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A Yoga Mat and Towel in One

* Created by yogis for yogis
* Waterproof, machine washable and dryer safe
* Ideal for carpet, rubber or hardwood flooring

Mats and towels are essential when practicing the art of yoga. While having one without the other is fine, the combination of the two will improve your yoga game immensely.

The Breathe Original Yoga Mat and Towel in One is the original mat created by yogis for yogis, and is designed specifically for yoga and hot yoga. Waterproof, sweat-proof, machine washable and dryer safe, Breathe mats are handmade from high quality, color-safe, pre-shrunk materials. The mat is soft yet supportive; absorbent while staying cool and dry.

The mat is comprised of three layers, including a microfiber top, middle absorbent cushioning fibers and a coated, brushed bottom that grips carpet and rubber floors. Together, these layers comprise an anti-slip, waterproof yoga mat that fully eliminates the need for a bulky sticky mat and slippery towel.

With a generous 72 inches in length and a built-in “rabbit flap” for your “rabbit pose,” the mat also features a stitched grid to help you with precise foot alignment. After class, just toss it in the washer and dryer with your regular laundry.

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