An Artistic Take On A Classic Old School Longboard

Arbor Skateboards Zeppelin Longboard

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  •  * Premium high-quality deck with geometric print
  •  * Collaboration with Cali artists Eric Waetzig and Hunter Patrick
  •  * Gullwing trucks for precise carving and control

The Arbor Zeppelin Premium Koa Longboard may be a beautifully finished piece, but it’s still a longboard for skaters who really ride their boards. While we’re sure a fair number of these will end up displayed prominently on living room walls or bookcases, one push down a smooth stretch of road is all you need to let you know the Arbor Zeppelin wants to ride.

Shaped in the fashion of classic old-school carving-type skateboards, this longboard has just the right amount of give and just enough torsion between its Gullwing Sidewinder trucks to facilitate epic carving and supreme cornering control.

At 32” from stem to stern it’s sized for easy portability but is still big enough to bomb steep hills and maintain composure over rough pavement. While tiny “longboards” were a trend for a while, especially on university campuses, they can never compare to a board with a more moderate wheelbase when it comes to deep carving and on-road agility.


The included 71 mm wheels are made of high-quality urethane for a smooth ride, and the ABEC 5 bearings allow for lengthy gliding and great conservation of momentum. A good choice for beginners and experienced skaters alike, this Arbor longboard boasts predictable handling, great flexibility and a beautiful polished finish.

The design on the deck features a version of Arbor’s signature logo pattern and multicolor geometric art by California-based artists, Eric Waetzig and Hunter Patrick, who both specialize in hand-drawn illustrations and typography.

Sure, like all Arbor longboards, this one ranks as a great design and would look nice as a decoration, but it was definitely meant for riding.

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