Court Moves: The 6 Best Tennis Shoes For Men and Women

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* The best tennis shoes for men and women
* Great for players at all levels
* From brands including Adidas, Nike, and Asics

Even if you’re new to tennis, proper footwear is a must-have. Tennis demands side-to-side movement and a low to the ground feel — even as a beginner — that running shoes and everyday sneakers are not made for. Plus, buying the proper gear might make you want to hit the court more often. Check out our top recommendations for tennis shoes below.

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Peter Smith
3 years
Nice list!! It will be very useful to me, thanks

Peter Smith
3 years
Nice list!! It will be very useful to me, thanks


1. Nike Court Lite

The tennis world, as with most sports, is dominated by Nike. They makes some of the best shoes for some of the best athletes including Serena Williams and Roger Federer. Nike’s Court Lite is an affordable tennis shoe that’s still great for players of all levels, offering a no-frills design and reliable performance.

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2. New Balance 896v2

New Balance is another great option for reliable, well-priced tennis shoes. This pair features a synthetic leather and mesh construction, as well as lightweight stability control with New Balance’s ProBank technology.

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3. Adidas Originals Pharrell Williams Tennis

The most stylish option for tennis players is probably these Adidas Originals, which are part of a collaboration with Pharrell Williams. But while they’re super stylish, they also deliver impressive performance on the court, too.

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4. Nike Court Lite

The men’s Nike Court Lite is as classic as they come. The shoe features a super solid construction, a molded foam foot sole, and a very reasonable price tag of $65.

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5. Fila Original Tennis

Fila’s original tennis shoes have become a footwear trend with fashion influencers such as A$AP Rocky, but they’re still one of the best tennis shoes on the court.

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6. Asics Gel-Court Speed

If Asics are good enough for French tennis player Gael Monfils, they’re good enough for just about anyone. We recommend these Gel-Court Speeds, as they’re affordable, well-designed, and reliable on the court.

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