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Racket Ridic: The 4 Craziest Tennis Rackets for Kids

* Build their tennis skills early with these sturdy but fun rackets
* Professional-level and high quality rackets that will last
* Good equipment helps the little ones learn faster

Getting your kids started in any sport is a great for self-esteem building, social interactions and maintaining their physical health. Starting them as early as possible is also a necessity for helping them develop ultra-fast learning abilities, and if they truly like and excel at it, building a lifelong hobby.

Tennis is a good sport to start at an early age, as it’s relatively inexpensive, is accessible to all ages and requires minimal equipment. However, one essential piece of equipment required for playing tennis, is of course the racket. We’ve rounded up some great quality options below that not only will help the kids with their game, but will keep them excited with these of-the-moment designs.

1. Marvel Spider Tennis Racket

The Spider-Man Embossed Tennis Racket by Marvel is the just what superhero dreams are made of. Ideal for young players between 5-6 years of age, the technology behind this racket allows for both stability and solid power for the player. An aluminum, 2-piece frame proves to be a lightweight material which will enable the player to perform a full swing easily and without straining their muscles.


2. Hello Kitty Junior Tennis Racket

The Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racket is a great way to motivate your kids to get started with tennis. This cute pink and white racket is designed with professional play quality and the charming Hello Kitty branding will have them wanting to go out and play. Ideal for ages 5 and under, this racket is available in 4 different sizes to fit a variety of little hands.

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3. Street Tennis Club Rackets for Kids

helps in the development of tennis skills by helping players develop their stroke, mechanics and technique. These rackets are sized in proportion to player height and will improve technique while helping to build confidence. Made from lightweight yet durable quality aluminum, this racket will help them easily control their stroke and thick gauge strings will allow for better contact with the ball.


4. Head Instinct Tennis Racket

A great starter racket for any budding tennis player, the

has been specially constructed for durability, and is designed to fit in smaller hands. Complete with durable aluminum materials and the Head logo embossed on the strings, this minimalist racket will have them improving their game in no time.