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Love Yourself: 6 Ways to Indulge Independently

* Taking time out for one’s self can be challenging
* Choose from these options to help kick-start a self-care regimen
* Works on your own or with a partner

Taking time out for yourself can be challenging. Women especially bear the burden as most often times their work doesn’t stop once they get home. They have a new set of responsibilities to take on which can take their toll.

We want to remind everyone that it is in your best interest to stop, take a break and take some time out for your personal and favorite indulgences. Whatever way you choose to indulge, the important thing is that you do.

Below we have curated six unique, affordable ways to help get you started on your way to resetting and re-energizing yourself. Enjoy and relax.

1. Love Tea

The Pukka Herbal Love Tea is an organic, gluten-free blend of organic rose, chamomile and lavender. A great way to help you relax and unwind at the end of a long day, the Pukka tea can be enjoyed hot or iced for a lovely weekend refresher.

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2. Orange Blossom Scented Massage Oil

The orange blossom-scented sensual massage oil is designed for a hands-on massage. Hydrate, rejuvenate and feel awakened long after your massage with this oil that leaves no greasy residue or oily excess. Skin is left soft and lightly scented with the sweet aroma of orange blossom. Made from 100% organic ingredients and discreetly packaged in a stylish bottle, you will feel confident displaying this product out on your nightstand.

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3. Love Potion Bath Bombs

Taking a bath is a great way to de-stress and unwind. Taking one with a beautifully designed and fragranced bath bomb takes your bath up a level and is a great way to spoil yourself. The Love Potion Bath Bombs are extra large in size, fizz when thrown into the tub and made with 100% all-natural essential oils. The mermaid daydream scent is a citrus soaked marine scent mixed with waves of spearmint and hints of floral notes to help you relax. The best part is that each of these bath bombs come with a surprise ring inside, valued from $15 to $5000!


4. Organic Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? There is no time of day, week or year where a piece or two of chocolate is unneeded. Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate takes it a step further with their organic, fair trade and UN-certified ethically-sourced chocolate. What is so special about this brand is their smooth rich taste which comes from the full, dynamic flavor characteristics of Trinitario cocoa beans. Sprinkled with cocoa butter and hints of vanilla, they create an all over flavor experience unlike no other.


5. Mini Wireless Wand Massager

The Therapeutic Mini Wand Massager is a great way to help you relieve muscle pain and tiredness, and relax and improve muscle circulation, thus improving overall health. The ergonomic handle fits easily in the palm of your hand, while the gentle pulses work well for your neck, back, feet, shoulders and intimate zones. The massager comes with 10 speeds and eight vibrating regimes for easy customization, is compact so you can take it with you on vacation and is fully waterproof so you can use it in the shower or tub.

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6. Womanizer 2GO Massager

After a long day at work or play, after you have had your love tea and

, spoiled yourself with a long bath and/or massage, this travel-friendly stimulator and massager will be the perfect way to top off your night. Discreetly designed to look like a lipstick, the second iteration of the Womanizer boasts the same patented technology as the original best-selling device. The Womanizer is USB rechargeable, waterproof, has multiple intensity levels and comes with a replacement silicone head for easy, comfortable application.

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