These Weightlifting Belts Will Upgrade Your Gym Workouts and Save You From Injuries

Best Weight Lifting Belts
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Weightlifting is now a legitimate pastime for regular guys as well as bodybuilders. The long list of science-backed benefits includes higher testosterone, better sleep, more confidence and even better, more frequent sex.

But after lifting for a while, most guys hit a plateau. There’s a limit to how heavy you can safely lift without certain parts of your body failing, such as your abs during a heavy squat set. This is where weightlifting belts come in.

Weightlifting belts support your lower back and abs by increasing internal pressure. This lets you load up on the pounds and put strong muscles to the test — such as your shoulders, legs and back — without hurting yourself. Some of the best lifts, such as deadlifts, barbell rows and squats, get better with a belt. Even the bench press — everyone’s favorite lift — can be made safer with a belt that prevents over-arching of the back.

If you’re ready to upgrade your weightlifting sessions, check out the weightlifting belts below. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best that you can buy on Amazon, and sorted them out by weightlifting discipline, price and level of expertise.


1. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weightlifting Belt


This leather belt from Dark Iron Fitness is our top pick. A slightly less rigid, comfortable fit makes it perfect for the recreational, bodybuilding-style workouts that most guys do regularly. It’s well-priced at $40 (some belts can get up to $100), but the real kicker is a lifetime warranty where Dark Iron will send you a new belt if your belt ever fails. And with over 4,200 reviews and 4.8 stars on Amazon, it’s by far the best-rated too.

Weightlifting Belt Leather Dark Iron Courtesy of Amazon

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weightlifting Belt



2. Last Punch® 6″ Nylon Power Weight Lifting Belt


With the choice of two different widths and two different colors, it’s easy to find a Last Punch® 6″ Nylon Power Weight Lifting Belt to fit your wants and needs. The 100% durable nylon material delivers comfort for users, while the tough stitching gives the belt durability and longevity, ensuring years of reliable use. It also sports a velcro closure which provides a secure and customizable fit. This budget-friendly option is a great choice for experienced weightlifters and newcomers alike.

best weightlifting belts last punch Image courtesy of Walmart

Last Punch® Nylon Power Weight Lifting Belt



3. Gold’s Gym Leather Weight Lifting Belt


The Gold’s Gym Leather Weight Lifting Belt is a great option to accommodate weightlifters of all sizes. It’s available in either small or large and features a tough, leather construction which is durable and made to last. The tough chrome buckle looks professional and ensures a secure and comfortable fit. In addition, you’ll find a contoured padding in the belt to provide additional comfort which combines with the leather material to provide the balance of support and flexibility required for successful and safe lifting.

best weightlifting belts gold's gym Image courtesy of Walmart

Gold's Gym Leather Weight Lifting Belt



4. Harbinger Nylon Weightlifting Belt


If you’re going to entrust your midsection to a budget belt, go for this nylon belt from Harbinger. It has a versatile 4” thickness that works for bodybuilding, and a customizable velcro closure that makes it great for CrossFit training. Although it comes with an incredible $15 price tag, reviewers say it’s actually very well-made. This versatility and low price makes it a great buy if you’re not quite sure whether you want a weightlifting belt yet.

Weight Lifting Belt Cheap Velcro Courtesy of Amazon

Harbinger Nylon Weightlifting Belt



5. Meister Contoured Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt


If you’re looking for a weightlifting belt which provides comfort above all else, check out the Meister Contoured Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt. It’s made from neoprene which is known for its ability to provide a secure fit along with unbeatable comfort. While less stiff than more rigid belts, the contoured design delivers support for your back and abdominals, while still providing a useful amount of flexibility. The design is fully washable, making cleaning the belt after a sweaty workout especially easy.

best weightlifting belts meister Image courtesy of Walmart

Meister Contoured Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt



6. Valeo Contoured Weightlifting Belt


Targeting your lumbar (the lower back) with a contoured belt like this one from Valeo doesn’t actually give your abs and back muscles a break. In fact, it does the opposite, by engaging them even more while also protecting you. This translates to a better workout, and with this $17 Valeo belt, it doesn’t have to cost much either. Use it to improve your overall form or increase repetitions.

Weightlifting belt Tapered Lumbar Courtesy of Amazon

Valeo Contoured Weightlifting Belt



7. TAILONG Men Waist Trainer Belt


The TAILONG Men Waist Trainer Belt design includes five flexible bones which sit behind the waistline to provide lower back support, relieve pain and tone your stomach as you workout. It’s constructed from a neoprene fabric with breathable holes to keep you comfortable while promoting additional weight loss through sweating. The belt is available in a range of different sizes and has a double-secure closure for compression control. In addition to weightlifting, this versatile belt can be used for running, cycling and other physical activities.

best weightlifting belts tailong Image courtesy of Amazon

TAILONG Men Waist Trainer Belt



8. ProFitness Leather Workout Belt


If this is your first time buying a weightlifting belt, we suggest this one from ProFitness. It has a simple 4”, all-leather construction that’s great for recreational lifting. At $24-$29 (depending on your size), it’s relatively inexpensive, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t end up using the belt that often. Plus, ProFitness offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you realize that a belt isn’t for you.

Weight Lifting Belt Beginners Courtesy of Amazon

ProFitness Leather Workout Belt

$39.95 $49.95 20% OFF


9. Nike Structured Training Belt 2.0


Sporting the recognizable swoosh in lime green, the Nike Structured Training Belt offers a combination of style and support for your weight-lifting workouts in part thanks to the plastic inserts throughout the lower back. The firm nylon fabric further adds to the support you receive from this anatomically correct belt. The sturdy design also encourages proper lifting technique, and the perforated back panel with ventilation channels helps regulate body temperature.

best weightlifting belts nike Image courtesy of Amazon

Nike Structured Training Belt 2.0



10. Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt


With white, red, black and purple to choose from, there’s likely an Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt to suit your favorite workout attire. It’s made from a 100% premium, no-flex material which delivers a mix of support and comfort during your workouts. The smart, quick-release mechanism allows you to loosen the belt without removing it. You’ll also find the uniform, 4″ profile applies consistent pressure for optimal stabilizing during lifting. Furthermore, the versatile belt can be used in a range of physical activities and is also approved for use in CrossFit competitions.

best weightlifting belts element Image courtesy of Amazon

Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt

$34.97 $49.99 30% OFF


11. ARD Genuine Leather Power Heavy Duty Belt


The ARD Genuine Leather Power Heavy Duty Belt is made from four layers of top quality suede leather with an extra heavy duty competition grade prong. This durable material provides plenty of support for your lumbar region and core during heavy lifting. From deadlifts to squats, the real cowhide leather belt can be used for all kinds of exercises, including powerlifting and bodybuilding as well as for more general back support.

best weightlifting belts ard Image courtesy of Walmart

ARD Genuine Leather Power Heavy Duty Belt



12. Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt


Weightlifting belts were originally intended for classic lifting, but CrossFitters are now adopting the piece as well. Extra back and ab support is still a safety and performance upgrade for CrossFit, but you’ll need the proper belt. This Fire Team Fit belt is our recommendation because it has a lightweight nylon build and a velcro closure that can be perfectly adjusted for different movements throughout your workout.

Weightlifting Belt Nylon Crossfit Courtesy of Amazon

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt



13. Bear KompleX Strength Weightlifting Belt


This Bear KompleX Strength Weightlifting Belt comes to you from the official sponsors of the CrossFit games and boasts five-star reviews from over 85% of Amazon users. It’s available with three different color decals and comes in a range of different sizes, ensuring there’s one to fit you. The velcro band makes it quick and easy to adjust, while the 6″ width provides plenty of support for powerlifting, cross training, squats, weights and, of course, CrossFit.

best weightlifting belts bear komplex Image courtesy of Amazon

Bear KompleX Strength Weightlifting Belt



14. Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt


Constructed from thick suede leather and featuring double stitching, the Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt is a versatile and durable option for support during workouts. This well-reviewed belt is the choice of many top athletes and works to increase intra-abdominal pressure for added stability during weightlifting, strength training and more. It’s also available in a range of different colors, including green, blue and purple and features a double-prong closure with 10 locking positions to ensure you get the right fit for you.

best weightlifting belts ironbull Image courtesy of Amazon

Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt



15. Flexz Fitness Weightlifting Belt


Traditional powerlifting (single-rep squat, bench press and deadlift) isn’t as popular among recreational lifters, but it’s a great endeavor if you’ve been lifting for a while. If you decide to give the sport a shot, a great belt is essential for safety. Most powerlifters opt for a lever buckle belt like this one from Flexz Fitness because they comply with competition regulations, offer serious support, and can be quickly removed for rest between bouts.

Weightlifting Belt Lever Powerlifting Courtesy of Amazon

Flexz Fitness Weightlifting Belt



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