These Weighted Vests Upgrade Any Run or Workout

bets weighted running vest
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Looking to maximize your training results? Consider investing in a weighted vest. By slightly increasing your upper body weight, you can break through plateaus and shave off pounds — whether you’re running, hiking, lifting or cross-training.

Working out with a weight vest ups the difficulty without requiring new moves or more training time. By making your workout harder, you’re getting stronger faster, burning far more calories and, best of all, once you take off the vest you’ll feel like Superman (some people say it feels like floating). For this reason, weighted vests are typically used by athletes (of all levels) training for marathons or other big events. However, some people also like wearing their weight vest around the house to burn calories while doing chores.

Weighted vests come in a few slight variations. Depending on what type of training you do, you might want a vest that’s heavier, slimmer or more compact. Whatever you’re intended use, we’ve found a weight vest to match. Check out the best options below.

1. RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest


This weighted vest is consistently rated #1 by users and other outlets alike. It features a simple design that works for almost any activity, and even comes equipped with pockets for your phone and water bottle. It works for running, bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and crunches or intense hiking. And at such a low price, it’s hard to resist.

Weighted Vest Running Training Courtesy of Amazon


2. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest


Running is one of the most common uses for weight vests. You can turn your regular 20-30 minute morning jog into a serious workout — no extra hills or stairs required. Plus, it’s a great way to train for running events such as marathons. If you plan on using your weight vest primarily for running, go for this Aduro vest. It’s more streamlined than others, distributing weight and staying snug around your body to eliminate bouncing or rubbing.

Weight Vest Running Light Courtesy of Amazon


3. Hyperwear PRO 10-Pound Weighted Vest


Hyperwear’s Pro vest comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s definitely worth it for most athletes. It features a super streamlined design for a wide range of motion and comfortable, sweat-wicking fabric. This makes it our top pick for cross training, as you can easily jump, sprint and do any bodyweight workouts with ease.

Weighted Vest Cross Training Courtesy of Amazon


4. Mir Air Flow Adjustable Weighted Vest


CrossFit is another workout that can benefit from a weighted vest. We recommend this vest from Mir because it sits higher up on your torso and offers a range of adjustable weight for different activities. Plus, reviewers are big fans of the padded shoulders for extra comfort during long workouts.

Weight Vest Crossfit Courtesy of Amazon


5. RUNFast/Max Adjustable Weight Vest


Want to really push yourself? Pick up RUNfast’s max model weight vest. It offers up to 140 pounds of weight (don’t worry, it’s adjustable), offering a seriously tough workout. This makes it ideal for upgrading your weightlifting routine, especially squats, lunges, dips and pull-ups.

Weighted Workout Vest Heavy Courtesy of Amazon


6. Cross101 Weighted Vest


We don’t always admit it, but looks are important in the gym or on a run. It’s true. For maximum style, we suggest this camo vest from Cross101. It also happens to be very capable, offering up to 80 pounds of weight, a snug, comfortable fit and a water bottle pocket for runs. Reviewers are pleased, as the vest boasts 4.6 stars on Amazon.

Weight Vest Camo Courtesy of Amazon


7. Empower Weighted Vest for Women


This women’s weighted vest offers a lower weight range and a very ergonomic X-shaped fit. This makes it great for jogging, walking or hiking, but it can also be worn comfortably around the house to burn extra calories. Reviewers are big fans, saying the vest is super comfortable and stays in place during any activity. Plus, at just $23, the price is unbeatable.

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