Holiday Gift Guide: This Celebrity Trainer Tells Us What To Get For Fitness Fanatics

Celebrity Trainer lfonso Moretti Suggests Best
Image courtesy of Merge Studios

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* lfonso Moretti has been featured in countless magazines and TV programs
* Boasts almost three decades in fitness industry
* Find gifts that will push your fitness friends to train harder or to help them unwind

If anyone knows how to push you to workout harder, it’s lfonso Moretti. With more than 26 years in the fitness industry, Moretti, a.k.a “The Angry Trainer,” has worked with everyone from celebrities and athletes, to corporate VIPs, while appearing on multiple television shows and contributing to Men’s Fitness, Shape Magazine and, among others.

His latest project is MERGE Los Angeles — a small group personal training studio that merges water rowers, arm bikes, and bodyweight suspension training systems with mobility movements and foam rolling. The idea, Moretti says, is to offer something “complete AND balanced, which means that all of the muscles of the body are worked harmoniously and proportionately.”

As for the holidays, Moretti says that just because you’re on vacation mode, doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about staying fit. One of the best ways to keep fitness at the top of everyone’s mind, is by giving these fitness-related gifts for the holidays.

1. C9 Champion Glide Discs 

Moretti says: Glide discs are a fantastic training tool. You can work legs, abdominals, upper body and more. The variations are limitless and these discs work BOTH on carpet and hard floors.

gliding core discs Image courtesy of Target


2. Slingshot Hip Circle 

Wrap the circle around your knees and go for a long stride walk. You will not only get your hips and glutes warm, but your entire body. You can also use it to squat, dead-lift or while walking on the treadmill. The Hip Circle works your hip abductors and external rotators, while strengthening and toning your legs. It also promotes correct form during squats and glute specific movements.

[caption id="attachment_92467" align="aligncenter" width="568"]slingshot hip circle Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. Swiss Ball

A Swiss Ball is a must-have in any serious trainees fitness regimen. You will challenge your stability by using your bodyweight in upper body, lower body, leg and abdominal exercises. This one’s a best-seller on Amazon and made from high-quality, slip-resistant material. Super easy to use and incorporate into your routine.


4. Foam Roller

Most people overlook the importance of the recovery and recuperation of their muscles after a workout. Foam rolling helps relieve soreness, alleviate tight muscles and helps to speed recovery and maintain correct alignment. Get rolling!

[caption id="attachment_92499" align="aligncenter" width="564"]best foam roller Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


5. Bodylastic Resistance Band Set

Featuring an anti-snap design, Bodylastic bands are safe and durable. This set features 142 pounds of portable stackable resistance.


6. Under Armour Arsenal Case for iPhone 7/8

With 10-foot drop protection and a place for your key, cash and cards, this case has it all. No more filling your pockets or leaving your belonging behind. And it’s available in multiple colors.

under armour phone case Image courtesy of Under Armour


7. Ear Warmer Headphones

There’s no need to choose between warm ears or listening to music — now you can enjoy your favorite hike or run and hear your favorite tunes during the colder months. One size fits all.  


8. Dreamfoam Swirl Memory Gel Bed Topper

The truth is the most overlooked part of most fitness routines is SLEEP. That’s right, most of us don’t get enough peaceful shuteye. This bed topper will help you fall asleep faster, rest better and ultimately recover faster.

dreamfoam bedding mattress topper Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Powerblock 24lb Adjustable Dumbbell

Replace an entire rack of dumbbells with one set of sleek Powerblocks. Not only do they save space, but also you can change weight quickly and add to the set as you get stronger.


10. The Crosscore RBT 

The ULTIMATE in bodyweight suspension training. Take your fitness to the next level — the Crosscore will strengthen your core, identify weak links and it’s portable. This is something your fitness friends would love to receive as a gift this year.

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