With These Cool Bike Accessories, You’ll be Ready for Anything the Road Throws Your Way

cool bike accessories for cycling
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Whether you ride your bike for fun, to keep fit or as your daily transportation to and from work, cycling is an activity which hasn’t really changed much over the years. Peddling still takes effort, rainy days still suck and cars will forever act like you’re a terrible inconvenience. 

But, for every negative, there are always positives. For example, cycling offers daily exercise, feels fun when the wind is in your face and provides a guilt-free way to get around as it’s 100% environmentally friendly. And, even though bikes themselves haven’t changed too much, there are plenty of optional extras to add to your bike to improve safety, make you more comfortable and provide entertainment during your ride.

Of course, like any vehicle nowadays, you can add a GPS system to ensure you’re never going to take a wrong turn. You can also add extra accessories to the bike to ensure you’re visible to other vehicles and the rest of the world is more visible to you, too. Also, and perhaps best of all, it’s now possible to buy a helmet with built-in speakers and Bluetooth for enjoying your music on-the-go and taking phone calls, which opens up the possibility of on-bike conference calls or chatting with friends.

Below, we’ve put together 10 of the best bike accessories which you’re going to want to add to your bike. Some provide extra personal safety while others add a little luxury to your journey.

1. Garmin Edge 520 Plus Cycling Computer


In our technologically advanced world, it only seems right that your bike tells you where to go. With the Garmin Edge 520 Plus Cycling Computer at the helm, there’s no need for checking maps or asking for directions. It features GPS technology to help you navigate where you’re going along with turn-by-turn directions and rider alerts. The Strava Live Segments allow you to compete against other riders or your own previous times and includes real-time results on the built-in, easy-to-read screen. Plus, the device can also connect to your smartphone using LiveTrack for easy rider-to-rider messaging and other smart notifications, such as roadside incidents. 

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2. Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover


Sitting on a bike seat can lead to a certain amount of discomfort, especially if you spend a long time commuting to school or work. The Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover alleviates some of the pain by providing an extra comfortable layer between your butt and the seat. Not only does the soft gel maximize comfort during your ride, the included water and dust-proof cover ensures your seat is always ready to ride. It’s ideal for narrow bike seats and fits securely using the drawstring closure.

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3. Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror


With more cars on the road than ever before, it’s of paramount importance to make sure you can see them. This Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror is a simple yet potentially life saving addition to any bicycle. Whether you ride a mountain, electric, hybrid or road bike, this versatile mirror is made to provide a clear view of what’s around. It works on either side of the handlebars, is adjustable around 360 degrees and features a convex surface to maximize your view.

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4. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount


An alternative to adding a built-for-purpose bike GPS to your handlebar setup is to use your smartphone. The Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount is fully adjustable and fits all kinds of phones, including the iPhone X, Galaxy S9 and other smartphones up to 3.5-inches wide. The ball and socket joint allows for 360 degrees of movement, meaning changing your phone’s orientation is simple. It’s a great addition for those who want to use their phone for navigation or even just listening to music.

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5. ROTTO Bicycle Bag Bike Frame Bag


The ROTTO Bicycle Bag Bike Frame Bag is a versatile addition to any bicycle. Not only is the internal storage space great for holding all of your daily essentials while you’re on the bike, it also sports a handy smartphone holder built into the top. The intelligent design of the bag allows you to use your smartphone as you go for music, communication or as a GPS. The waterproof cover ensures your belongings are safe inside, and there’s also a space to fit a headphone cable when required. The attractive frame bag is available in the choice of either grey and black or grey and red.

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6. Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses


Feeling the air rushing through your hair is a great feeling. Having a bug in your eye is a terrible one. Adding a pair of these Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses to your cycling arsenal will ensure you never have to endure the annoyance or pain of such an encounter. These sunglasses include three interchangeable lenses, so you’re ready for all kinds of weather and conditions. Plus, their versatile design also makes them a handy choice for other sporting activities, like golf, running and general wear during the day.

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7. Clug Bike Clip Roadie Bicycle Rack Storage System


The CLUG Bike Clip Roadie Bicycle Rack Storage System allows you to minimize the amount of space it takes to store your bike at home. By storing your bike upright and holding it in a vertical orientation, you reduce the floor space required for storage, which is especially useful for those short on square footage. The design is free from hooks, straps and bars and simply clips around the top wheel. Stability is provided by the rear tire resting on the ground. This storage option is available in five different sizes and three different color combinations, namely orange and white, white and black and all black.

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8. Cycle Torch Shark 500 USB Rechargeable Bike Light


Staying safe while cycling isn’t just about making sure you can be seen; it’s also important to make sure you can see, especially at night. These Cycle Torch Shark 500 USB Rechargeable Bike Lights tick both boxes. The set includes both a front and rear light. Both lights feature easy-to-fit mounts, which don’t require tools and can be added to your bike in a matter of minutes. The impressively bright lights sport a flat beam shape and are water resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about the weather outside. They are also supplied with USB charging cables and can conveniently be recharged from any USB plug.

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9. Sigtuna Folding Bike Lock


By sporting an intelligent folding design, the Sigtuna Folding Bike Lock makes storing and using the lock easy. The unfamiliar-looking device has been tested against all kinds of attacks, and the eight millimeter steel bars and hardened links provide all the security you need. The small design is also compact and lightweight, meaning it’s easy to take with if need be. On the other hand, the large radius allows the lock to fix two bikes together when required. The lock also comes with a sturdy mount bracket for fixing it to your bike, so you won’t forget it on your next ride.

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10. Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet


The Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet offers more than just an attractive and sleek design. Not only is it available in a range of attractive colors, the smart design also features a removable visor, LED tail lights and a built-in speaker system. The premium polycarbonate shell includes 18 different vents to provide all the comfort and protection you need, while the built-in LED lights activate based on ambient light conditions to keep you seen. Perhaps best of all, the handlebar-mounted remote provides access to your smartphone for answering calls and controlling your music, which is played into the helmet via the built-in Bluetooth connection.

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