released a special “sports cap” that is meant for easy transportation for people on the go, hiking or on their way to the gym. The Artemis Bottle features a pink-to-blue ombré colorway and has speckled detailing that looks like water droplets.

s'well bottle ombre nordstrom Image courtesy of Nordstrom


5. S’well Blue Granite Bottle

This blue granite design is a lovely upgrade to your basic water bottle collection. S’well takes pride in creating unique designs that people wouldn’t think would be on a water bottle. If you’re going to use it everyday and bring it everywhere you go, it should reflect designs you like, too.

s'well bottle blue granite nordstrom Image courtesy of Nordstrom


6. S’well Milky Way Bottle

The iridescent Milky Way Bottle is a great option for anyone who likes a little shine without being too showy. Some glittery bottles can be overwhelming and tacky, but this one offers low-key glitz has just the right amount of glow. If you’re out and about, this bottle will catch the sunlight and so many peoples’ eye.

s'well bottle glitter nordstrom Image courtesy of Nordstrom



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