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Practice Martial Arts and Self-Defense With the Century Grappling Dummy

* Perfect throws and grappling at home with the Century Grappling Dummy
* Poseable arms let you practice specific moves and techniques
* No installation required

If you study self-defense or the martial arts, you know that it’s not just what happens in the dojo that prepares you to handle real-life threats. To earn your next belt, you need to practice on your own. For that, you need the Century Grappling Dummy.

From the leading purveyors of boxing and MMA gear, the Century Grappling Dummy allows you to perfect various throws and grappling techniques at home, without a partner. Whether you’re training for a competition or just want a fun new exercise to add to your weekly routine, the dummy’s poseable arms allow you to practice specific moves according to your goals and skill level.

This grappling dummy is manufactured from thick vinyl. Reinforced stitching increases durability. Suffice it to say, this thing can take a beating, which is exactly the intended purpose.

Unlike a punching bag, which can’t be moved once it’s been installed, the Grappling Dummy is fully portable and requires no installation. It’s roughly the size and dimension of an average person, but weighs only 122 lbs. That means you can take it out for training, then stash it away to save space.

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