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Chirp Wheel Review: What SPY’s Chiropractor Uses at Home to Relieve Lower Back Pain

At SPY, I try to bring my knowledge and expertise as a chiropractor to the men of the internet because let’s face it — we’ve all got aches and can’t always get seen by a professional. Recently, I shared my $30 at-home hack for neck pain relief in the Restcloud neck and shoulder stretcher. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite at-home tool for alleviating neck and back pain — the Chirp Wheel.

Chirp has developed at-home solutions that assist in solving neck and upper back as well as lower back pain with their line of comprehensive rolling wheels. If you’re a fan of “Shark Tank,” you might remember the Chirp Wheel from a 2020 episode in which the brand struck a deal with TV Shark, Lori Greiner.

Following their appearance on the show, the brand has, as they say, “popped off,” today, earning a reported $.5 million in annual revenue with an estimated $45 million valuation, as reported by the Shark Tank Blog.

The Chirp system is something I use regularly at home when I need help with back pain so let’s get rolling with my Chirp Wheel review to find out if it could help you too.

Courtesy of Amazon
Available in Packs or Solo


  • Designed for all people at all experience levels
  • Lightweight and nesting for easy storage
  • Chirp is FSA/HSA approved
  • Available E-Course for tips and techniques
  • 60-day warranty 


  • Some reviewers have reported items breaking soon after use
  • Learning curve, albeit minimal, to learn the balancing technique on the wheel
MaterialsSweat-resistant foam padding, EVA compression-sensitive mat, sturdy PVC-free ABS plastic core
Max Weight500 pounds
Available Sizes4-inch, 6-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch
Warranty60-day money-back guarantee

What is the Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp Wheel is a type of foam roller specifically designed to strengthen, stretch, and help minimize tension in your mid back and lower back muscles. These wheels are also an excellent way to remedy headaches and neck pain.

Bret Hoffer | SPY

Both FDA-registered and doctor-recommended, Chirp offers multiple wheel sizes that are designed to target different forms of relief at different intensities that are, more or less, triggered by gravity against large or small surface areas.

How Does the Chirp Wheel Work?

Chirp Wheels utilize a 4-way stretch with Spinal Canal technology and deep tissue massage capabilities that compare to massage therapy. Despite how that sounds, using the Chirp Wheel is very simple with a very small learning curve your first couple of times. Here’s what I do when I use my Chirp Wheel:

Bret Hoffer | SPY
  • To start, sit on the floor with the Chirp Wheel aligned between your shoulder blades, ensuring the center channel rests in the middle of your spine.
  • Slowly roll back and forth keeping it at the center of your back. You may hear some pops and clicks from the mild, segmental traction of the spine but that’s normal.
  • Repeat the rolling motion for a couple of minutes or until you feel the knots and discomfort dissipate.
  • I’ll admit, it does take some balance but this is all part of the design and it actually also engages your core muscles.

There you go — muscle tension relief and spinal mobility (with a side of future abs) all wrapped up into one. What could be better?

Using the Different Chirp Wheel Sizes

I opted for the Chirp Wheel 3-Pack bundle, which includes the 12-inch Gentle Wheel, the 10-inch Medium Wheel, and the 6-inch Deep Tissue Wheel. Each wheel has its own specific function and the one you’ll most need depends on your level of tension and pain.

The 12-inch Chirp Wheel is the biggest of the bunch and is where I suggest you begin just to get used to the feeling and balance. It is ideal for mild bouts of back pain and provides the largest stretch of the front of the body, which is an excellent starting point for pain in the upper and lower back.

Bret Hoffer | SPY

The 10-inch Chirp Wheel is the middle size and allows you to get just a bit deeper with a little bit more pressure than the 12-inch version offers. This size will help remedy your back pain without overextending your muscles.

Bret Hoffer | SPY

The smallest of the group, the 6-inch Chirp Wheel, is more, as the name states, for deep tissue purposes. With this one, you access the highest level of pressure and trigger points of sore, tight muscles. This roller is ideal for those with stiffer muscles when you need a little extra attention.

Bret Hoffer | SPY

All of the sitting and forward leaning we do these days is causing shortening and compression of the frontal structures of our bodies. This tool’s design is not necessarily a recommended feature approved by Chirp, but as a Chiropractor, I found this to be a useful adjunct for my own needs. Again, use at your own risk.

The Verdict: Is the Chirp Wheel Worth a Try?

In short, and while this is not a substitute for professional care or for more serious issues, I can say without a doubt after using this product myself, alongside many others in my daily regimen, the Chirp Wheel has been my best friend at home when I’ve needed annoying muscle release.

Again — this is my experience alone and my only recommendation is that you consult with your own medical professional before using the Chirp Wheel. But for me, I’m definitely happy to have one.

Courtesy of Amazon
Available in Packs or Solo

Editors Note: This review was written about the personal experience of the author. Statements regarding the use of this product have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Please consult your doctor before use of this product. The above is based on individual use by a professional and not recommended without proper approval or supervision by a licensed practitioner.