What’s the Difference Between Hemp, CBD, and THC Really? Uses of the Substances & 5 Hemp Products to Buy Online

CBD vs. Hemp skin care
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* The difference between 3 popular cannabis plant-derived compounds
* Hemp and cannabis-based products to ingest and use topically
* Top-products on Amazon that may help you say ‘bye’ to anxiety

THC, CBD, and hemp are all on the brink of becoming major buzzwords. But it is not because they lack meaning or depth, in fact, they represent a booming industry that consumers are celebrating and manufacturers and growers are building burgeoning businesses on. Long gone are the days where marijuana was simply smoked in the form of a joint at music festivals or exchanged between delinquents behind the back of high schools. Rather, we are seeing this same substance used as a medicinal herb utilized widely across the country to treat a wide array of different ailments and conditions, including cancer and more commonly, anxiety and stress. Because hemp, CBD, and THC are derived from the cannabis plant, their definitions are used interchangeably often making it difficult to decipher the differences between them.

So, to clear up some of the myths, we are breaking down the purposes of each compound. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) are the most dominant compounds found in cannabis, but it’s the THC that will give users a “high” when consumed, while CBD is non-psychoactive, making it a go-to for many people who want the benefits of the plant without the side effects.

Then we have hemp, which is the fiber taken from the plant and is grown mostly for industrial purposes (oil, paper, and clothing) and has very small traces of THC. Hemp is also the main ingredient used in THC-free (or mostly free) products. It is important to mention that since Amazon cannot legally sell CBD, the featured products here are labeled “hemp oil,” but our research shows that they mostly offer the same effects as most CBD-based products. Confusing, we know, but until the regulation of CBD occurs, this is what consumers should know and consider.It is important to also understand that when using hemp-based products, we each respond very differently (and for many reasons) to the hundreds of products with these ingredients available on the market, so, make sure to educate yourself on hemp’s effects and uses and use at your discretion.

To showcase the variety of ways you can use hemp, we’ve rounded up five products to introduce into your routine if you’re curious about the benefits that CBD and hemp have to offer. We picked these products based on their reviews on Amazon, so each one has at the very least, 50 reviews and is backed by primarily positive feedback from its users.


1. Restorative Botanicals Ultra High Strength Oil

This lightly-scented, mandarin orange flavored hemp oil comes in a 1 oz container, making it ideal for traveling with on flights. A few drops are recommended to take daily in order to aid with relaxation, pain relief in muscles and joints, as well as stress that can tend to heighten while traveling or during impending deadlines. Made with Registered Colorado Hemp, the people over at Restorative Botanicals have a money-back guarantee after purchasing this oil—something we love to see from brands.




Restorative Botanicals Ultra High Strength Oil  Courtesy of Amazon



2. Zatural Anti-Inflammatory Hemp Oil

With over 2,000 Amazon reviews, we had to include this buzz-worthy cannabis hemp oil from Zatural. Made from 100% organic hemp oil, this food-grade substance is recommended to be both ingested with food and used topically. When mixed in with your morning smoothie or tossed into a fresh salad, it is said to help lower cholesterol, balance hormones and even has anti-aging effects as well as fatty acids and vitamins for improved appearance of skin.

Some of the rave reviews include: “Thought I’d try this after reading all the Reviews. I started with a tsp. and that is what sold me on it. I actually felt a LIFT in my mood. Been taking it ever since. Got another family member to try it-and they too feel the LIFT, and energized after ONE tsp. a day.”

Zatural Anti-Inflammatory Hemp Oil Courtesy of Amazon



3. Hemp Area Gummies

Gummies, candy, and chewy treats have become the most popular way for people to take their daily vitamins. And hemp-based products are going after this same effective modality to help users with their anxiety and ability to sleep (these particular gummies have melatonin in them, which is a natural aid to help sleep). Hemp Area’s 35 count organic rainbow gummies aim to be the on-the-go snack for people looking for a bit of relief from chronic pain or restlessness at night.

One Amazon reviewer shared: “These gummies not only taste great but don’t contain any unnatural ingredients and only contain the bare minimum that you need without filler bad crap like the other gummy sellers. I was sore and too tired to drive and buy medicine so I tried some of these to have a relaxing day and fell asleep 2 hours later but had a much better time for those 2 hours than I would have without the gummies, I had much less pain and inflammation so I’ll be carrying these on me from now on.”

Hemp Area Gummies Courtesy of Amazon



4. Nature Driven Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

With 1000mg of hemp seed oil (800 mg less than our first option from Restorative Botanicals), this hemp oil from Nature Driven is a nice option for someone who may feel the hemp’s effects greater than others. Again, it is important to be mindful of the dosage when testing out products so you can track your tolerance and response to them.


Nature Driven Hemp Oil for Pain Relief Courtesy of Amazon



5. Ramina Natural CBD Extract Pain Relief Cream

This dynamic hemp cream from Ramina may be an excellent choice for athletes, those with injuries, chronic muscle or joint pain because of its ingredients like turmeric, arnica, and aloe vera. With a non-greasy formula, this hemp cream is great to have on hand for daily use on the skin and body and its recommended to massage into skin for 30-seconds for best results.


Ramina Natural CBD Extract Pain Relief Cream Courtesy of Amazon

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