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Cut the Cord — These 5 Cordless Jump Ropes Make Cardio Way More Fun

When it comes to cardio, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The best way to reap the benefits of cardiovascular training — increased brain function, decreased risk of disease, weight loss and improved mood, to name a few — will depend entirely on your own body and preferences.

Running is the obvious contender when folks think of burning calories and shedding pounds, but it actually comes with a number of physical risks because of its high-impact nature. Swimming and cycling are great joint-friendly alternatives, but require access to a pool and a bike, which not everyone has.

What’s an enjoyable and effective cardio routine that requires only one piece of equipment (which also happens to be extremely affordable)? Jump rope. That’s right, channeling the school playground really does offer a great workout. We’ve covered weighted jump ropes and the best jump rope workouts, but now we’d like to hone in on an interesting niche within the jump rope game: cordless jump ropes.

One of the most frustrating parts of jumping rope is dealing with the cord. It’s the wrong length. It gets tangled. You trip over it. The cord barely grazes your feet and completely messes up your rhythm.

Cordless jump ropes feature counterweighted balls attached to the handles, which simulate the feeling of a regular cord. Many of these weights are adjustable, and some higher-tech cordless jump ropes even track your skips and other metrics. We’ll explore the benefits of jumping rope and list the best cordless jump ropes for you. Let’s get jumpin’.


Benefits of Jumping Rope

The most obvious benefit of jumping rope is the one we’ve already mentioned: convenience with limited equipment. You don’t need to invest in a membership to the local pool or an expensive stationary bike, and you don’t have to risk joint and back injury by running around the neighborhood (which, frankly, some people just don’t enjoy).

Aside from these factors, jumping rope has a number of specific health benefits:

  • Stronger bones
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Weight loss and calorie burning

Cordless jump ropes specifically offer the bonus of being able to work out inside, as low ceilings often prevent a regular jump rope from doing its thing. All you need is two little handles to reap those cardiovascular benefits, making the cordless jump rope an excellent choice for your collection of home fitness gear.


1. APLUGTEK Jump Rope


For about $15, this is about as simple and effective as it gets in the cordless jump rope game. The memory foam handles make gripping no problem, while the EVA balls rotate easily with each jump. Available in four different colors, this cordless jump rope features more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon.


APLUGTEK jump rope


2. Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope


Benvo’s cordless jump rope boasts removable 3-ounce weights, making it simple to adjust and mimicking the feel of a corded jump rope. With the included carrying bag and a $12.99 price tag, it’s a portable and affordable solution for your next jump rope workout.

Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope


3. Redify Weighted Cordless Jump Rope


If aesthetic is a priority for you, we recommend this cordless jump rope from Redify, which comes in three eye-catching metallic colorways. It combines the best features of the previous option, with removable weight-bearing iron blocks to help find that perfect jump rope feel, a convenient bag for easy travel and an adjustable length.

redify cordless jump rope


4. Te-Rich Jump Rope


Sometimes you just want the real thing. If you’re unsure about the cordless jump rope life, try this option from Te-Rich, which offers the benefits of both a corded jump rope and a cordless one — simply switch between the two whenever you feel like it. This jump rope also features a built-in counter, which keeps track of metrics like calories, jumps and time, conveniently displaying them on an LCD screen.

Te-Rich Jump Rope


5. Tangram Factory SmartRope Rookie Donut


Tangram Factory makes an impressively luxe line of jump ropes with all the bells and whistles to satisfy the tech aficionados out there. Its cordless jump rope, called the Donut for its weighted silicone attachment, features an adjustable rope length and comfortable handles. The real benefit here is Tangram’s SmartRope apps, which you can access across multiple devices to track your fitness metrics. The smart TV integration is particularly slick, as it displays your workout progress as you jump. Of course, the Donut also features by far the best aesthetic on this list, with a collection of clean, matted colors from which to choose.

SmartRope rookie donut tangram


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