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Every Man Cave, Basement or Garage Deserves One of These Table Tennis Tables

If you are serious about your ping pong tournament, then you also need to be serious about your ping pong table. When it comes to buying a ping pong table that fits your needs, you need to think about whether you’re going to use it for casual games with your family and friends, or if you’re a more competitive player that takes your ping pong tournaments seriously. Plus, size is an important consideration. If you have a roomy garage, you can enjoy a full-sized table. Otherwise, you may want to opt for more compact tables.

Whether you’re outfitting your basement, game room or patio, we’ve rounded up three great ping pong tables that you can buy from Amazon.

1. STIGA Advantage Indoor Tennis Table

The STIGA Advantage Competition Ready Indoor Tennis Table is for the serious ping pong competitor. Its 3/4″ thick table top with roller coat finish and silkscreen striping create a prime surface for scoring and bounce. Its tournament-grade camp-style net is high quality and durable. If you love playing some serious ping pong games with your buddies but don’t have the room to keep the table out 24/7, it easily folds up into two halves making it easy to store and transport.

Pros: High-quality table for the price.

Cons: Metal joints near the center of the table can chip easily.

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2. JOOLA Inside Tennis Table

The Joola Inside Tennis Table is a great indoor tennis table for your office, man cave, or garage. It comes with two separate halves that you don’t attach to one another — you just place them together and attach the net to play. It is easy to set up right out of the box and easy to move around. It comes with three lockable wheels that allow you to move the table from inside to outside if desired. This is a great entry-level ping pong table that is great for playing with family or coworkers at the office.

Pros: Easy to move around.

Cons: Not as sturdy as one-piece tables.

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3. JOOLA Midsize Compact Tennis Table

The JOOLA Midsize Compact Tennis table is a medium-sized ping pong table that easily fits in small spaces. This table is 2/3 the size of competition-size tables but just as durable. It can easily fit into a small apartment or game room. You can also easily take the net off and use the table halves for a variety of purposes, like game night or arts and crafts. This table doesn’t come with wheels under the legs but its small size and lightweight make it easy to move around. This is the perfect table for recreational use in small spaces.

Pros: Can fit in a small apartment.

Cons: Can’t hit full range like you can on a bigger table.

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