The Best Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bars to Get Fit at Home

Wall mounted pull up bar

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Having a pull-up bar in your home is a great way to fast-track your fitness routine, and there are enough options to find one that fits the space you have. At their most compact, you can get a no-drill doorway pull-up bar. At the other end, if you have a dedicated gym room or outdoor space, you can invest in a standing power tower. A great middle-ground option is investing in a wall-mounted pull-up bar. These allow you to take full-advantage of horizontal and vertical space, in a way that you can’t always do with a doorway bar.

Some wall-mounted pull-up bars are designed to be mounted directly to the wall, while others can be mounted to the ceiling, preventing the risk of you bumping your knees into the wall while doing pull-ups or chin-ups.

Speaking of chin-ups, you’ll also want to invest in a bar that can be used for both chin-ups and pull-ups. You might have assumed that these exercises were synonymous, but they’re actually distinct — pull-ups are done with a wider overhand grip, while chin-ups are done with your hands closer together and your palms facing you. Some bars are ergonomically designed for different grip positions, which can be helpful to ensure proper form when switching between pull-ups and chin-ups.

These are the best wall-mounted pull-up bars to buy, including ceiling-mounted options, adjustable doorway-mounted pull-up bars, and gym-style bars.

1. Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar

This option from Ultimate Body Press is designed to mount to the wall, and it offers multiple grip positions so you can get a full workout from one piece of equipment. The mounting brackets are spaced 16″ apart, which is the standard distance for wall studs. The multiple grip positions are padded for comfort.

Pros: Multiple grip positions. Padded grips for comfort. Spaced to easily mount to wall studs.

Cons: Not as space-saving as some of the other options.

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2. TITAN HD Pull Up Bars

If you’re looking for a traditional option, like something you might find at a gym or studio, then consider this triangle-framed pull-up bar from Titan. The brackets are designed to be mounted on 16″ studs. The total width of the pull-up bar is 53″, and it’s a traditional straight bar with sturdy metal triangular brackets to hold the bar in place and prevent damage to the wall.

Pros: Sturdy metal option with a 500-pound weight capacity. Good size to mount over a doorway to save space.

Cons: Included mounting hardware could be better.

Wall mounted pull up bar Amazon

3. Perfect Basic Pullup, Pull Up Progression Bar

This versatile bar allows you to perform multiple exercises, making it a great option for working on multiple muscle groups at a time. The bar mounts to the inside of your doorway, and the bar moves up and down along the bracket for doing different exercises. For example, if you want to do rows, you can pull the bar down. Moving the bar back up will keep it out of your way while you also allowing you to do pullups and chin-ups.

Pros: Versatile option that allows you to do rows, pull-ups and chin-ups. Mounts to the doorway, saving wall space.

Cons: Can makes some rattling noise when in use.

Wall mounted pull up bar Amazon