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Stretch Deeper and Feel More Supported With a Strong Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels are still a relatively new product, but they are quickly gaining traction as one of the must-have workout accessories. Yoga wheels are hollow and circular in shape. Typically made with ABS plastic, TPE or PVC, yoga wheels can be used as a firm stretching assistant. Ideal for backbends, yoga wheels provide a stable support for everyone from new yogis, people recovering from injuries and anyone who wants to continue improving their yoga practice.

Backbends have been a source of contention in the yoga world for years since improper form can lead to serious injury. With the yoga wheel, yogis have support and assistance when attempting a backbend, which helps to keep people (and their spines) in alignment. In addition to backbends, yoga wheels can also help users reach deeper into other poses and stretches.

We also like using a yoga wheel for restorative stretches. Similar to a foam roller, a yoga wheel can help people target sore muscles and stretch out any areas where there may be tightness or tension, including the legs, back, neck and shoulders.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your yoga practice or you want a prop to help improve your pre and post-workout stretches, check out our top picks for the best yoga wheels available today.

1. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

For a workout prop that can handle the pressure of an intense sweat session, we recommend the UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel. Made with non-flexing ABS plastic, the UpCircleSeven has an impressive 550-pound weight capacity. Extra thick 8 mm foam padding provides a comfortable and secure setting for users thanks to the sweat-resistant design. Designed by two medical professionals and yoga enthusiasts, the UpCircleSeven is built to last through years of use. The 12-inch height of the wheel is standard for most yoga wheels and we like that UpCircleSeven includes an 18-page PDF to help guide users on how to incorporate the prop into their practice.

Pros: High weight capacity, sweat-resistant foam padding, long-lasting.

Cons: The yoga wheel may arrive without the PDF guide.

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2. Pete’s Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

Get everything you need to achieve deeper stretching positions with Pete’s Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel. The wheel is made using polycarbonate ABS plastic that is durable and lightweight. The padded top of the wheel is a combination of quality PVC materials that are hypoallergenic and impact resistant. The Dharma wheel, which has a max weight capacity of 350 pounds, also comes with an instructional book that includes 16 instructional poses and a yoga strap to help users get deeper into their leg and arm stretches.

Pros: Hypoallergenic padding, durable ABS plastic material, includes bonus yoga strap.

Cons: Users who want thick padding may not enjoy the Dharma wheel.

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3. ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel

Want a yoga wheel that is the perfect size for you? Try the ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel set, which includes three different yoga wheel sizes to fit every pose. The three pressure levels include a standard 12-inch wheel that fits most adults, a 10-inch wheel designed for back and hip stretches, and a 5-inch wheel that can be used on the neck, legs, and back. All three wheels are made with eco-friendly TPE padding that is sweat and odor resistant and each wheel has a strong ABS plastic core. Available in several color options, the non-flex wheels have a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Pros: Three sizes to choose from, sweat and odor resistant padding, several color options.

Cons: At 6mm, the padding on the Ativafit wheels is thinner than the UpCircleSeven.

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4. Gaiam Yoga Wheel

For a great introduction to yoga wheels, we recommend the Gaiam Yoga Wheel. Gaiam has cornered the affordable yoga market with mats, blocks and straps and now they’re offering their own yoga wheel to help with backbends and deep stretches. The black and grey wheel uses yoga mat material to provide 6 mm of non-slip cushioning, which seals out germs and odors. The PVC core provides a sturdy 12-inch diameter and has a 5-inch width that provides a stable base for stretches. The 4-pound yoga wheel is also available with a cork finish.

Pros: Non-slip yoga mat padding, blocks out germs and odors, available with cork padding.

Cons: The outside padding may begin to peel after extensive use.

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