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The 10 Best Weighted Jump Ropes, Tested and Reviewed for 2022

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In this Editor’s Choice feature, SPY presents the best weighted jump ropes for athletes of every fitness level. The products that earn our Editor’s Choice badge meet our strictest selection criteria, and we tested dozens of products to bring you this shopping guide. After consulting experts and testing products with our own bodies, we selected the top options from leading fitness brands.

Mention “jump rope” to anyone, and chances are it calls to mind memories of outdoor recess and playground fun — weighted jump ropes are a little different, they combine strength training and cardio for one of the most effective workouts in the game. 

When combined with other fitness regimens like weightlifting and yoga, jumping with a weighted jump rope is an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise that’s as healthy as it is fun. Combine jumping rope with weight resistance? Forget about it — you’ve got a workout that’ll help you bulk up, slim down, and accomplish a wide range of other fitness goals. 

To help you on your fitness journey, we tested the best weighted jump ropes for cardio and strength training. Keep reading for our in-depth weighted jump rope reviews and find the top options to reach your workout goals.


The Best Weighted Jump Ropes: At a Glance

After rigorous testing of the top jump ropes from 10 different brands, we’ve picked the following top choices for 2022. We’ve chosen products that are the best overall for all users, as well as top picks for beginners, those looking to build strength above all else, those on a budget, etc. You can find more details about our testing process and criteria after the product selection.

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1. Best Overall: Crossrope Get Lean Jump Rope Set — $119.00 on Amazon

2. Runner Up: Everlast Evergrip 9 Foot Weighted Jump Rope — $17.06 on Amazon

3. Best for Strength Training: Crossrope Get Strong Jump Rope Set — $169.00 on Crossrope

4. Best Budget: Fitness Gear Weighted Speed Rope —  $19.99 on Dick’s Sporting Goods

5. Most Adjustable: Bala Jump Rope — $75.00 on Bala

6. Best for Tall Athletes: Everlast 11 Foot Pro Weight Adjustable Speed Rope — $24.99 on Amazon

7. Most Durable: EliteSRS Muay Thai Weighted Jump Rope — $26.99 on Amazon

8. Best for Beginners: Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 Weighted Jump Rope — $24.99 on Dope Ropes

9. Most Comfortable Handles: N1 Fitness Weighted Jump Rope — $13.99 on Amazon

10. Also Consider: Pulse Weighted Jump Rope — $24.99 on Amazon


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Taylor Galla | SPY

Why We Love Weighted Jump Ropes

The best weighted jump ropes are great because they work nearly every muscle in your body simultaneously, making them a fun and efficient exercise. The rise of training styles like HIIT and Crossfit has breathed new life into jumping rope as a fitness exercise, and weighted jump ropes have become an integral part of the best everyday workouts. Keep in mind that weighted jump ropes are not the same as CrossFit-style battle ropes. The former is used more for cardio and the latter for cross-training.

There are many reasons to start using a weighted jump rope and many choices regarding which ones to use. There are also countless choices for workouts, caring for them, and incorporating them into an existing fitness routine. We’ve tested 10 different weighted jump rope brands and jumped with the most popular products in the game, to arm you with the best information (and rope) possible to aid in your exercise journey. In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • The best weighted jump ropes you can order online today
  • Our testing criteria and why you should trust SPY when it comes to weighted jump ropes
  • Benefits of weighted jump ropes
  • How to incorporate a weighted jump rope into an existing fitness routine
  • Suggested workouts and fitness tips
  • FAQs about weighted jump ropes

One sizing note: we’ve included a wide range of jump rope lengths on this list, with many falling within a range of 8-11 feet. The general rule of thumb is the ideal jump rope length for you is your height plus 2.5-3 feet. Very few users are 8 feet tall, so a few of the ropes on this list are going to contain too much length. However, many are easy to adjust to your liking, depending on how much space or efficiency you prefer per jump.


The Best Weighted Jump Ropes for 2022

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1. Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set


Best For: Dedicated weighted jump ropers, standard fitness junkies who want a well-designed product and don’t mind spending a little more

Why We Chose It: Crossrope’s Get Lean set is just enough weight for the average person, and their clip handle system works very well

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Taylor Galla | SPY

Crossrope’s Get Lean jump rope system came with a lot of hype when we started testing it, and we’re happy to announce it largely lived up to our expectations. The Get Lean system comes with 1/4 and 1/2 pound weighted ropes that are easily interchangeable with the included handles. The handles clip in and out of the rope attachments easily, and while it might be more difficult for older folks or people with limited mobility in their hands, it was easy for our editors to switch between both weights. The ropes are designed to be anti-tangle and definitely fell into place without kinks or tangles more easily than other ropes we tried. Overall, we were very impressed with Crossrope’s Get Lean system.

The Crossrope app offers jumping classes that are pretty straightforward. We’re torn on whether a membership there is worth it, as the classes are motivating but it’s an extra cost for a benefit you could get by just jumping on your own. However, if you feel you need instruction or are new to jumping the app could serve you well.


  • High-quality jump ropes, purchase comes with multiple weight options
  • Comfortable handles that clip in and out of the ropes easily
  • Sturdy, anti-tangle jump rope lives up to the promise of its design
  • 30-day membership to the Crossrope fitness app included with purchase


  • Expensive price tag
  • App requires membership

Total Weight: 1/4 pound and 1/2 pound

Rope Length: Both ropes come in a variety of lengths, you choose based on your height between 7’6″ and 9’6″


2. Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope


Best For: Jump rope enthusiasts looking to get great value for their money, those looking for comfortable handles and a lightweight rope

Why We Chose It: Some of the most comfortable handles out of all the ropes we tested, excellent rope weight and handling

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Taylor Galla | SPY

We loved our experience with this weighted jump rope from Everlast, it has very comfortable handles that are large compared to the thickness of the rope, but not disproportionately so. The handles are made of easy-to-grip foam and the rope falls as it should. The rope is easy to jump with, and the handles feel like you’re holding light weights perfect for toning. The rope has and good bounce and rebound to it, and feels durable despite being thinner than other options we tried. The handles are built with a rotating system that enables the rope to turn efficiently as you jump, and it can be folded up into a compact package which would make it great for fitness on the road. You can’t adjust the length of this weighted jump rope, so if you need to make it shorter I’d recommend tying it in a few knots, close to the handles, until it’s your desired length. 


  • Very comfortable handles that are easy to grip and hold
  • Lightweight rope that turns easily
  • Weighted handles feel heavy enough for toning


  • Thin rope may be difficult to track during jumping for older or less athletic users
  • Can’t adjust the length of the rope

Total Weight: 1.5 pounds in each handle, 3 smaller weights inside you could remove one by one if you wanted to

Rope Length: 9 feet, adjustments not available


3. Crossrope Get Strong Jump Rope Set


Best For: Weightlifters and folks trying to gain muscle rather than just tone along with cardio, folks looking for a heavier weighted jump rope

Why We Chose It: Crossrope’s other jump rope set is made with the same high-quality construction as the Get Lean Set, just with heavier weights

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Crossrope’s Get Strong set is for folks who want to take it up a notch, and jump with seriously weighted ropes that challenge your cardio and muscular systems at the same time. This set comes with 1 and 2 pound ropes, a definite step up from the 1/4 and 1/2 pound rops in the Get Lean Set. However, this set is just as high-quality as the Get Lean set, with the same easy-clip handles and durable rubber material. The handles are slightly larger proportional to the heavier ropes, but are made with grippy material that makes them easy to hold.

The 1 pound rope still felt similar to other ones we tested, but the 2 pound one is definitely a step up. We would recommend this set to fit folks looking for heavier weighted jump ropes, it’s definitely not for beginners.


  • Heavy weighted jump ropes that are durable
  • Tangle-free ropes don’t get twisted even with the heavier weight
  • Grippy handles make it easier to hold the excess weight
  • 30-day membership to the Crossrope fitness app included with purchase


  • Heavier weight would make these ropes harder to travel with
  • Clip system is more difficult to maneuver with heavier ropes
  • More expensive than Get Lean set due to the increased weight

Total Weight: 1 pound and 2 pound rope options

Rope Length: Both ropes come in a variety of lengths, you choose based on your height between 7’6″ and 9’6″


4. Fitness Gear Weighted Speed Rope


Best For: Folks on a budget looking to outfit their gym with a moderately weighted jump rope, getting value for your money

Why We Chose It: This jump rope feels high-quality, works as it should and costs a fraction of what some of the more premiere options on this list cost

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Taylor Galla | SPY

The Fitness Gear speed rope is a perfect budget option, because the handles create weight in your hand without being overwhelming, and the rope itself is durable, flexible and moves as you do. The rope was slightly kinked when we first unwrapped it, but with time and adequate hanging storage we imagine this would change. The rope was usable, but doesn’t have the same anti-tangle technology as the Crossrope weighted jump ropes do. This rope is easy to move, easy to carry, and would be a great portable option. At this price tag, it’s easily our favorite budget option in the list.


  • Slim, easy-to-grip handles that make jumping easy
  • Lightweight rope that won’t weigh you down
  • Great price tag for the quality of the product


  • Rope arrives kinked due to storage during shipment, and didn’t fall to the ground as others did, making it more difficult to jump
  • Only one weight increment, can’t adjust the length of the rope

Weight: 1 pound weights in handles, no adjustment

Rope Length: 9 feet in length, no adjustment


5. Bala Jump Rope


Best For: Families or friends of varying heights all looking to share their jump rope, folks looking for a beautiful jump rope that’s Instagram-ready

Why We Chose It: Bala is known for their well-designed workout accessories, and this jump rope is no different

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Taylor Galla | SPY

Bala’s jump rope is a bit on the minimalist side, and it’s not entirely clear early on how to adjust the length of the rope, but once you get it it’s very easy to do. Upon receiving it, you insert the rope into the handle far enough until it locks into place, and then you can press the handle to allow more or less rope to enter the handle, shortening the jump rope’s length. The handle weights are light but substantial, and the handles are easy to grip despite being entirely smooth. Bala’s jump ropes come in two great colors: pink and a light shade of brown, both of which are ready for Instagram workouts and creating fitness content. If you care about the ~aesthetic~ of the tools you’re using to workout, these should be a top pick.


  • Adjustable jump rope that’s very easy and intuitive to use
  • Rope is very thin but falls, jumps and moves well
  • Comes in a monochromatic design that looks very pretty while you’re using it


  • The price tag is steep for what you get
  • Does not come with instructions and set up not intuitive at first

Weight: 1/2 pound

Rope Length: 10 feet, fully adjustable


6. Everlast 11 Foot Pro Weight Adjustable Speed Rope


Best For: Taller folks who need a longer weighted jump rope

Why We Chose It: Everlast’s other popular weighted jump rope is also built for speed and efficiency, but comes in a longer length that’s perfect for taller athletes

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Taylor Galla | SPY

Everlast’s other weighted jump rope doesn’t have the same comfortable, foam handles as the one that’s 9 feet long, but other than that the models are very similar. This one also has a slim, lightweight rubber rope attached to the weighted handles and durable construction that’s perfect for working out at home and traveling. Each handle has three small weights in it in smaller increments so you can theoretically adjust the weight, albeit via a somewhat janky process. To adjust the weight, you’d need to remove the end of the handle and remove 1, 2 or all 3 small weights. They’re each about the size of a D battery, and aren’t labeled, so if you do remove one I’d recommend placing it in a secure location so you don’t lose it.

The ball bearing mechanism in the handles works well and allows the ropes to swing efficiently, and for the price it’s a great option for taller folks who need more length.


  • Extra length is great for taller adults
  • High-quality, durable rope is lightweight
  • Handles are evenly weighted and the ball bearing system enables efficient rotation of the rope when jumping
  • Affordable price tag and great value for your money


  • Length is not adjustable
  • Handles are not as comfortable as the 9-foot Everlast weighted jump rope

Total Weight: 1 pound

Rope Length: 11 feet, not adjustable


7. EliteSRS Muay Thai Weighted Jump Rope


Best For: Shorter athletes, middle-tier budgets, those who like to workout outdoors or on rougher surfaces

Why We Chose It: It’s perfect for those looking to spend between $20-$30 on a jump rope, who don’t need a lot of weight

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Taylor Galla | SPY

This weighted jump rope was designed for use by Mauy Thai fighters getting into shape, with stiff weighted handles and a durable PVC rope made for whipping through the air. It lives up to this hype, and while the rope doesn’t move as well as other options, and the handles aren’t as comfortable to hold, it gets the job done. Our biggest gripe with this rope is that due to the thick rubber piping it doesn’t fall straight to the ground, but rather holds its coiled shape more than other ropes. This means you have to really whip it quickly to get enough length to jump over it. It’s also shorter than other options on this list, at just 8″ long. This makes it perfect for shorter individuals, since ideally your jump rope is about 2.5′ longer than your height.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Weighted handles that are stiff but textured, which makes them easier to hold than other options
  • Durable PVC rope can be used outdoors or on rough surfaces


  • Rope stays coiled due to thick construction
  • Handles are not as comfortable

Total Weight: 1.3 pounds

Rope Length: 8 feet long


8. Dope Ropes Cardio 2.0 Weighted Jump Rope


Best For: Those new to jumping rope or new to using weighted jump ropes, athletes who travel a lot, if you don’t want to spend a ton

Why We Chose It: Dope Ropes’ weighted jump rope is lightweight, designed slim and perfect for newbies just getting used to jumping rope or using a weighted jump rope

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Courtesy of Dope Ropes

Dope Ropes makes a 1/4 pound weighted jump rope that’s so slim, you probably wouldn’t guess it’s weighted just by looking at it. It’s made with durable plastic handles and a 6mm PVC cord that isn’t the most durable of the ones we tried but is definitely good enough for the occasional jumping session. The handles aren’t cushioned or thick, which makes them a little harder to hold, but they’re the most similar to regular jump rope handles, so they’re great if you’re making the switch to weighted jump ropes and want to take it easy.

Their handles come with a lifetime guarantee, which is something we haven’t seen from any other ropes on this list, and you can adjust the rope easily via the handles. However, this process consists of tugging the extra rope through the handles and letting it hang out the other side, which could get in the way depending on how much you need to shorten the rope.


  • Lightweight, slim rope that’s perfect for beginners
  • Rope length is easy to adjust
  • Handles have a lifetime guarantee
  • Great price tag


  • Handles are not as comfortable to hold
  • Rope is not very heavy, and doesn’t come with weight increments or the option to adjust

Total Weight: 1/4 pound

Rope Length:  10 feet, fully adjustable


9. N1Fit Weighted Jump Rope


Best For: Those who prefer larger, easily graspable handles and a thick rope they can easily track while jumping

Why We Chose It: This large, thick jump rope comes with comfortable handles and a brightly-colored rope that’s easy to see while jumping

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Taylor Galla | SPY

At first, we weren’t planning on including the N1Fit weighted jump rope in our round-up because it felt a tad juvenile with its thick, bulbous rope and large handles. However, the more we thought about the different types of users of this fitness product, the more it made sense to include it for older users, children and those with limited mobility or eyesight. It’s a thicker jump rope than other options, which means it doesn’t fall as easily as others due to the rubber and the handles might feel too large for users who prefer slimmer, harder handles. However, for the right person, this would be a great fit.


  • Brightly colored rope is easy to see
  • Thick rope makes it easier to feel and track while you’re using it
  • Larger handles would make it easier to grab for those with limited mobility in their hands


  • Rope doesn’t move as easily due to thickness
  • The ball bearing system at the end of the handles doesn’t feel as high-quality as with other options

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Rope Length: 9 feet, not easily adjustable


More Top-Rated Weighted Jump Ropes…

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? There are plenty more weighted jump ropes to consider, and we’ve included some of the best-reviewed options for your consideration below. We haven’t had the chance to test all of the products included below, but all of them are highly rated by athletes.

Pulse Weighted Jump Rope

With more than 1,600 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Pulse Weighted Jump Rope is a well-reviewed and popular choice for jump rope enthusiasts. The rope boasts foam handles to provide comfort throughout your workouts, while the six-millimeter rope allows for fast and consistent rotation. Plus, the width prevents tangles. In addition, you can adjust the rope length to ensure it’s the right fit for you. This rope is especially ideal for Crossfit, MMA, boxing and cardio workouts.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope

It may seem like a strange option, but this ropeless jump “rope” is able to replicate the action of jumping rope without the potential pitfall of having the rope catch you or tangle, which ensures you’ve got no excuse for stopping during your workout. That’s why this Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope is a surprisingly popular option for rope jumpers. The rope comes with two foam-handled, weighted sponge grips that act as the “rope”, additional removable three-ounce weights and a handy storage bag. Finally, if you’re exercising at home or in a small apartment, this is one of the best weighted jump ropes for working out at home.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


Nike Fundamental Weighted Jump Rope

Nike is one of the trendiest brands in the fitness space, and its weighted jump rope will give your workout a slight weighted boost. There’s a half-pound weight in each handle for a bit of resistance, and the rope itself has an adjustable length so you can customize the fit. The durable, high-density plastic rope has a smooth, rotating ball and aluminum socket.

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Courtesy of Walmart


Watsou Weighted Jump Rope

If you’re aiming for a quantifiable, precise, exact goal in your workout, calories are a good way to go. This weighted jump rope from Watsou has a calorie counter that uses your elapsed time, number of rotations and entered weight to calculate how many calories you’ve burned so far in the workout. The handles use metal block weights encased in an ergonomically designed ABS handle that is comfortable to hold. The handles have a non-slip foam grip for avoiding hand cramps, and the nine-foot-long rope is adjustable based on your height. 

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Courtesy of Amazon


Rogue Fitness Heavy Jump Ropes

Rogue Fitness is one of our favorite brands in the movement and exercise space, and their weighted jump rope is perfect for resistance training and building shoulder endurance for other weightlifting. The rope is extra thick, with an 8mm diameter, and has a few different length options including 9 feet and 10 feet. The rope also comes with 1 inch diameter TPE polymer handles for a solid grip.

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Courtesy of Rogue Fitness


Champion Sports Leather Ball Bearing Jump Rope

The Champion Sports Leather Ball Bearing Jump Rope ticks all the boxes for a versatile, high-quality speed rope thanks to its genuine leather-bound rope and comfortable wooden handles. As well as being durable, the leather rope comes in a variety of sizes to correspond with your height. Furthermore, the wood and leather combination gives the rope an old-school appearance worthy of even the classiest home or gym interiors. The internal ball bearings provide a smooth rotation with each jump, and the leather rope gives this product enough weight to get your heart pumping. Although this home exercise product isn’t adjustable like other products on this list, it’s an affordable fitness jump rope made from high-quality natural materials.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon


Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope

The Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope is perfect during more demanding aerobic workouts. It features a precision ball bearing system for a smooth rotation that creates controlled and comfortable use. The handles are made from a wear-resistant aluminum alloy and covered with durable, anti-slip silicone for easy gripping. You’ll also find that the 9.8-foot rope is thicker than the average jump rope for increased durability.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


AUTUWT Heavy Weighted Jump Rope

If you are really looking to jump some serious rope, the AUTUWT Heavy Weighted Jump Rope is the answer. These large-size ropes are a great way to improve shoulder strength and flexibility simultaneously. The ropes are a thick, black polyester which helps disuise dirt, keeping your rope looking newer longer. You’ll also find the rope sports soft rubber handles for maximum comfort during use. This jump rope is an excellent addition to gyms and ideal for at-home workouts. 

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Courtesy of Amazon


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Taylor Galla | SPY

How We Tested The Best Weighted Jump Ropes

When we tested weighted jump ropes, we used a specific set of criteria, which we’ll elaborate on below, as well as assessing the overall quality and durability of the rope relative to the price. When you invest in a piece of fitness equipment, no matter how large or small, you want it to be a tool you can use to train intensely, day after day. You want to know it’ll keep up with you and your fitness regimen, and not break after the first few uses or wear down over time.

While we’re not able to test every piece of equipment in our shopping guides with the vigor of daily use over years and years, we’ve been testing fitness equipment long enough to be able to tell pretty quickly when a product is cheap, not well made and not worth the money. We spent at least two weeks testing each jump rope, completing short 10-minute max workouts with each one to test its usability. Where applicable, we adjusted the weight and length of the jump ropes to see how easy that process is. Our top 9 picks for weighted jump ropes in our list are all products our editors have vetted and approved for various reasons, and are all worth the money.

Here’s a selection of the criteria we were using to evaluate the weighted jump ropes in our list:

  • Weight, Length and Adjustability: We look at the weight and length of the jump ropes and test the adjustability of each weighted rope to see how easy it would suit your needs.
  • Materials and Durability: With every rope, we assess the quality of the materials and whether the product seems well-made, and durable enough to withstand daily workouts.
  • Structure of the Handles: When it comes to a weighted jump rope, the handles are one of the most important parts of the user experience. We evaluate each for the comfort of the handle, how easy it is to grip and if it’s easy to hold for a long period of time.
  • Ease of Use: Since a weighted jump rope needs to move fast, flip with your movements, hang with enough weight so you can jump over it and not get tangled or coiled within itself, we jumped with each rope for 5-10 minutes per session to test how quickly they moved, and whether they maintained this quickness throughout the workout.
  • Price: We also assessed how worthwhile each jump rope is relative to its price.

Why Trust SPY When Shopping for Weighted Jump Ropes

Why trust us? Here at SPY, we’ve tested, researched and written about almost every piece of fitness equipment under the sun — from treadmills to spin bikes, massage guns and squat racks. We’ve also tested over 10 different weighted jump ropes and are reviewing more and more all the time.

SPY’s Senior E-Commerce Editor, Taylor Galla, has reviewed fitness equipment for the past two years including the Peloton Bike, Hydrow Rower, Tempo Studio fitness mirror and more, and she’s a certified yoga teacher with close to five years of experience working in the fitness space.

We know health and fitness, and we’ve worked closely with some of the brands below for years. You can trust that our picks are the best in the game and well worth your hard-earned cash.


How to Workout With Weighted Jump Ropes

Weighted jump ropes are an excellent source of cardio, with a bit of weight resistance thrown in for good measure. One of the best ways to use a weighted jump rope is in a circuit, combined with other movements like push-ups, squats and burpees. Using a 30-second on, 30-second off structure is a great way to incorporate enough rest into the workout so your body can recover between sets, and your movements can be that much more explosive.

Here’s a great circuit that incorporates only bodyweight strength movements and a weighted jump rope. Please consult your physician before embarking on any new fitness routines.

  • 30 seconds of weighted jump rope
  • 20 seconds of rest
  • 30 seconds of push-ups
  • 20 seconds of rest
  • 1 minute of air squats
  • 20 seconds of rest
  • 1 minute of bear plank
  • 20 seconds of rest
  • 30 seconds of weighted jump rope

Repeat this circuit three times, and you’ve got yourself a full-body workout! Here’s another excellent circuit you can do with a weighted jump rope:

According to the experts we consulted for this guide, to get the most of your weighted jump rope workouts, follow this advice:

  • Brace your core the entire time and maintain the engagement. Maintaining a stable core will help avoid injury in your back, legs or other major body parts.
  • All the rotation of the rope should be coming from your wrists. While your arm muscles are helping propel the rope forward, your wrists are doing most of the work, and your shoulders down to your elbow should be stable during the movement.
  • Stay on the balls of your feet, and stay relaxed. Maintain an athletic position and keep your gaze straight ahead, so you don’t lose your balance or hunch over.
  • If you’re prone to plantar fasciitis or have problems with your ankles or knees, consult your doctor before using a weighted jump rope and listen to your body the entire time.

Benefits of Weighted Jump Ropes

Using weighted jump ropes is great for your cardiovascular health right off the bat. The repetitive jumping motion forces you to use all the muscles in your legs to propel you upwards and cushion the blow when you land again, and your core and arms are engaged in the swinging motion of the ropes as well.

A NASM-certified personal trainer at Daily Burn, Joshua Vela, told POPSUGAR, “[It’s a] low-impact endurance activity that efficiently incinerates calories while positively impacting every aspect of your fitness training.”

“When jumping rope, expect to increase your cardiovascular threshold while increasing bone density, reducing your risk of foot and ankle injury, and honing in on dynamic balance and coordination skills.”

Weighted jump ropes simply amplify the effects of regular jump ropes by adding weight, resistance and a power element to the movement. As you’re trying to maintain the same number of reps or interval speed with more weight on you, the demand on your body is more significant, and you have to deliver more strength and speed at the same time. You can still do the same jumps and movements — high-knees, single-leg hops, etc. — but now the force you need to exert is more significant than before.

You also target new muscle groups with a weighted jump rope, specifically underdeveloped muscles in the shoulders and upper arms. Weighted jump ropes can help workout the rotator cuff muscles, the muscles that keep the shoulder stabilized and in place, and the tricep and back muscles left behind during “curls for the girls” bicep circuits.

Lastly, weighted jump ropes are excellent because they travel easily, and you can use them anywhere. They’re a great portable piece of fitness equipment that you only need a bit of space to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Weighted Jump Ropes

What Are Weighted Jump Ropes?

Weighted jump ropes are regular jump ropes that are made of heavier, thicker material like leather, silicone, rubber or fabric. They vary in weight, bulk and thickness, but they all add something extra to the jumping experience via resistance.

How Much Do Weighted Jump Ropes Weigh?

The weight of weighted jump ropes varies, but most fall between 1/4 pounds and 2 pounds. This may not sound like a lot, but when you're jumping for an extended period of time that weight adds up fast. Most of the ones you'll find on the market weigh about one pound, which adds plenty of resistance for the average user.

How Do Weighted Jump Ropes Help You Workout?

Using a weighted jump rope provides excellent physical exercise in a few ways. Your abs need to be engaged during the movement because the rope distributes weight over your entire body. Also, the movement of swinging the rope up and over your head engages more muscles in the upper arms and shoulders, because the added weight of the rope provides resistance your body needs to control.

How Much Do Weighted Jump Ropes Cost?

Weighted jump ropes vary in cost. Some cost as little as $6-$10 while others are closer to $18-$22. There are also some smart weighted jump rope systems that sync up with apps on your phone, those will cost you upwards of $100 per rope.

What Is the Best Weighted Jump Rope?

In our experience, Crossrope brand weighted jump ropes are the best option for most athletes. The company has a few different models, but the Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set is our favorite. This system comes with both 1/4-pound and 1/2-pound ropes as well as an app with workout routines. It's also more expensive than the competition at $99.

Updates: On June 15, 2022, we updated this piece after conducting extensive testing of the top options. We’ve added in-depth weighted jump rope reviews to this guide and completely adjusted our top rankings based on our findings. We kept the Crossrope Get Lean set as our top pick, but moved the Everlast 9 Foot rope up into second place, and moved the Crossrope Get Strong set into third place. We also added the Fitness Gear and Bala Jump Rope as top picks due to their quality and adjustability, and moved many of our former top picks, like the Pulse Jump Rope and Champion Jump Rope, further down in the list because we haven’t had a chance to test them yet. 

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