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Plug This Massager Into Your Car For a Shoulder and Back Massage While You Drive

* Extra portable massager works at home and in the car
* Comes with 8 awesome massage roller balls and three different speed settings
* Instantly makes your morning commute more relaxing

Picture this: You’re late for work, rushing to find your car keys as you hastily sip your last swig of coffee. You rush out the door, making sure you have everything for work, but you’re instantly met with the onslaught of morning traffic. Tension builds, you start getting stressed, and your entire day is subject to your foul mood. If only you had something to keep you calm during your morning commute. Fortunately, you do. With this portable massager, you can soothe your muscles and melt tension away at home, at work, and even on the go.

That’s right — this relaxing back and shoulder massager is designed specifically for on-the-go massage. In fact, it even comes with its own car charger so you can chill out and relax during your morning and evening commutes. With three different speed levels, you can program your massager based on your personal preference. Just finished working out and need a little extra power to help soothe those sore muscles? No problem. Stuck in traffic and want a light relaxation boost? Yes, it can do that too.

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With built-in bi-directional motion control, these massager gets major points for its ability to literally mimic the precise movements of a real-life massage therapist. It also includes infrared heat technology to help provide an extra layer of relaxation by easing tension around the neck and shoulders while also promoting better blood flow.

The massager itself features eight awesome separate massage roller balls — with four big nodes and four smaller nodes for maximum comfort. It even comes with its own carry bag so you can pack it up and bring it to work on those particularly stressful days. With hundreds of five-star reviews, you can rest easy knowing your back and shoulders are in good hands.


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