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Crack Your Own Back and Stretch Out Knots With The Chirp Wheel Back Stretcher

Our whole lives seem to be structured around challenging, tightening and sometimes irritating our back muscles. Whether you life heavy weight, sit at a desk all day or are constantly lifting children off the floor — your back is probably feeling the consequences. It can be hard to fit in back strengthening exercises to your daily routine, and even harder to find the time to stretch. Thankfully, there are tools like the Chirp Wheel — a back stretcher actually designed for the modern day back that provides popping, knot-kneading relief that a regular foam roller just can’t give you.

chirp wheel, back stretcher

chirp wheel back stretcher


The Chirp Wheel will effortlessly release your lower back tension and roll out the tied up muscles that cause pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain as well. It’s designed to fit exactly between your shoulder blades and target the muscles that line your spine.

The Chirp wheel massages those muscles and provides relief, some users say in as little as 30 seconds! The patented Spinal Canal provides a 4-way stretch for your spine and the ergonomic design of the wheel provides the deep tissue massage you’re searching for.

chirp wheel back stretcher

It’s designed to provide lasting relief after only five minutes of rolling out daily, and encourages better, deeper sleep through the relieved tension in your neck, upper and lower back.

It comes with instructions, online how-to instructional videos and over 120 stretches and tips for back pain. There are three different wheel options including the 12″ gentle wheel, the 10″ medium wheel and the 6″ deep tissue wheel. You can buy all of them in a 3-pack for a fraction of the price of a standard chiropractor, and receive a free posture corrector along with your purchase.