The Best Yoga Mat Bags for Transporting Om To and From the Studio

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Decreasing stress, relieving anxiety and improving your overall well-being are just a handful of the potential benefits you may experience from practicing yoga regularly. It’s these positives, along with improved strength and flexibility, that has driven the rising popularity of this calmness-inducing activity. Whether you’re thinking about dipping your toes into the yoga world or are already a fully-fledged yogi, one of the key tools for a successful practice is a high-quality yoga mat.

Mats form the literal base on which you perform your workout, and so ensuring you have the right size and shape mat is an important step for enjoying an effective session. Properly maintaining any yoga mat is also vital to keeping your practice safe and ensuring your mat lasts for its full lifespan. This means using correct storage methods and providing regular and effective cleaning. Another important process to your yoga practice is transporting your mat to and from your workout space, whether that’s a studio, a friend’s house or even just a clear outdoor space in your favorite park. Moving your mat from place to place is most successfully achieved with the help of a yoga mat bag.

The best yoga mat bags are specially designed for carrying these exercise mats and often include handy extras such as a waterproof outer layer, additional pockets for your essentials and attractive color options. So, rather than rolling your mat up and slipping it awkwardly under your arm, try one of the best yoga mat bags.

You’ll want to look for features that include:

  • Antibacterial properties to avoid that gym bag smell
  • Convenient carrying handles
  • Over-the-shoulder straps
  • Water-resistant fabrics
  • Durable, long-lasting design
  • Extra pockets and storage for your phone or wallet

1. ELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag


With a choice of over 30 different designs, the ELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag offers individuality and a convenient carrying option for your yoga mat. From bohemian patterning to a colorful oil painting, there is a colorful option for every preference. The yoga mat bag itself features a handy and adjustable shoulder strap along with two outside pockets which are ideal for keeping your keys, smartphone and other yoga essentials inside.

elenture leaf pattern yoga mat bag on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Lululemon The Yoga Mat Bag 16L


The Lululemon Yoga Mat Bag 16L comes in a variety of colors and oozes style that your fellow yogis won’t fail to notice. The large, zippered opening makes putting your mat in and taking it out simple, while the adjustable, over-the-shoulder strap ensures comfort while you’re on the move. The bag also includes a second pocket for your water bottle.

yoga mat bags lululemon Image courtesy of Lululemon


3. Clever Yoga Yoga Mat Strap Sling


If carrying around an extra bag just for your yoga mat seems like too much for you, the Clever Yoga Yoga Mat Strap Sling is what you need. It comes in a range of colors and simply fits over either end of your mat to give you a handy carrying strap without adding any unnecessary bulk. Another great benefit to this strap is its versatility when it comes to mat size. The strap can be adjusted to fit smaller or larger mats without any difficulty at all. Plus, when you aren’t using your strap to carry your mat, you can use it as an additional aid in your practice.

simple strap-style yoga mat bag on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Carry Your Om Yoga Mat Bag


Carry Your Om is a new company that makes yoga mats, bags and cleaners. In short, everything you need to focus on your flow instead of the germs that might be growing on your mat. The brand’s Yoga Mat Carrier features a unique design that protects your mat from dirty surfaces. The bag comes with a buillt-in liner that covers your yoga mat and creates a barrier between the top and sides of the mat. It’s also made with lightweight, water-resistant fabric and is machine washable. Basically, everything you’re looking for in the best yoga mat bags.

yoga mat bag, carry your om Courtesy of Amazon


5. Peach Yoga Air Vent Yoga Exercise Mat Bag


The Peach Yoga Air Vent Yoga Exercise Mat Bag has plenty to offer, including an easy carry strap and a useful pocket for your yoga essentials. It fits both standard sized mats and Manduka mats and even includes holes in the side to let your mat breathe when it’s inside the bag. This option is available in a range of different colors, including red, blue, yellow and black with design decals including trees, flowers and birds.

yoga mat bags peace yoga Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag


With a reinforced bottom and construction from durable canvas material, the Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag will endure the rigors of daily practice alongside you. Furthermore, the large main compartment is big enough for the XL yoga mats many men use. If you’re using a regular size mat, the bag can also carry a yoga towel and water bottle in the main compartment, too. The bag also includes two large front pockets for your wallet or phone and an inner pocket for your keys or valuables. The shoulder strap is adjustable and comes with a padded strap protector for long trips with your mat on your shoulder.

yoga mat bags heathyoga Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Explore Land Oxford Yoga Mat Storage Bag


Unpretentious and perfectly casual, the Explore Land Oxford Yoga Mat Storage Bag does its job without being too flashy. It’s made from tear-resistant oxford material and boasts reinforced stitching. Rather than a zipper, this top-loading bag boasts a folding buckle closure for a sportier look. But, the best part of this bag is the mesh window which provides air circulation to help dry your mat and prevent stink after a sweaty practice. Add that to the pop-out exterior pocket and hidden interior zip pocket, and you’ve got one of the best yoga mat bags on the market.

Explore Land Oxford yoga mat bag Courtesy of Amazon


8. Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag


This yoga mat bag has a great chakra design on the side and is made of 100% breathable cotton. It’s designed to fit any size yoga or pilates mat and has an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. It has a front pocket for convenient storage of personal items during class like your wallet, keys and phone, and it has a cinched top.

Gaiam top-loading yoga mat bag Courtesy of Amazon


9. Open Road Goods Yoga Mat Bag


If you’re all about looking after the environment, then this yoga mat bag from Open Road Goods is a great choice. The brand is certified fair trade which means you can count on all the materials having been ethically-sourced, that the employees receive a fair wage and the products created are environmentally-friendly. This bag is made from 100% G.O.T.S-certified cotton and fits all mats up to 26″ wide. It has three ergonomic pockets designed to hold devices, wallets and other important valuables during class, and it has an easy zipper closure. 


open-road goods yoga mat bag Courtesy of Amazon


10. Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bag


Without doubt, the Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bag is one of the most popular options on our list. Not only does it make getting your mat to practice simple, your journey will also be comfortable and stylish, too. The bag is made from high-quality material, which is both lightweight and durable. There’s also a zippered opening for easy placement and removal of your mat, and the included dual straps offer a unique over-the-shoulder carrying option. Plus, the external pocket is ideal for storing your phone or other essentials while you’re sweating away on your mat.

yoga mat bags gaiam Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag


The Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag offers a different carrying style to the other options on our list. The upright orientation gives you a more versatile choice when it comes to carrying your belongings, including the option of using the bag as a normal gym bag or shopping bag. This yoga mat carrier also sports an inner pocket and a larger outer pocket, which are ideal for storing your smartphone or any other items you don’t want to leave behind. Design options include ancient totem, ice, plain black and grey.

ewedoos wide yoga mat bag on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Imarana Yoga Mat Bag


The Imarana Yoga Mat Bag sports a design with all your yoga workout needs in mind. The adjustable shoulder strap is padded to ensure you’re always comfortable when you’re on the move, while the side-mounted hand strap offers a second carrying option. The bag is made from a high-quality, durable fabric, and you’ll also find two external pockets for carrying your water bottle with you to practice.

imarana backpack style yoga mat bag on a white background Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Alo Warrior Mat Bag


Alo is one of the best brands in the yoga space, and while this yoga mat bag might be a bit pricier than others it’s worth the splurge. It’s got a zipper compartment for the mat as well as zipper pockets on the inside for personal valuables. There’s a ventilated mesh sleeve so your mat can air out after class while being carried, and it’s got a shoulder strap and top handle for flexible, easy carrying. It’s made with luxe neoprene material and the hardware is all durable gunmetal. It’s designed to carry their Warrior mat, but the bag could also carry mats with similar dimensions.

Alo yoga mat bag Courtesy of Alo


14. Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Backpack


The Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Backpack is the only true backpack on our list. Most back-riding yoga mat bags are actually slings, but this bag gives you two full straps to pull over your shoulders. Plus, the ingenious design actually allows you to carry your yoga mat and a full load of groceries, books or other gym gear at the same time. There’s even a laptop sleeve in the main compartment. And, when you aren’t going to yoga practice and don’t need to carry a mat, this bag simply looks like a normal backpack.

Aurorae Yoga multipurpose bag, best yoga mat bags Courtesy of Amazon


15. Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Carrier


If you want a yoga mat bag that’s definitely going to fit your mat, regardless of the dimensions, this is a great option. It’s a cross between a bag and a strap, so it’s suitable for a wide variety of mat types. It’s got quick-release buckles so it’s easy to fasten in and take out once class is about to start, and it has a large storage pocket on the side for valuables. It’s made with weather and water-resistant fabric to protect your mat from the elements and is easy to spot clean if needed.

manduka go play yoga mat bag Courtesy of Amazon


16. Yoga Outlet Macaranga Yoga Mat Bag


Yoga outlet is a great resource for all things yogi, including this brightly colored yoga bag. It comes in three different colors, but I like the lavender color best. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, a main compartment that’s big enough for the mat, a towel and a change of clothes if need be. It also has a smaller, compact outside pocket for personal items. It’s made with organic cotton and has a simple zipper closure. If you prefer to go bright and bold, this is a great choice.

yoga outlet macaranga yoga mat bag Courtesy of Yoga Outlet


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