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Herculean Hands: The 7 Best Workout Gloves For Men and Women

* Because picking your callused hands is totally unacceptable
* Gloves for every type of workout from weights to cross-fit
* Most picks are unisex and come in multiple sizes

So you’re getting serious about your workout routine, have thrown in some weightlifting and are now noticing how callused your hands are getting, right? It happens.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to treat them, like

, but one surefire way to prevent them from building up in the first place is by wearing gloves. As luck would have it, we’ve found 7 of the best workout gloves for men and women.

1. Darkfin Kongz Workout Gloves (Unisex)

We’ve written about the virtues of Darkfin’s natural latex gloves before, but in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a quick refresher: they’re lightweight, thin, will never lose their grip in wet or dry conditions and they’ll never stretch out.

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Image courtesy Darkfin[/caption]


2. Trideer Ultralight Gloves (Unisex)

Trideer’s fingerless gloves look like your traditional pair of workout gloves, but don’t let its looks deceive you. The dual adjustable velcro straps offer a better fit, while the gel palms ensure a better grip. And according to reviewers, Trideer’s customer service is top notch in case you run into any issues.

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3. ProFitness Cross-Training Gloves (Unisex)

If you happen to partake in any high-intensity interval training workouts that involve some weightlifting, then ProFitness’s cross-training gloves will not only protect your palms from ripping or building calluses, but will also provide the wrist support you’ll need when lifting anything overhead.


4. Bionic StableGrip Fingerless Fitness Gloves (Men’s)

Designed to reduce hand fatigue, Bionic’s StableGrip gloves feature a patented pad system that purportedly “evens out the surface of your hand,” which allows for a better and more even grip. More importantly, Bionic gloves come with an antimicrobial treatment to help reduce the funk from working out.


5. Bionic PerformanceGrip Full Finger Fitness Gloves (Men’s)

If you like the idea of Bionic’s StableGrip gloves, but would prefer a full-finger version, then you’ll likely be into the PerformanceGrip gloves. Same patented technology and antimicrobial properties, but with full finger coverage.


6. Bear KompleX 3hole Hand Grips (Unisex)

Workout gloves can admittedly be bulky and often times there’s no getting around it, so if you’re in search of gloves that are a bit more minimal, then check out Bear Komplex’s 3hole hand grips. Grips, like these, tend to be used by CrossFitters, Kettlebell enthusiasts and gymnasts, who spend most of their workouts gripping a bar(s).


7. StrongerRx Forever Gloves Program LT.15 (Unisex)

If you happen to wear through gloves at a steady clip and don’t want to continuously pay for new ones, StrongerRx has a lifetime replacement program that will keep you in fresh gloves forever. The LT.15 gloves are part of the “Forever Replacement Program” and come with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a full-finger glove – light and thin. But really, that replacement program really tips these over the edge.

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