This Multifunction Water Bottle Also Helps Remind You to Take Your Vitamins & Supplements

best water bottle pill organizer asobu
Image courtesy of The Grommet
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* This water bottle contains a built-in pill organizer
* You’ll always stay hydrated and never forget to take your medicine
* It’s also great for vitamins and other tablet-shaped supplements

Whether you’re taking medication due to illness, old age or simply because vitamins and supplements help you feel better, one thing you’re almost certain to struggle with is remembering to pop that pill, capsule or tablet at the same time every day.

In our modern and busy lives, this 2-second process is easily forgotten. For many, that’s no problem, but for some it can be a little more serious. Of course, alarms on your phone or notes around the house can help. Alternatively, investing in this Asobu water bottle means you’ll always have your pills alongside you, making remembering to take them just a little bit easier.

best water bottle pill organizer asobu Image courtesy of The Grommet

Granted, that may mean having the water bottle alongside you, too. But by combining a handy water bottle with a pill organizer, not only will you have something easier to remember than a standard pill organizer, you’ll also have the water needed to help swallow the pills.

The bottle is made from a tough, BPA-free Tritan plastic, which allows it to withstand the rigors of day-to-day life while keeping your pills and vitamins secure. It’s also dishwasher safe and sports a screw top lid that doubles as a portable water cup to aid in the pill taking process.

best water bottle pill organizer asobu Image courtesy of The Grommet

Additionally, the pill organizer can be removed by sliding it out from the purpose-built space, making refilling and cleaning it simple. There’s also seven different compartments (one for each day of the week) to make remembering your pills every day of the week easy, especially if you travel or are often away from home.

Each of the lids in the pill organizer is marked with an initial for the day of the week in script and in braille. Plus, the bottle features small, built-in pegs to allow it to sit with the pill organizer upright for easy access.

best water bottle pill organizer asobu Image courtesy of The Grommet

You’ll also have the choice of five different color options when ordering, including black, red, blue and yellow.

Whether you’re diabetic, have a friend who’s epileptic or even a partner who can’t help but try out this week’s new super supplement, offer them a helping hand in remembering to dose with this handy 2-in-1 water bottle pill organizer.


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