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This Journal Helps You Track Your CBD Wellness Journey

* Notebook with template pages to document your CBD journey
* A way to keep track of your experiments and discoveries
* Pocket sized for added convenience

CBD may be hustling its way toward mainstream acceptance for its wellness benefits, but it’s still an experimental journey met with slight hesitance for many people. So, what’s one thing you need for successful experimentation to track your results? A good way to document your progress, of course. This handsome notebook gives you a naturalist’s journal with which to jot down your scientific findings and how you feel when you use your CBD of choice. If you consider yourself a cannabinoid explorer, why not venture into the realm of the “strange weed,” as Shakespeare himself apparently called it, when its use was first being (re) introduced to English society.

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Now that science has given us a bewildering array of CBD products, along with other derivatives and mixtures, with forms ranging from gummy bears, to deodorants, and of course oils, it can really be interesting to keep track of what you’ve tried, what you like and what each formulation’s effects, if any, are. Whether you approach the “wellness journey” with the musing, analytical mindset of a Darwin, or the adventurous, searching, poetic outlook of a Muir or Wordsworth, journaling is a time-honored way of organizing one’s thoughts on a scientific journey. This journal is an understated piece in a pocket friendly size, featuring handy templates on its 24 entry pages. So grab a writing implement of your choice and get ready to compile your field guide to CBD.


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