Spy Guide: How To Gear Up For Boxing Class

Best Gear For Boxing Class
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* Everything you need to get started
* Fun way to get fit
* Proper punch protection

Ever have those days where you need to blow off a little steam? Maybe the boss was hard on you or you were cut off in traffic. Well, it’s time to channel your inner Rocky and have fun relieving that stress with boxing. The great thing about boxing is unlike some other sports, it doesn’t cost a lot to get started and can be taken up at any age. But, it’s important to be properly protected. So glove up, warm up and get ready to rumble.

1. TITLE Classic Boxing Gloves

These gloves are good for boxing, martial arts, and cardio workouts. The tough vinyl cover and pre-curved design keep your hands protected even with a heavy hit. We love the perforations inside the glove to allow for more air flow, keeping odors at bay. And, the large velcro wrist strap makes getting these off and on a snap.

TITLE Classic Boxing Gloves Image courtesy Amazon

2. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves

You’ll feel like a champ wearing these boxing gloves to class. Lighter weight, but certainly not lighter durability. They’re perfect for smaller hands. The anatomical grip and patented Thumb-Lok features promote proper punching technique while keeping your hands comfortable and secure. We also like the Everfresh treatment that keeps the gloves smelling fresh.

 Everlast Women's Pro Style Training Gloves Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. RDX Boxing Hand Wraps

Gloves are great. But, you really need that extra layer of protection with a supportive wrap. The thick elastic carbon fiber on these wraps is woven into a flexible fabric that makes them stay in place while providing needed coverage for your hands and wrists. You can even throw these in the wash.

RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Jump Rope with Adjustable Steel Cable

Jumping rope is the perfect warm up for your boxing class or any cardio workout. It’s even more fun than it was back in the day, because now you can have ergonomically designed handles that provide extra comfort, and PVC covered steel cables that prevent breakage. And, this lightweight jump rope comes with its own carrying bag.

Jump Rope with Adjustable Steel Cable Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Aqua Training Bag

Prep for your boxing class or home workout with this Aqua Training Bag. Simply fill the bag with water and hang. Unlike traditional punching bags, this bag takes up a lot less room and the water absorbs impacts easier without moving all over the place. This bag is great for practicing head moves, angles and sparring.

Aqua Training Bag Image Courtesy of Amazon

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