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The 15 Best Vitamin Subscriptions Deliver Personalized Health Right To Your Door

Healthier habits tend to be things we’d rather not do, that involve discipline and willpower to stick to. Whether it’s exercising more, going to bed earlier, eating less fattening foods or taking vitamins each day— the journey to wellness involves challenging yourself to stick to a ritual that’s a nuisance in the short term, but will probably have long term gains.

Because of this, when there’s an opportunity for something healthy to come easy, and involve minimal effort, we’re going to take it. Enter: vitamin subscriptions.

If you’re like many vitamin takers, you’ve been consuming a multivitamin for years (and those delicious Flintstones vitamins before that). While multivitamins are a great start, they paint every man with the same brush.

We know that no two people are alike, so why should everyone take the same set of vitamins? Some people need gut health support, others want plant-based nutrition, and others need a high-quality vitamin B12. Luckily, thanks to the continuous advances in modern medicine and technology, we can now better understand which vitamins you need and which you don’t.

Recently, vitamin and supplement companies have begun offering personalized, subscription-based vitamin packages. These programs assess your current health and lifestyle through an app or web questionnaire and, in some cases, even a blood test and use the advice of medical professionals or sophisticated algorithms to recommend a set of vitamins to fit your specific needs. Then, it’s as easy as getting these personalized vitamins sent to you at regular intervals in small, convenient daily packs through a vitamin subscription service. 

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This takes the guesswork out of choosing which vitamins you need at the pharmacy, and the effort out of traveling there regularly to restock. It also gives you all the vitamins you need each day in one dose, so you don’t have to portion them out one by one, saving you time. So whether you take your vitamins, morning, noon or night, here’s our review of the best vitamin subscription services currently available online.


The Best Vitamin Subscription Services: At a Glance


What You Should Know About Your Vitamins

Sure, we all need to take our vitamins and supplements, but we also all have pressing questions about which ones are risky to take, which you can overdose on, and if there’s a cap on how many kinds of vitamins you need. We have some answers here.

  • Water-soluble vitamins are less of an issue if taken in higher doses because they are excreted through the body quickly. These include vitamin C and the B vitamins: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, biotin, folic acid, and B12.
  • Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in your tissue and therefore contain more toxicity threats when taken in large doses. These include vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • Some vitamins are not FDA approved because they are food products, not drugs.
  • You do not need a higher dose than the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) recommends.

How We Chose The Best Vitamin Subscriptions

Not all vitamin subscriptions are created equal. Some are designed for super busy folks who need their entire regimen distilled down into one daily packet, others are for the medical nerds out there who like to know exactly what’s in the supplements they’re taking. Some help with gut health, others are plant-based, but all the ones below have been thoroughly vetted by our team of editors, and have medical backing by a team of experts.

Here are a few criteria we used to assess these vitamin subscription services:

  • Quality of Ingredients: Does the brand use high-quality ingredients in their supplements? Are they transparent about what’s in their vitamins?
  • Ease of Use: How easy does the service make it to assess the vitamins you need and get them delivered to you? Do the vitamins arrive on time? Our editors haven’t tried all of the services below, but the ones we’ve ranked highly are ones we’ve used and approved.
  • Inventory & Variety: Do they have a variety of vitamins available? Do they have an inventory large enough to meet the needs of a variety of lifestyles?

1. Ritual Essential for Men Multivitamin 18+


Ritual is our top choice for vitamin subscriptions, and we selected it for inclusion in The 2021 Man, our end-of-year men’s product awards. There are lots of vitamin delivery services to choose from in 2022, but Ritual backs up its high-quality products with scientific research and clinical studies. Ritual also has very reasonable prices, and we’ve found that some vitamin subscription services inflate the price of their products. (We also appreciate the tidy packaging, which we love to find on our doorstep.)

We know that with everything going on in the world today, it can be challenging for younger folks to remember all the things on the #adulting checklist. So it’s crucial that as new habits of adulthood are forming, including a multivitamin designed to make up for all those missing minerals and whatnot. Ritual dropped the vitamins men get enough of every day — such as calcium and vitamin C — to allow more room in its vegan capsules of what your body needs today, such as magnesium, omega-3 DHA, and vitamins A, D3, and K2. The best part? Ritual is available on a 30-day subscription plan, which means they just show up. Because, when you’re young, the last thing you want to do is remember to pick up some vitamins.

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Courtesy of Ritual


2. Care/of


Care/of lets you take nutrition into your own hands with its customizable 30-day vitamin subscription service. Like our favorite wine club subscriptions, Care/of asks new customers to take a short online quiz to determine precisely which products suit their health needs and lifestyle the best. If you already know which vitamins and supplements you need, you can also choose a la carte from the wide variety of vitamins, powders and quick sticks in the Care/of online vitamin store. Care/of will then send you a monthly subscription box of all the vitamins and supplements you need. 

Care/of is the clear choice for one of the best vitamin subscription services because of its versatility and wide selection. The company provides just about any over-the-counter dietary supplement you can imagine taking in pill or powder form, from vitamin C to turmeric to ashwagandha. In addition to your typical multivitamins and supplements, you can also order probiotics, protein and collagen powders, electrolyte support and even adaptogenic mushrooms. Your daily vitamins come in a pack with your name on them that are easy to take and bring with you on the go, and each capsule is guaranteed to be high-quality, vegetarian and even vegan-friendly where appropriate.

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Courtesy of Care/of


3. Asystem Total Body System


We know that not everyone has the time or desire to learn everything there is to know about vitamins. Instead of choosing from a vast list of supplements for men, Asystem has done the work for you. Designed specifically for men, the brand’s Superhuman Supplements contain a mix of adaptogens, nootropics, fish oil, Vitamin B and D, ashwagandha and other plant extracts and vitamins. Through blood testing and clinical studies, Asystem believes it has found the right mix of vitamins and supplements to promote optimal energy, focus, immune health and sex drive in guys of all ages. And the Total Body system package doesn’t just include these supplements but also the best skincare products made specifically for men. This package is a desirable must-have with clean, plant-based, fragrance-free skin care products ranging from an exfoliating cleanser, SPF 30 moisturizer, and a rebuilding night cream.

The idea was to simplify finding the right mixture of vitamins and supplements. There’s no expensive blood test or endless a la carte options, just a balanced mix of ingredients you can take each morning with breakfast. SPY Site Director Timothy Werth tested the Asystem Superhuman Supplements recently, and he found that he woke up with more energy and focus soon after starting a daily regimen. Each daily packet contains five capsules, which are on the large side. Asystem isn’t the cheapest option on this list — a monthly supply will cost you $99. Even so, we’re big fans of Asystem here at SPY.

Finally, SPY readers can save 15% on all Asystem products by using the code SPY15 at checkout.

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Courtesy of Asystem


4. Rootine


By analyzing your daily routine, nutrient levels and genetic makeup, Rootine provides a personalized vitamin regimen to help you feel great and get the most out of your day. Rootine’s custom-tailored vitamin program comes in the form of packets of slow-release microbeads, which mimic the natural absorption of real food. We love the futuristic vibe of these microbeads, but we like the science behind Rootine’s vitamin subscription service even more. 

Rootine offers new customers a DNA Nutrient Test or Blood Vitamin Test (both tests cost $99) to ensure they’re not wasting your time with vitamins your body doesn’t need. (You can also opt for an online quiz if you prefer.) Rootine will create a multivitamin formulated just for you based on your test results. While Care/of and similar vitamin subscription services offer a mix of different capsules and supplements, Rootine creates a multivitamin that’s unique to your body and its exact needs. All vitamin and mineral supplements in the programs are made up of 100% vegetarian-friendly ingredients and are accompanied by over a decade of scientific research supporting their impact.

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Image courtesy of Rootine


5. hims Vitamins and Supplements


You may have heard of hims, but you may not realize the company now offers one of the best vitamin subscription services of 2022. It’s focused on all things having to do with men’s wellness, from skincare to mental health and ED. It also offers supplements that tackle everything from hair health to sleep and immunity. The best part? The vitamins come in gummy form with some delicious flavors, including Meyer lemon, fruit punch and raspberry-pomegranate. Both delicious and good for you — you’ll look forward to popping these into your mouth every day. The subscription boxes are delivered right to your door, and you can opt to get your vitamins on a set schedule so you’ll never run out or forget.

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Courtesy of hims


6. Baze


Baze is a great place to start in the supplement subscription biz as you begin with an at-home blood test that accurately analyzes your body’s levels of 10 essential nutrients and recommends a regimen based on that. It offers general supplements that’ll apply to most individuals and specialty supplements for those with unique deficiencies. It also has food guidelines you can subscribe to for top to bottom nutrition guidance that takes your unique situation and helps you improve.

The test itself is a bit of an investment at $199, but that’s far less expensive than what an equivalent test would be in a formal lab. After that, the vitamins range from $20 to $40 per month based on your plan.

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Courtesy of @basevitamins


7. Persona


Whether you’re looking to address your stress levels, energy, sleep or any other factor, the Persona tailored vitamin plan can help. After a five-minute online quiz assessment, a qualified medical professional will review your case, who will suggest vitamins to solve your concerns. Your vitamin plan will then arrive in packs you can add to your daily diet to ensure your body gets everything it needs to function at 100%. It’s also important to note that Persona donates a percentage of its profits to organizations working with children’s nutrition. This fact makes Persona one of the most responsible vitamin companies around.

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Image courtesy of Persona


8. Vitafive


Vitafive makes vitamins and supplements simple. It produces several pre-made gummy pouches you can choose from to boost a specific aspect of your life. You may wish to focus on your sleep, immunity, gut health or overall health, and by adding one pack of gummies to your daily diet, you can be sure your body won’t lack what it needs. Alternatively, for those who prefer a more personal touch, it’s possible to create your very own tailored pouches, allowing you to pick your gummies to target a specific problem you’d like to fight. All the gummies are free from gluten and allergens and made from vegetarian-friendly ingredients.

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Image courtesy of Vitafive


9. HUM Nutrition


The HUM Nutrition plan offers an impressive amount of freedom and customization when it comes to your vitamin subscription. Rather than personalized nutrition, HUM allows you to pick from its preexisting products and replenish your vitamins at regular intervals. Whether you choose to go month-by-month or commit for a year, you’ll still be able to switch between the products you’re going to receive without any problem.

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Image courtesy of HUM Nutrition


10. Vitl


Vitl goes above and beyond to provide a personalized vitamins service and offers three personalization levels. You can fill out the online consultation or go further by taking a test for vitamin levels and a DNA test. With all this information, Vitl puts together monthly packs of bio-responsible vitamins for you based on your health and lifestyle. They’ll also make sure you update your vitamins as you get older.

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Image courtesy of Vitl


11. Seed


The Seed daily synbiotic offers an impressive amount of benefits for users. The naturally-occurring probiotic strains found within this supplement are clinically validated to deliver health benefits, such as boosting your gastrointestinal health, providing gut-bacteria integrity, improving gut health and helping deliver healthy-looking skin. These 2-in-1 capsules are vegan friendly and free from allergens, preservatives and gluten. Dosing is two capsules a day, and with every subscription, you’ll receive a handy complimentary travel vial for storing pills on the go.

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Image courtesy of Seed


12. The Nue Co


This vitamin subscription company creates all-in-one supplement mixes that can target various health needs, including joint inflammation, skin hydration, and mood stability. It offers a la carte products or creates a personalized vitamin plan for you based on your needs delivered every month. Their supplements also contain a simple, transparent ingredient list, so you know exactly what’s going in, and they don’t contain any unnecessary ingredients, synthetic fillers, or the like. Another bonus is how sleek the amber-colored jars will look on your kitchen counter if that’s the sort of design element you consider.

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Courtesy of @thenue_co


13. roman


roman is a one-stop-shop for men’s health that deals with everything from ED to hair loss and eczema. While it doesn’t strictly deliver vitamins, it does offer a vitamin subscription service within its holistic health treatment model, and everything it delivers comes in discrete, sleek packaging. Complete an online visit, and your treatment gets delivered to you consistently, with unlimited follow-ups included in the initial cost. Treatment costs vary in price, but the average pack of “stress relief” or “testosterone support” vitamins costs around $30 per month. The best part about roman? It knows men and the health stuff men go through — so you’ll be in good hands no matter why you’re seeking vitamins.

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Courtesy of roman


14. Thorne Vitamins


The quality of Thorne’s vitamins is superb, and it offers all of its vitamins and supplements on a subscription basis, so you don’t need to worry about ordering more when you run out. It has a quiz you can take on its website to figure out which ones are best for you, and it also offers curated bundles for needs like energy support, blood sugar and gut health. Its products are trusted by NSF-certified sports teams and professional athletes of all kinds, so you know that what you’re taking every day has exactly what your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.

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Courtesy of Thorne


15. Sakara RX: The Foundation


Sakara is a plant-based nutrition company that focuses on making health and nourishment accessible. This foundational vitamin pack is not personalized but includes essential daily vitamins and nutrients from which most people benefit. The package consists of clean, vegan-friendly, plant-based, medical-grade vitamins with ingredients in their most bioavailable form. Each packet comes with two superfood multivitamins, a complete probiotic blend for your gut, macro minerals, adaptogenic b-complex and an algae omega. You can sign up for a subscription to the vitamins and save on every order.

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Courtesy of Sakara


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