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The Best Yoga Mats for Men Who Want To Get Zen

Whether you’re headed to the gym or working out at home, having the best yoga mat ensures that you’re comfortable and safe when executing your favorite yoga poses. With gyms now hosting live yoga sessions in person and on Zoom, there are many ways to maintain a healthy workout regimen. If you’re working from home, this is also a great opportunity to begin practicing yoga more than you were able to when you were commuting back and forth to your job.

Yoga provides a positive release from your traditional routine, transporting your mind and body to a peaceful and relaxed state before, during, or after a long day.

While there are a lot of high-quality yoga mats for men for sale, many men require a little more from their exercise mats. When choosing the best yoga mats for men, we carefully selected for thickness, extra length and moisture resistance. Plus, we know that a lot of guys prefer neutral colors when choosing a mat.

What to Look for in the Best Yoga Mat for Men

Dimensions – The mat should be at least 6 inches taller than you so that you can lay on your mat comfortably without your head or feet hanging off. Extra-long mats are ideal for anyone over 6 feet tall. Most mats are 24 inches wide and between 68-72 inches long. If you prefer a spacious experience, extra-wide models are available but are sometimes discouraged in yoga studios since they take up more space.

Material: Yoga mats are made from either synthetic, natural materials or a mix. The material will affect the texture and grip of your mat. A material like cork, jute, polyurethane leather or cotton will provide more traction, but it may also absorb sweat. Materials like PCV and natural rubber are the least expensive materials but can cause slipping with moisture. Additionally, mats with raised patterns will help you stay in place. Rubber options, as opposed to synthetic plastics like PVC, are more sustainable, but not suitable for those with a latex allergy.

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Cushion: The thickness of your mat will dictate how comfortable it is. If it’s too thin and you have sensitive joints, you might hurt yourself during lunges or other impact moves. However, though thicker mats have more cushioning, it provides less of a flat, even surface, which can create wobbly poses. The thinnest yoga mats are generally intended for travel and portability.

Weight: For at-home yogis, this may not make much of a difference, and a heavier mat will ensure better stability without curling at the corners. But if you regularly attend a yoga studio or travel with your mat, finding a portable option is important. Thicker mats are often heavier, so while they can provide comfort, they’re not ideal for lugging around. Travel mats are specifically designed to pack down smaller than a traditional mat, making them more suitcase friendly. While traditional mats are often 1/8 or 1/4 inches, travel mats can be only 1/16 of an inch.


How To Choose the Best Yoga Mat for Men

Some mats are better for certain moves, although the best yoga mats will combine these qualities, making them versatile for a range of activities.

  • Weight Training – Don’t opt for an overly cushioned mat if your primary activity is weight training — since you’ll be carrying heavy items, a relatively thin non-slip mat will provide more stability. You can also consider a polyurethane leather
  • Hot Yoga – Cork mats can handle a good amount of sweat, making them ideal for hot yoga sessions. You can also opt for a rubber mat or one that’s blended with polyurethane leather for added traction.
  • Yoga– Although there are different intensity levels of yoga, a PVC mat will be the most affordable and effective mat. If you sweat a lot, consider a textured version.
  • Pilates – Unlike yoga, pilates is mostly performed on the floor, and for this reason, it often requires a thicker mat for comfort to help you move through your workout. If you also practice yoga, you can add a yoga towel on top for added cushioning.
  • HIIT – Filled with fast, high impact movements like jumping, HIIT a non-slip mat made from jute, natural rubber, or cork is your best bet, providing the best blend of cushioning and stability. Unlike classic weight training, the proper thickness is ideal for protecting joints.

Begin your personal yoga adventure today and give your body and your mind a workout at the same time. So take a deep breath and consider these top-rated yoga mats for men.


1. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat


The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is a chemical-free, imported piece of beauty that will sustain your practice for years to come. This is not your $7 mat from Target or your local sporting goods store. Our priciest choice, it’s also the most environmentally friendly. This yoga mat is 6mm thick and features intense grips, support and ultra-dense cushioning, which is why this mat is our number one pick.

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2. Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat


Yoga and caring for the environment often go hand in hand, which is probably one of the reasons this

is so popular with users. Not only is the SGS certified TPE material eco-friendly, but it also gives the mat a non-slip, odorless and spongy feel. The mat sports a “diamond” textured surface on one side for traction for your hands and feet, while the underside has a tire tread pattern to prevent unwanted movement during practice. It’s also available in a range of colors, including lime green, turquoise and light grey.

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3. Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series


Gaiam has produced an incredible mat for taller men, a sometimes annoying factor when you go into a yoga studio and have to borrow a regular-sized mat. This one is 10” wider and 2” longer than traditional yoga mats as well as 5mm thick, which adds extra cushion for longer frames. If you’ve found the floor to be right beneath your palms, say no more with the Gaiam. Another perk: the PVC material is great for those with latex sensitivities. So unroll this extra-long, extra-wide mat in a patch of sun and enjoy your practice.

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4. OYO Fitness Performance


OYO has made a reversible yoga mat for men that’s great for those of us who like variety during our practice. With two great no-slip sides, one all black and the other printed, you’ll be sure to keep your focus. With a great thickness and length, this mat can be used by taller than average men and women with no consequences. It’s 6mm thick, which gives comfort and stability to your stance. Easy to clean and care for, the OYO is a top pick for men who enjoy reversible yoga mats. 

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5. Retrospec Zuma Yoga Mat


The Retrospec Zuma mat has a handy nylon strap for carrying and travel, which makes it easy to take on the go. It comes in a variety of colors and is a top choice for men and women alike, so buy one for your partner as well. Date night yoga session anyone? The Retrospec is also dual-layered to prevent any slipping, so a heavy, intense workout is no problem for this yoga mat for men. At 6mm, it offers optimal cushioning and has a great base layer material that makes it great for beginners. Whether you practice yoga in the studio or at home, this mat is a great buy.

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6. AmazonBasics 0.5″ Yoga Mat


There’s a lot to love about the AmazonBasics yoga mat for men, which is one of the best yoga mats for men and women alike. This mat measures 74″ by 24″, which is enough space for most men. It’s also 0.5″ thick, more than enough cushioning for the typical yoga session. And at just $20, it’s an affordable exercise tool.

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7. BalanceFrom GoYoga 0.5″ Anti-Tear Men’s Yoga Mat


This durable, extra-thick yoga man for men has a lot of great features — not to mention a very affordable price. It comes with its own strap and carrying handle for portability, and it features enough traction to avoid slipping around while you practice new poses. This mat is also 0.5″ thick and constructed from an anti-tear material, which means it will last for years to come. The high-density foam provides extra support while you exercise, too. However, at 71″ long, it’s shorter than some of the other options on this list, which is why we didn’t rate it higher. Even so, with more than 66,000 reviews on Amazon, this best-selling yoga mat is a great buy for men who don’t need too much extra room.

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8. Yoga Cloud Extra Thick Exercise Mat


Durable and thick, this 1-inch yoga mat conforms to and comforts the body with every move. It’s made of high-density foam and features a non-slip, moisture-resistant surface for safe use. The larger 72 by 24-inch size creates lots of room to move while providing a safer environment to work out with less stress on your joints. It comes with a shoulder strap and is available in four colors, including black.

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9. Ewedoos Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines


This 1/4-inch thick yoga mat features alignment lines that help you perform positions easily and accurately. It offers a double-sided non-slip surface that provides stability during every workout. This product is waterproof, eco-friendly, easy to clean between uses, and additionally comes with a free carrying strap for simple portability. There is a myriad of muted colors to choose from.

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10. CAMBIVO Wide Yoga Mat


This 6 by 4-foot yoga mat gives you plenty of room to pose, stretch, and perform any yoga pose or exercise. The gigantic sizing is double that of a standard yoga mat and features a non-slip surface for comfort and safety. With 1/3 inch thick cushioning, it is super supportive to your feet, knees, hips, and spine. This oversized mat comes with a microfiber towel, storage bag, and two storage straps.

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11. SPRI Hanging Exercise Mat


If you don’t like to keep your mat rolled up (nobody likes curled edges) and prefer to maximize the storage space on your wall, this hanging mat made from sanitized closed-cell foam is your best bet. It’s sold in a range of sizes and comes with two reinforced rings for hanging. Whether your activity is pilates, yoga, or something more intense, this mat is a perfect hybrid between a yoga mat and an exercise mat.


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12. Jade Yoga Voyager Yoga Mat


Made with strong grip and traction, this yoga mat for men provides a safe and secure base for working out. It’s super lightweight and simple to travel with, measuring only 1/16-inches thick and 1.5 pounds in weight, folding down to fit into your bag or backpack with ease. Designed with all high-quality materials, this mat is environmentally sustainable, with the company planting a tree for every mat sold.

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13. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat


This uniquely sustainable yoga mat is designed with an all-natural cork topper and a non-slip rubber bottom. Great for all types of yoga and exercise, the cork is resistant to moisture and odor while rising to the occasion, specifically during hot yoga, where it becomes softer grip and maneuver. It measures 68 by 24 inches in size and weighs 4.5 pounds for making it both durable and easy transportation.

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14. NewMe Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat


This instructional yoga mat for men is great for beginners, providing 70 easy-to-follow illustrations of some of the most popular yoga poses. It measures 68 by 24 inches and is cushiony and durable for comfortable use. Made with non-toxic materials, this non-slip mat is latex-, BPA-, and phthalate-free and also easy to clean in between uses. There are six amazing colors to choose from.

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15. Bandier Yoga Mat by Yoga Hustle


Finding a yoga mat for men to withstand your sweaty HIIT workout can be tough — it can’t be too thick and needs superb grip while also allowing full mobility. This rubber, PU, and polyester blend has an antimicrobial surface, making it ideal for tough workout sessions. With an average of 4.9 stars, one buyer comments that he uses it for heated HIIT classes and that this mat stands up to sweaty palms like nothing else. Still, it provides enough cushion for wrists and knees.

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Courtesy of Bandier

16. balanced body Aeromat Workout Mat


As we mentioned before, a pilates mat will need to be a little thicker than your standard yoga mat for men, since your spine will be spending more time on the ground. That’s why vetted pilates Balanced Body came up with a perfectly cushioned 5/8” thick model that can withstand long poses in tricky positions. It’s non-slip enough to adhere to the floor, and while the added thickness doesn’t make it the most portable option, it does make it the most comfortable.

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17. LOTTUS LIFE Natural Jute Fiber Premium Yoga Mat


Jute offers similar benefits to cork and is a long-lasting, biodegradable material. Jute yoga mates are moisture-absorbent with some serious non-slip power, making them a versatile choice for regular yoga and hot yoga. No matter how sweaty your activity is, this non-toxic reversible mat offers enough grip for any occasion. Jute is a little rougher than cork, which is less than ideal for sensitive skin, but this reversible mat also has a softer side.

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Courtesy of LOTTUS LIFE

18. Gorilla Mats Premium Large Yoga Mat


If you enjoy working out with your partner or other family members at the same time, this huge yoga mat is perfectly grippy for barefoot use and spacious enough to accommodate a few people. It can also be used to transform any small room into an instant home studio gym, providing a soft yet sticky surface for lifting weights, doing a pilates session, or perfecting your Downward Dog alongside some company.

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