Bug Off: 5 Easy Ways to Treat Your Bug Bites

bug bites
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* Easy ways to relieve insect bites fast
* Soothe your skin and prevent scarring from scratching
* Solutions for even the most sensitive skin types

Of the few downsides of summer, insect bites definitely make the list. But while the subsequent swelling, redness and itching is to be expected, whatever you do, don’t indulge in scratching the area. While it may serve up some temporary relief, it’ll further the inflammation and leave it vulnerable to infection and delay healing time, especially if the skin becomes broken.

Before you scratch that itch, try any one of these 5 ways to treat your bug bites and ease the irritation.

1. Market Pantry Baking Soda

True to the box’s claim of “100’s of Uses,” relieving the itching sensation of bug bites is just one of them. Sprinkle a couple of handfuls in a cool bath and soak, or create a paste with a few drops of water and apply directly to the affected area. Either way, the mineral property of baking soda helps to tamp down the aftermath of a bug attack.

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2. Tom’s of Maine Peppermint Toothpaste

If you’re in a pinch, repurpose your toothpaste. The cooling sensation you get when brushing your teeth with a minty toothpaste will also happen if you apply a small pea-sized dot to your bite, too. Toothpaste also has astringent qualities, which will help calm the swelling and keep the itchies at bay.

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3. All Terrain Skin Soother Spray

A blend of aloe, essential oils, clay and its active ingredient, colloidal oatmeal, All Terrain’s formula provides a natural alternative to conventional OTC bite and sting itch relievers. It also comes in a handy spray pump so you can cover a lot of area or hard to reach spots.

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4. Rejuvi Skin Healing Gel

Aloe vera and chamomile are the active ingredients in Rejuvi’s Skin Healing Gel, a lightweight formula that delivers cooling, calming relief to distressed skin. Its healing powers extend beyond insect bites, too. Use it on dry, chapped skin and sunburns.

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5. Emuaid MAX Ointment

Emuaid EmuaidMAX restores and alleviates inflammation, due to sensitive skin or outside irriation like, yes, bug bites. This healing salve features richly hydrating and protective emu oil, along with tee tree oil for its antiseptic characteristics. While pricey, a single container goes a long way.

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