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You Won’t Believe the Before & After Difference of This Best-Selling Whitening Toothpaste

* Get super white teeth without going to the dentist
* This charcoal-infused powder doesn’t cause sensitivity on gums
* Natural formula with no harsh ingredients or chemicals

A bright, white smile can be your most alluring feature or your most valuable asset, but, they’re tough to maintain. Often times, teeth whitening solutions can be too abrasive for sensitive teeth. That’s why the latest oral care trend is charcoal toothpastes. The best-selling Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder has the ability to whiten your teeth right at home. This is certainly something to smile about.

Instead of relying on harsh, dental-grade peroxides, Active Wow is a unique, formulated powder made from activated coconut charcoal powder, which naturally whitens your teeth. Its high quality ingredients are much more gentle on teeth, but no less effective at giving you dazzling chompers because activated charcoal is one of nature’s best purifiers and detoxifiers.

Active Wow brushes on just like normal toothpaste. Once on your teeth, the activated charcoal powder pulls stains off through an absorption process. It works great on coffee, wine, cigarette and other stains.

In addition to the charcoal, the formula also contains Bentonite, which re-mineralizes your teeth and absorbs toxins. That clears the way for orange seed oil, a natural teeth whitener, which also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. Basically, with this stuff you’re covered from tooth to gum. And speaking of gums, Active Wow is excellent for gum health as well. Not convinced yet? Just head to the Amazon listing to check out customer’s impressive before-and-after photos for proof.