A Blood Pressure Monitor You’ll Actually Be Pumped To Use


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* Makes logging and sharing blood pressure readings quick and simple
* Sleek, compact design for easy and discreet portability
* Compatible with both iOS and Android devices

Keeping track of your health when you’re on the go hasn’t always been easy. Take, for example, having to monitor your blood pressure. The traditional blood pressure monitor  — a thick sleeve with a manual pump and clunky screen — is a bulky space-hog, both at home and when packing along with your daily necessities. Nokia’s wellness brand, Withings, has found a way to disrupt the process with their sleek, streamlined, wireless blood pressure monitor.


Using just a AAA battery-powered sleeve and Bluetooth technology, the blood pressure readings show up on your iOS or Android device, canceling out any need for wires (though it does come with an available wire option to connect with smartphones or tablets). Just download their Health Mate app to get started. It stores all your readings, syncs with the Withings Health Cloud and creates an easy-to-understand chart for staying on top of your health.

You’ll always know if you’re on target with real-time feedback based on the official blood pressure standards of the World Health Organization, something traditional BP monitors definitely can’t do. And with just a few taps of your screen, you can also share your stats with doctors and family members.

The monitor is comfortable and easy to use; durable and sturdy without being cumbersome. It’s been FDA approved, and it isn’t just for exclusive individual use. Multi-user capability is standard, with personalized monitoring and data for each user, assuring your whole household can share in the wealth that is health.

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