The Best Swimming Goggles of 2022 Aren’t Like the Cheap Plastic Goggles of Your Childhood

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Whether you’re hitting the open water or swimming in your local pool, a good pair of swimming goggles can make all the difference. Your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body, which is why they deserve protection in the water. 

However, there is more than just a single reason to wear goggles in the water. Benefits of wearing swimming goggles include:

  • Protection from the water: If you’re swimming in excessively salty, excessively chemical-filled or potentially polluted water, goggles create a barrier between your eyes and any harmful substances. Alternatively, allowing your eyes to contact any kind of water stimulates a desire to close your eyes, hence this barrier provides vision and protection, especially for contact lens wearers.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays: Most swimming goggles include a layer that prevents harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes. This is a major benefit for outdoor swimmers who exercise in the midday sun.
  • Clear vision underwater: Wearing goggles provides clear vision under the water. It’s beneficial to recreational and competitive swimmers to be able to see markers, walls, flags and other swimmers. For snorkelers, goggles provide a clear view, which is handy for watching sea life around them.
  • A decrease in drag: Wearing goggles creates a more streamlined head shape that, no matter how small, will help you glide through the water with less resistance.

When it comes to choosing the best swimming goggles for you, it’s worth being aware that there are several different styles to pick from. The most common style is that of recreational goggles, which are ideal for everyday swimmers. Other styles include competitive goggles, which tend to be dearer and boast a smaller cup appearance as they sit closer to your eyes. Finally, you can also find mask-style options that provide a large viewing area and are better for recreational activities, like snorkeling.

So before your next dip, check out the 15 best swimming goggles and find the right pair to give your eyes the underwater protection they need.

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1. Aegend Swim Goggles


Leak-proof and shatter-proof, these flexible Aegend Swim Goggles provide superior comfort and a quality sealing surface that’s ideal for kids and adults alike. For those looking to take a dip outdoors, the UV protection and anti-fog coating will ensure your eyes are protected no matter the elements. Throw in the 8,000+ five-star reviews from Amazon users, and you know you’re onto a winner.

Aegend Swim Goggles Courtesy of Amazon


2. WIN.MAX Polarized Swimming Goggles


These silicone goggles feature polycarbonate lenses and are one of the only pairs that are oversized but still feature a tight seal, allowing for maximum comfort. Reviewers all seem pleasantly surprised by the clarity on these goggles, which comes thanks to the addition of polarized lenses, which one buyer says is so clear, it doesn’t feel like you’re underwater. Just remember to not touch the inside too much, since sunscreen can affect the anti-fog coating.

WIN.MAX Polarized Swimming Goggles Courtesy of Amazon

3. FORM Swimming Goggles


These smart goggles double as an underwater coach, displaying metrics without obstructing your vision. Goggles tell you all kinds of metrics, including calories burned, pace, distance and heart rate. They tell you what level to swim at, when to start a set and when to take breaks. You can even get progress updates on how much of each interval and set is left during each swim. With a 16-hour battery life, there’s nothing these goggles can’t do.

FORM Swimming Goggles Courtesy of FORM

4. TYR Black Hawk Racing Mirrored Goggles


If your goal is swimming super fast or competitively racing, check out these lightweight goggles, which are a favorite amongst professionals and swim teams. It’s leakproof and features sleek lines that are appropriate for beginners and pros alike, and swimmers appreciate that the gasket stays put during long sessions and sprints. They’re also a little more slimming than other goggles — but don’t have UV protection.

TYR Black Hawk Racing Mirrored Goggles Courtesy of Amazon

5. ZIONOR Polarized Swim Goggles


Polarized swimming goggles block 99% of the sun’s rays and offer maximum clarity, making them ideal for swimming in sunny conditions. They feature a comfortably oversized silicone frame and a fit that won’t leave you with raccoon eyes, complete with an adjustable split head strap. ZIONOR’s swim goggles are also suitable for other water-related sports like kayaking or surfing. One customer says, “They work just as well as, if not better than, my normal sunglasses.”

ZIONOR Polarized Swim Goggles Courtesy of Amazon

6. Proswims Swimming Goggles with Bungee Strap


Traditional silicone and rubber straps aren’t for everyone; they can lead to hair tangling during swimming, which no one wants. This bungee cord strap with a toggle clip offers a softer, more comfortable alternative. This pair of UV-protected goggles comes with three nose pieces and features a high nose bridge that’s suitable for adults and kids over the age of 10. They also come with a hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Proswims Swimming Goggles with Bungee Strap Courtesy of Amazon

7. EverSport Kids Swimming Goggles


No matter what age you are, every swimmer needs goggles to make their underwater experience more comfortable. These Eversport goggles come in a two-pack, which is ideal if you have two children who want to swim. Their fit is adjustable for ages 4-16 and they come in bright, distinctive colors and two sizes of nose pieces.

EverSport Kids Swimming Goggles Courtesy of Amazon

8. Phelrena Swim Goggles


It’s no surprise why Phelrena offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on their goggles. Their 3D swim goggles are professional-grade and treated with an ultraviolet light absorber that effectively blocks the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. The premium silicone material and ergonomic design offer a snug and comfortable fit while preventing leakage and enhancing fog protection. The goggles even come with three replaceable nose bridge sizes to meet the needs of different people.

Phelrena Swim Goggles Courtesy of Amazon


9. Seago Swim Goggles


Both goggles included in the Seago Swim Goggles two-pack is ideal for outdoor, indoor and beach swimmers as well as racers. Both pairs come with three nose bridges as well as anti-fog and UV-blocking layers in the lenses to protect your eyes. The bands feature one-click openings, while the eyecups are made from silicone for a secure seal during use. Additionally, each pack includes one white and one black pair of goggles.

swimming goggles seago Courtesy of Amazon


10. Speedo Unisex-Adult Speed Socket Swim Goggles


With over 1,000 five-star reviews from Amazon users, you can be confident these Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Speed Socket Goggles will do their job. For comfort, you’ll find a one-piece frame, silicone head strap and a fit made to sit on your outer eye. The lenses use a special coating to keep your eyes protected from UV rays while also preventing fogging during use. In addition, these attractive goggles are available in a range of different colors and paired with a Speedo swimming cap to ensure you’re pool-ready as soon as they arrive.

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles Speed Socket 2.0 Courtesy of Amazon


11. EverSport Swim Goggles


The EverSport Swim Goggles tick all the boxes you’d want in a solid pair of the best swimming goggles that are also affordable. For starters, they boast over 750 five-star reviews from Amazon users who love the product. Things people like about this two-pack of goggles include their one-click release button on the rear, which allows for fast removal. Other positives include the two nose bridges supplied with the goggles for a choice of fit, the double-deck silicone that provides a secure seal around the eyes and the anti-fog and UV-protective layers in the lenses.

swimming goggles eversport Courtesy of Amazon


12. Elimoons Swim Goggles


For many swimmers, another key body part to cover during a swim is their ears. The Elimoons Swim Goggles helps solve this problem by including a pair of earplugs attached to the headband. This means that when you have your goggles, you always have your earplugs. These well-reviewed goggles include a one-touch button release on the back; use memory silicone around the eyes; and come with a nose plug and a handy storage bag.

swimming goggles elimoons Courtesy of Amazon


13. Aqua Sphere Swim Goggles


Made in Italy, this pair is one of the best swimming goggles offered by Aqua Sphere. Designed to provide the greatest visibility indoors or in low light, the oversized, ultra-durable Plexisol lens boasts 180-degree visibility with anti-fog and scratch-resistant technology. You won’t have to fuss around to ensure the perfect fit thanks to the one-touch, quick-fit buckle that offers effortless adjustments — even while wearing.

swimming goggles aqua sphere kayenne Courtesy of Amazon


14. New Wave Fusion Swim Goggles


If a flimsy seal is a concern, New Wave swim goggles have one of the tightest seals you can find while remaining comfortable. With a watertight fit, they’re curved for a wider field of vision and come with four interchangeable nose bridges, allowing you to find the perfect fit. Customers attest that the fit is soft and the goggles don’t hurt when you take them off, which can be an issue with other brands.

New Wave Fusion Swim Goggles Courtesy of Amazon


15. Arena Cobra Core Swim Goggles


If you’re looking for a competition-standard pair of swimming goggles, these Arena Cobra Ultra Swim Goggles should be on your radar. They come in a range of color options and provide the choice of mirrored or non-mirrored designs along with either Arena’s standard fog or advanced swipe fog technology. For easy in-water adjustments, you’ll find dual 100% silicone straps. The TPE lens gasket around each eye delivers a secure seal, while the three included nose bridges allow you to choose the best fit for maximum in-water comfort.

Arena Cobra Core Swim Goggles for Men and Women Courtesy of Amazon


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