Blisters and Calluses? No Thanks — These Are the 10 Best Weightlifting Gloves

best weightlifting gloves

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If you’ve spent any time lifting weights, you know how painful calluses and blisters can be, not to mention how easily they develop when you’re hitting the gym every day. Sometimes those stubborn calluses can keep you out of the gym altogether, disrupting your entire fitness routine. Weightlifting gloves are a great solution for those who want to avoid that hand-to-bar contact at the gym.

Beyond the protection from blisters and calluses, the best weightlifting gloves can help safeguard you from germs as well. Gyms are breeding grounds for some pretty nasty bacteria, and the coronavirus pandemic has drastically heightened our aversion to spreading germs.

For those who sweat a lot and subsequently have trouble maintaining a solid grip, gloves are a great accessory to utilize. However, it’s worth noting that many health experts and trainers say gloves actually prevent you from developing your maximum grip strength. The extra material, they say, hinders your ability to master more advanced exercises — power cleans, snatches, etc. — that really depend on precise grip strength.

Either way, the best weightlifting gloves offer a handful of benefits, and are a popular gym accessory. The right choice for you will hinge on a few factors. Note whether you want to opt for the standard fingerless option — which cuts off around your second knuckle to give you a bit of skin-to-bar contact — or the full-finger coverage. Also keep in mind whether wrist support is a priority for you or not. And like any type of gym apparel, material is crucial — you want a pair of gloves that’s breathable and cool, but also sturdy and protective. When it comes to washing, most brands recommend cleaning your weightlifting gloves by hand with a mild dish soap, then letting them air dry.


1. Ihuan Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves


These are the goldilocks of workout gloves — not too thin, not too thick. In fact, the Ihuan gloves have pretty much every feature you could want — light and breathable materials, padding on the palms to reduce impact, tabs on the fingers for easy removal and wrist straps for added support during even the heaviest workouts. With almost 9,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s obvious these are a great choice for most guys.

ihuan gloves, best weightlifting gloves for 2021 Courtesy of Amazon

2. SIMARI Workout Gloves


SIMARI’s weightlifting gloves feature a super breathable mesh back to keep your hands cool and dry in the gym. They also sport a terry cloth thumb design in case you need to wipe sweat off your forehead during an intense workout. With wrist straps, tabs for removal and padded palms, these SIMARI weightlifting gloves stack up against the best options on the market.

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3. Trideer Padded Weightlifting Gloves

Trideer’s weightlifting gloves have extra padding on the palm. In the long run, that might hurt your grip strength development, but in the short-term it gives you a secure grip that won’t cause blisters. The best weightlifting gloves feature a breathable mesh that prevents sweat build-up, and Trideer’s gloves are no exception. Small pull tabs on the fingers make it easy to pull the gloves off after you’re done with your workout. For extra wrist support, these gloves come with an extra-long 18″ strap, secured into place with hook-and-loop fasteners. If you prefer leather gloves, which last longer, this isn’t the best option for you.

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4. Finger Ten Weightlifting Workout Gloves


If you’re trying to completely avoid any skin contact with surfaces at the gym, we recommend snagging these full-finger weightlifting gloves from Finger Ten. With complete finger coverage, these still offer a solid grip and sturdy wrist straps for maximum support. The touch-screen-friendly design on the thumb and index finger make it easy to change songs or send a quick text while you’re working out.

finger ten, best weightlifting gloves Courtesy of Amazon

5. Atercel Workout Gloves


Don’t let the price tag fool you. Though these weightlifting gloves from Atercel come in under $15, they check off all the necessary features — breathable and stretchy, with palms that are cushioned with foam and reinforced with silicone gel for added grip. And given the simple loop design on the fingertips, these might be the easiest gloves to remove when you’re done working out.

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6. Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves


A huge name in fitness accessories, Harbinger’s been making weightlifting gloves for nearly 30 years. Originally crafted for skateboarders, Harbinger’s gloves quickly evolved and became a go-to brand for both competitive and amateur weightlifters. It’s easy to see why. The leather palm is both sleek and sturdy, offering a durable and layered design for superb cushioning, no matter how heavy you’re lifting.

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7. Grip Power Pads Elite Leather Gym Gloves


This is the Bentley of weightlifting gloves. If you’re willing to spend a little more, this pair of weightlifting gloves from Grip Power Pads is worth every penny. The leather is strong and remarkably flexible, while the gloves’ curved finger design is actually tapered to fit the natural shape of your hand. Quality and durability are the selling points here, with many users saying these gloves have lasted them years in the gym.

Grip Power pad weightlifting gloves Courtesy of Amazon

8. GloFit Freedom Workout Gloves


If wrist support isn’t a priority for you, consider these strapless gloves from GloFit. Without the wrist straps, they’re a great choice for anyone who can’t live without their smartwatch or fitness tracker at the gym. The vented mesh back is extra breathable, and the palms should provide plenty of protection and grip.

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9. Fit Action Sports Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves


On the other hand, if wrist support is your main priority, look no further than this pair of weightlifting gloves from Fit Active Sports. With a completely exposed back, these gloves are surely the most ventilated option. They double down on wrist support and grip strength, making them a great choice if you’re big on Olympic lifts like front squats and snatches.

Fit Action Sports weightlifting gloves Courtesy of Amazon

10. RIMSports Premium Leather Workout Gloves


Let’s face it. Looking good at the gym is at least part of the decision-making process for any fitness accessory. If standard black or grey weightlifting gloves won’t cut it, check out the variety of color combinations that RIMSports offers. Between the bold red, hot pink or crazy camo, you’re bound to find a color that fits your fitness aesthetic or matches your favorite outfit.

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