Flex Harder: 5 Must-Have Workout Products From Amazon Under $25

best men's workout mats
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* Get in shape with these easy, affordable workout products
* Isolate different body parts with booty bands, cross-training gloves, and a pilates ball 
* Great gear to elevate your workout at home and in the gym 

You don’t have to break the bank to get a slamming body. These five fantastic finds are all super affordable and will help bring your workout routine to new heights. They are ideal for those who prefer to stay at home but want added support to get a solid workout, or for people who want to upgrade their current regime at the gym.

Start by picking up these easy-to-use props that will help enhance your training. From cross-training gloves for a solid grip on weights, to resistance bands for tight and toned glutes, these affordable products are too good to pass up. Throw on your athletic attire, put on your shoes, then sweat and repeat.

1. Exercise Fitness Mat

This portable exercise mat is a must-have for at-home fitness routines like yoga, pilates, and floor workouts. With 2/5 inches of support, the easy-to-carry mat rolls up for quick transport while always giving you enough back support to get an extra crunch in.

 Fitness & Exercise Mat Courtesy of Amazon

2. Resistance Bands for Glutes

The booty is in and it ain’t going anywhere. In order to achieve a stronger, tighter, and more toned derrière, grab a few booty bands for a deeper reach to those muscles below the belt. With three levels of resistance, you can work your way up to the tightest band in order to strengthen quads and hamstrings.

black and grey booty bands Courtesy of Amazon

3. Cross Training Gloves

Slippery and sweaty hands while lifting weights is a recipe for disaster, so for those cross-fit connoisseurs who need extra support when training, we recommend these well-reviewed gloves on Amazon. With leather and silicone grips, wrist wraps for support and protection, these have all the bang without a big hit to your wallet.

black gloves for lifting Courtesy of Amazon

4. Exercise Ball For Yoga and Pilates

Level up your routine with this professional-grade and anti-burst fitness ball that can help support posture when used at your office desk and help with balance strengthening while doing Pilates workouts. This is also a great option if you are opting out of the gym and performing self-driven routines as there are a handful of ways to utilize this non-slip PVC exercise ball.

black Exercise Ball Courtesy of Amazon


5. Stability Balance Disc 

These handy stability discs can be thrown into any gym bag and will make a serious difference in your floor work, including spinal alignment when both feet are placed on one disc and you go into a squat position. They are excellent for shoulder presses and curls, making each movement more challenging and thus helping you gain strength and stability quicker than without them.

gray stability disc Courtesy of Amazon

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