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Hundreds Of Users Swear This Laptop-Sized Ice Pack Helped Them Bounce Back From Injury

* Extra large 14″ ice pack for pain relief
* Wraps around to keep the cold where it’s needed
* Flexible and molds to the shape of the body

Ice packs are great for keeping down swelling and reducing inflammation, as well as good old numbing the pain, but this laptop-sized, wrap around ice pack takes the soothing to a whole new level.

Originally designed for athletes, it has apparently helped hundreds to bounce back quicker from a tough game, workout or hard day at work, helping the recovery from post-workout soreness, or sprains and bruises. Its extra-large size helps this ice pack stay cold longer, and its flexible shape helps it apply the cold where needed.

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Maybe its most distinguishing feature, other than the Coldest Ice Pack’s breadth, is its set of velcro straps. These may be a playing field tested design element, but they also help even if you’re just lying on the couch trying to ward off neck soreness while still watching something on your computer or doing work. Because email, unlike material bodies, sprints without any risk of spraining a tendon. Alas!

Well, at least you won’t have to worry about the ice pack slipping and falling into the crevasse each time you try to adjust your position. The Coldest Ice Pack fits snugly and keeps on gently numbing those nerve endings and discouraging swelling, even while you twist and turn.

More flexible than standard drugstore ice packs, this 14” cold therapy wrap molds to the shape of the affected area and thus applies the theraputic coldness more evenly, helping do a better job of reducing swelling and keeping inflammation at bay. It can be worn as a thigh wrap (stylish!) or wrapped around your lower back to help with lumbar pain. And if you’re the size of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you can wear it around your arm, too.

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