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Here’s Why It’s Time to Get a ClassPass Studio Fitness Membership

* A hub to find and book all your favorite studio classes
* The most flexible fitness membership available
* Access to video workouts and online community included

Fitness has come a long way since the heyday of Jane Fonda VHS videos, moving from home workouts, to souped up gyms, to today’s prevalent model — the specialized studio class. While these highly specific classes have done a lot to break the monotony of hitting the same gym multiple times a week and offer the benefit of a trained instructor, finding and booking classes across different studios hasn’t been without its own hiccups.

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That’s where ClassPass came in, creating a network of studios so that finding and reserving classes could be done through one platform and one membership payment. From spin to yoga to barre to CrossFit and even free time at participating gyms, ClassPass has been hard to surpass in terms of variety – and flexibility. Unlike a membership at your local gym, you can book classes anywhere you find yourself in the country, a plus for frequent travelers. Membership also provides access to workout videos, so you can stay in shape literally any time and anywhere there’s a WiFi connection. With ClassPass, pay one price and get access to a host of gyms, studios and classes — you’re never locked into just one.

Subscriptions come in three pricing tiers, starting at $45 a month. With single classes at most studios averaging about $30, just using the entry level membership twice a month will earn back its value. The top tier maxes out at 10 classes a month, though through ClassPass, you can easily purchase additional sessions or class packs à la carte, at prices still lower than bought directly through the fitness boutique.

And if you’re still hungry for more burn after all that, there’s a cherry on top: info for free activities like community or new teacher training classes and group runs are included when you search for classes.

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