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The Best Weightlifting Belts to Upgrade Your Gym Workouts and Prevent Injuries

There’s nothing quite like hitting a new personal record lift at the gym. Whether you’re bench pressing 200 pounds for the first time, notching a personal best squat or deadlifting in a weight class you’ve never touched before, the rush and intensity which accompany a one-rep max are hard to beat. But with great power lifting comes a greater responsibility for your body. That’s why we suggest investing in one of the best weight lifting belts.

It’s worth checking out the wealth of benefits that lifting weights can offer, especially if the activity isn’t already a part of your workout routine. From stronger muscles and boosted self-esteem to more nuanced results like improved mood and a reduced risk of heart disease, this intensive training is truly more than just about appearance. It can even help keep several chronic conditions at bay. But doing it safely should always be the main priority, so here’s a look at why a weightlifting belt should always be in your gym bag.

Why You Should Consider a Weightlifting Belt

While the benefits of weightlifting sound like only good news, pushing your body to and beyond its limits can be potentially dangerous. During heavy lifts, you’re often asking your muscles to work to their maximum, even when some of them may not be fully equipped or ready to handle that kind of stress. This is where the best belts for weightlifting come in. A weightlifting belt is a sturdy training aid which securely wraps around your waist to provide extra support and security for your back and core during lifts, if and when it’s ever needed.

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The Benefits of Using a Weightlifting Belt

Generally speaking, having one of the best weightlifting belts at your disposal during workouts will help accomplish two things:

  • Decreased Lower Back Stress – A tight, durable weightlifting belt compresses your abdominal cavity, creating what’s called intra-abdominal pressure (IAB). While that might sound like a bad thing, this pressure can actually create support for the bones in your lower back, taking some of the load off your spinal erector muscles which would usually be responsible for this and may not always be fully equipped to offer the necessary support during heavy lifts.
  • Decreased Hyperextension Risk – Weightlifting belts also help to prevent hyperextension during overhead lifts like the shoulder press. These exercises can move your lower back into some abnormal angles and positions, especially as weight increases, so a weightlifting belt is critical for protecting your spine during heavy lifts.

What To Look for When Choosing a Weightlifting Belt

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for the best weightlifting belt for women or for men, they usually fall into one of two categories: leather belts or nylon/velcro belts. Here’s a quick overview of each belt type, including some of their major strengths and weaknesses:

  • Leather Belts – The best leather weightlifting belts are often bulkier than the more lightweight and flimsy nylon alternatives. However, this results in belts which are capable of providing a greater level of support during lifts. They can also endure rougher treatment and are generally far more durable.
  • Nylon/Velcro Belts – With their softer, stretchier material construction, nylon/velcro belts weightlifting belts usually win when it comes to overall comfort. They are also easier to fit and can more easily be stashed in your gym bag without taking up excessive space. And while the level of support they provide may be less than a leather weightlifting belt, they are still capable of providing support for your body, especially when compared to having nothing there at all.

Additionally, you may notice that weightlifting belts which are designed solely for bodybuilding tend to be wider across the back, before transitioning to a narrower shape around the front. On the other hand, powerlifting belts maintain a consistent width across their entire length.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your weightlifting sessions, check out our selection of the best belts for weightlifting available online. We’ve rounded up the best belts you can buy and included a number for each weightlifting discipline, price point and level of expertise required to use them.


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This leather belt from Dark Iron Fitness is our top pick. A slightly less rigid, comfortable fit makes it perfect for the recreational, bodybuilding-style workouts that most guys do regularly. It’s well-priced for its quality (some belts can get up to $100), but the real kicker is a lifetime warranty where Dark Iron will send you a new belt if your belt ever fails. And with over 18,000 reviews and 4.7 stars on Amazon, it’s by far one of the best-rated weightlifting belts too.


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With white, red, black, purple and even more colors to choose from, there’s likely an Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt to suit your favorite workout attire. This belt is made from a 100% premium, no-flex material which delivers a mix of support and comfort during your workouts. The smart, quick-release mechanism also allows you to loosen the belt without removing it. You’ll find the uniform, four-inch profile applies consistent pressure for optimal stabilizing during lifting. Furthermore, the versatile belt can be used in a range of physical activities and is also approved for use in CrossFit competitions.


If this is your first time buying a weightlifting belt, we suggest this one from ProFitness. It has a simple four-inch, all-leather construction that’s great for recreational lifting. At under $30, it’s relatively inexpensive, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t end up using the belt that often. Plus, ProFitness offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you decide that a belt isn’t for you after all.


Rogue Fitness has made a name for itself as one of the most legit manufacturers of gym-quality equipment, from power racks and barbells to bumper plates and benches. It’s no surprise, then, that Rogue produces one of the highest quality weightlifting belts on the market. The Ohio belt is both gorgeous and effective, made from 10mm thick American leather which looks as good as it helps prevent pain while lifting. Because this is real leather we’re talking about here, there is somewhat of a break-in period, but it’s worth it for such a high quality piece of gear. The price reflects the craftsmanship, but this belt is built to last.


Another great choice on this list of the best weightlifting belts, Gymreapers’ Quick Locking belt sports a heavy duty buckle which is easy to strap on and off in between your toughest sets at the gym. The belt features reinforced stitching for extra sports, folds up easily for convenient travel and comes in six badass colors. Gymreapers also offers a lifetime replacement guarantee, which is a testament to the quality of this weightlifting belt.


Weightlifting belts were originally intended for classic lifting, but CrossFitters are now adopting the piece as well. Extra back and ab support is still a safety and performance upgrade for CrossFit, but you’ll need the proper belt. This Fire Team Fit belt is our recommendation because it has a lightweight nylon build and a velcro closure that can be perfectly adjusted for different movements throughout your workout.


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If you’re going to entrust your midsection to a budget belt, go for this nylon belt from Harbinger. It has a versatile four-inch thickness that works for bodybuilding, and a customizable velcro closure that makes it great for CrossFit training. Although it comes with an incredible sub-$25 price tag, reviewers say it’s actually very well-made. This versatility and budget-friendly price makes it a great buy if you’re not quite sure whether you want a weightlifting belt yet.


Traditional powerlifting (single-rep squat, bench press and deadlift) isn’t as popular among recreational lifters, but it’s a great endeavor if you’ve been lifting for a while. If you decide to give the sport a shot, a great belt is essential for safety. Most powerlifters opt for a lever buckle belt like this one from Flexz Fitness because they comply with competition regulations, offer serious support and can be quickly removed for rest between bouts.


Constructed from thick suede leather and featuring double stitching, the Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt is a versatile and durable option for support during workouts. This well-reviewed belt is the choice of many top athletes and works to increase intra-abdominal pressure for added stability during weightlifting, strength training and more. It’s also available in a range of different colors, including green, blue and purple and features a double-prong closure with 10 locking positions to ensure you get the right fit for you.


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Thanks to its double stitching and genuine leather construction, the Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt is one of the most durable belts available. When on, the four-inch belt provides just the right amount of support for your back and core during heavy lifts. It also includes an interior foam cushioning and suede lining to deliver a comfortable experience, while a heavy-duty, dual prong roller buckle ensures it always remains securely in place. Furthermore, the belt is available in a thicker, six-inch option and also comes in a range of sizes, meaning there’s one for almost every size of gym-goer.